I am a graduate of Psychology but I am also studying a Post graduate degree in the media industry.

I am a born again Christian, I work part time in my Church office but also serve within two other ministries in Church.

Apart from my degree in Psychology (BSc Hons), I have a certification in Peer listening. I will also be moving to Lagos, Nigeria at the end of the year, to take up a role as a guidance counsellor.

My goal in ministry is to one day set up a recognised ministry for women, where we deal with issues we currently cover on the blog, female empowerment, reaching your goals, being a woman of virtue in the 21st century, how to meet a Godly spouse and so on. I intend to use my education and experience in Psychology and listening to help the people I encounter.

For now, I like to agree with people, pray with them and encourage them with the word of God. All of my “counsel” is based on a Scriptural perspective, many of which are actually practised in Psychology but under the umbrella of “Science”.

For more information, questions, suggestions or if you would like me to pray with/for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Send all enquiries to

God bless you all.


18 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello Princessofzion, found your link on and I have not gone through your blog in its entirety but I’m challenged by your love for God. I like to reach out to fellow believers in Christ. (especially those I don’t know) You can reach out back through my blog. Take care.

    • Dear Dee Prodigal Child,
      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name. Thank you so much for this comment, I am extremely humbled and ever grateful to God for using me. It’s also very inspiring to see others in the game! I will look at your blog, thank you very much and God bless and prosper you and your blog. Amen.

  2. I like this blog ,from now on I will be regular here.Thanks God bless you Princessofzion

  3. Kemi

    Hi Princess of Zion!
    Your blog has been an inspiration, I currently have 2 other blogs which inspire me as much as urs and its just amazing how I can have so much interest in the word of God! Its a lovely feeling.. I’ve always wanted to be close to God, but for some reason I haven’t… Right now I’m working on it and I believe I’m ready to give him my everythn but still taking baby steps. It’s never that easy but with God I know its possible.

    I’m also doing a masters degree in the UK and moving back to lagos next month lol I just had to mention that cuz I feel similar to you hehe. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

    • Hi Kemi,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name. I am glad that you have been inspired and encouraged; may the inspiration of God upon your life never come to an end in Jesus Name! Amen! I pray you will continue to edge closer to the Lord and He will always embrace you and give you a deeper relationship with Him! Amen! God bless you dear. We are indeed in a very similar phase to each other! I’m 22 dear! God bless you and keep in touch.

  4. Kemi

    Amen! Thanks for the prayers. I’m 22 in 2 months lol. & yeah I will keep in touch. Take care

  5. Joy

    Hello Princess of i don’t know what to say but all i can say is God is indeed good. My name is Joy from Zimbabwe, my friends and i have been going through a lot in our spiritual walks and we just did not know where to go any more. We had just been on the internet flipping through and that’s when the Holy Spirit just led me to you and i tell you i cant get enough of your teachings. What you have is so real and its amazing and i cant even believe that you are 22..keep up the good work and continue serving God and you have also inspired us to do the same while we are waiting for our spouses.
    Thank you so much and i salute the divinity in you and i send you my love and i thank the Lord that you have become a golden link to my endless chain of good in Jesus’ name.



    • Dear Joy,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name! It is with utmost joy that I read your message. I appreciate your kind words sincerely but I can not take any credit because I would be lying! God has been the driving force of this all, He has been the centre and root of it all and I don’t even know why He used me! It is a great honour and privilege to be a part of His work and I am most grateful! Thinking about all He has done and is doing through this platform reduces me to tears; sometimes I don’t even understand how or why but all I can do is to praise His Holy Name! He has been Amazing!

      I will keep serving the Lord till the day I die; that is a choice but also a necessity! Without Him I am nothing and I just cherish Him and my relationship with Him!

      I am glad that the blog has helped you and your friends; most importantly be positive of your salvation by giving your life to Christ, fleeing from sin and keep your spirit nourished by finding a good and strong Bible believing Church where you can learn and grow. Encounter the Lord daily through His Word and just surrender all to Him! That was how my journey started and He has been faithful and I know He will surely see this through to completion! Amen!

      Thank you so much for reaching out Joy! It is well with you, your friends, family and all that concerns you! You shall continue to encounter the Lord and He shall surprise you! This season, you will sing a new song and the long wait shall be worth it! May the Lord go ahead of you all and perfect all that concerns you! God bless you sister!!

      With all my love (Please send my regards to your friends; it is well with them)

  6. Bisola

    Hello! First of all, I want to pray that God blesses you for this blog. Haven’t been through it all but the ones I’ve read have been a blessing. If not for you, I won’t have heard about Pastor K and Pastor O. I just love their sermons and the Pastor M’s blog too. I’ve made a mental note that next time I go home, I’m going to worship at DCC.

    I’ve been trying to watch/listen to some of the conferences online but I can’t seem to find a link like the ‘Manners’, ‘I am not my hair’. any idea where I can get them from? also how do you stream their services live?

    • Hi Bisola,

      Amen. I am so glad and humbled that you’ve been touched.

      God is just awesome! Apologies for my delayed response.

      I’m happy that their ministry has blessed you.

      Please send me an email and will try to get the info you need.

      Stay blessed!

  7. praise

    Hi Princess, God bless u for this. Pls were can someone do the genotype test in England? I have conflicting results in nija. Pls help!

    • Dear Praise,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies for my extremely delayed response.

      Are you registered with a GP in England? You can request from your GP and you will get a referral to a Hospital.

      But if you’re not registered, indicate where in England you are, call your nearest Hospital and explain the circumstances. Sure they would be happy to help.

      Stay blessed,

  8. Chiamaka

    Happy new year POZ,hope you are a very good.Take care cos we Care here.I guess you decided to take a sabbatical!lol.Your descision is best known by you but hope you know we were reading oooo,and am sure with time this platform was meant to be so powerful because we could feel the anointing.Plenty Christian blogs out there but this was bound to have fellowership but am sure you are meant for great things ,even greater than this blog.Please say Hello anytime you can.I love you!!!……,,,Chiamaka

    • Dear Chiamaka,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies for my extremely delayed response.

      It was indeed a sabbatical. I am however back and praying for grace and strength to sustain this.

      I missed/love you all and not a day passed without the blog/followers in my thoughts/prayers.

      Let’s get ready for a new dimension. God is here to bless us.

      Stay blessed,

  9. Came across your blog and I believe a lot of women can benefit from your ministry.I ve been checking your blog for over two months and I noticed that you haven’t updated it,I look forward to reading your posts, I pray that God will empower you and give you grace for your ministry in Jesus name,amen.

    • Dear Toluwani,

      Thanks for your comment, I greatly appreciate it.

      Apologies for my unexplained absence and extremely delayed response.

      I’m back and praying for the Grace, strength and faith to continue nurturing this.

      Stay blessed,

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