Tell the World of your Blessing!

Have your prayers been answered, or has God done something powerful or new in your life? Big or small, His work in you and in your situation can be a much-neeeded encouragement to those remaining faithful for their answered prayer. Post your story below and share your blessing with others in need. Remember, when you share your testimony, it seals the blessing and God perfects your miracles. AMEN.


8 responses to “Testimonies

  1. anonymous

    praise the lord! our God is a prayer answering God. I have been looking for a child since 2008 and after using prescription drugs etc nothing was working, but i kept praying and declaring the word that i wanted to have children without medical intevention, knowing God can do it. Am not against meedical interventions for having chidren, i just know that God is bigger than medicine, so i kept praying, whilst seeking medical intervention. I was suppose to wait for IUI process and all of a sudden, i realised that i had missed my period, i did a test and it was positive, Praise God!. I thank him for granting me my heart desire according to how i have asked.

    • Dear anonymous! This is a wonderful and blessed testimony!! This God is a God of promise; He is a faithful God and I am extremely excited and elated for you!! May the good Lord bless you and your seed, you shall deliver safely and your child shall grow up to be a child of Zion! That child shall make you proud and make God proud!! God bless you, because you have testified, your expectations shall never be cut short! God shall perfect your testimony and it shall be well with you! God shall give you every necessary resource you need to raise your child!! AMEN!! God bless you dear!! I am happy for you and thanking God for He has been faithful!! It is well!!!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Please read these articles about raising Godly seed!



    If you would like to listen to Rev Funke Adejumo’s sermon about excelling as a woman, wife and mother, please watch them here- http://lifestream.tv/daystar/
    They will surely bless you!! AMEN!!
    You need to start preparing for motherhood! Very happy for you and so grateful to God! AMEN!!

  3. Praise Praise Parise the living Jesus….!!!Princess of zion i told you i will be back to testify and here i am..I got the call i have been waiting for.I will be starting work on monday.I still cant believe it,i told you i could tell God was going to do new things in my life and this is just the begining.The Lord is wonderful,i waited for Him 3 years and he has NOT disappointed me and NEVER will.Thank you Jesus.Nomatter how bad things may get,just trust God and He will show up at the right time.He did for me and He will surely do for everyone else believing and waiting on Him IJN amen.The Lord is moving in my brothers life too,its amazing.
    I will come back again to give my engagement testimony soon i know it.I love you Jesus.God bless you all and thank you for your prayers princess of zion.The Lord that answereth by fire is our God.Always faithful.May He continue to Bless you and your family.
    God Bless….Maureen

    • WOW! Maureen, I praise the living God with you! I am extremely ecstatic for you! God is a good God! Father, I praise and bless Your Holy name for your daughter Maureen, thank You for the work You have so kindly done in her life! Father, we bless you for this new job, thank You for we know it is from You and You alone! Lord favour her as she resumes on Monday, let your favour be upon her like a shield, let her rise to the top in her workplace and industry! Where her name is mentioned, let there be loud applaud and praise! She will never be put to shame; neither shall Your name! Thank You father!

      Maureen, I congratulate you on your new job! May the grace of God go ahead of you and perfect all that concerns this new job; you will never be put to shame! But you will rise to your place of fame, honour, lifting, glory, praise and rest! Amen! You shall be the head and not the tail and you shall excel beyond the ordinary! Amen! I decree that you will be back before long to testify about your engagement and upcoming marriage! It is well with your brother; the Lord will heal him totally in every aspect of his life. AMEN. AMEN.

      Your testimony has been published on our home page! By God’s Grace, it will encourage somebody in their personal walk. Amen- Here it is http://www.princessofzion.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/testimony-time-she-got-a-job-after-three-years-of-waiting/

      God bless, favour, strengthen and prosper you. Many thanks for sharing your testimony with us. It is most inspiring and encouraging. The Lord is indeed great and merciful.

    • khemmy

      Congratulations Maureen, May God Almighty perfects all that concerns you and all yours IJN, Amen.

  4. Amen and Amen..Thank you very much princess of zion.God Bless

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