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Only the counsel of God shall stand- Marriage, children & Vision.

Good Evening beautiful people,


I’m sure by now you know my favourite quote is “Only the Counsel of God shall stand” derived from Proverbs 19:21. So, you may be thinking I quickly wrote a post based on this but no that’s not what happened! I started scripting three different messages and then I thought to combine them but I thought what do they all have in common and that’s when it occurred to me- only the counsel of God shall stand! Amen! It may be a really long post but I implore you to read it all because I know the Lord will speak to you! Amen!


You may remember that about two weeks ago, I wrote a post about “More about the PoZ Vision”, I explicitly described everything that I want to achieve under the PoZ umbrella and I know people were amazed at how large the vision was but I said the Lord will see us through! As the Lord would have it, two days later at the midweek service in Church, the topic was security and all of a sudden, the minister started speaking about vision and said “You have this vision, you think it is so huge but the Lord will see you through”, for over five minutes she spoke about this and I thought wow, the Lord is speaking to me. I can’t remember the exact Words but all I can tell you is that two days prior I was blogging about my vision and how large it was and how I didn’t know how to go about and now the minister was saying those exact things and reassuring the person that the Lord was with them and will ensure they achieve the vision. I just praised God because He is all sufficient and I just felt encouraged and knew that God is about to do a new thing in my life.

Over the next few months, I will be launching a few new pages on the blog-

Career- Tips for CV writing, interview skills and etiquette , How to stand out at assessment centres and so on.

Events- A special page dedicated to events, Christian events, seminars and so on. I think it’s imperative for us as Christians to spend time communing with our peers. Remember that Iron sharpeneth Iron.

Ladies corner- Ladies did I hear you celebrate? Oh yea, we keep dealing with our “insides” but we also need to deal with the exterior. I will be posting tips for fitness, weight loss, hair, skin and so on! It’s an opportunity for us ladies to exchange tips and just work on our selves.

Men, unfortunately I have no tips for you I’m afraid! More reason for you to pray for my Prince of Zion to show up. Gentlemen, I’m sorry but I am positive that when the PoZ vision is fully functional, my husband will create a dedicated page; if not website where you can also congregate and speak about specific issues that affect men. Amen.


Power of the tongue

I shared the testimony of my sister’s marriage here but today I would like to tell you that our cousin also went through a terrible ordeal. My cousin was in a relationship with a man as of January this year; around March, they split up and it was an extremely trying time for her because they were planning to get engaged soon and she was also dealing with other family issues. At this time, my sister and her husband to-be were enjoying their courtship and really growing together, making it more difficult for my cousin who is extremely close to my sister! I however told my sister that 2013 was my cousin’s year and it shall be well; we need not worry! To make matters worse, two months after the break up, her former partner was engaged to another woman! it was an extremely sad scenario but I didn’t lament but continued prophesying a new season and beginning for her! When I went to Lagos in August, the topic of my cousin’s previous heartbreak came up and I boldly declared that 2013 shall be her year! I said it over and over again and noticed my sister smiling and she confessed that our cousin had met an exceptional man two-three months prior who was really loving and serious about having a good marriage; he had been to visit her parents in England to explain his intentions and they were presently at his father’s notifying him of their intention. I said Father, You are great and You will see this good work through to its completion! Amen! I got the wonderful news last week that their wedding is in February next year! Ladies and gentlemen, again no matter what you have been through, no matter what people have said and how much they have reduced you, ONLY THE COUNSEL OF GOD SHALL STAND! Amen!

Yesterday I was watching a TV show called “One Born: Twins and Triplets”. It’s a medical reality TV programme about expectant mothers of multiple children. It was most interesting and insightful. There were four couples; two expecting twins and two expecting triplets and what was astonishing was the extreme difficulty of these births; the doctors giving very sad diagnoses about their babies. The doctor kept warning the couples of the impending danger of their babies and how they may not survive or will be required to go through intensive care. Out of these four couples, a 28 year old woman carrying triplets said something admirable; she said “It will be fine, my babies will be the exception. They will break all the negative expectations” and I thought wow, a woman of faith and I said AMEN, AMEN! All other couples, immediately accepted their “fate” and didn’t want to believe their babies would make it! It won’t surprise you to hear that out of these four couples, the woman who made that bold declaration was the only one to deliver all three babies, healthy and well! During one of her scans, the doctors were checking to see if one baby was dead as expected and the baby was alive and well, the baby had even blossomed to their surprise! At 32 weeks, the doctors said they had to deliver the babies because one was in trouble but the mother stayed positive and declared they would all be fine! Guess what? All babies were delivered healthy; even the one who was thought to be in danger was completely healthy and okay; the doctors were astonished! My people, only the counsel of God shall stand! I don’t care what doctors, professors, lawyers, teachers have said! It is well with you and use your mouth to speak life into your situation. They have said “it is impossible for you to make a distinction” Tell them and tell yourself, with My God, it is possible and I will get that distinction. They have told you; “you can not give birth”; Tell yourself you are a mother and you shall carry your babies. “We don’t think you’ll make it to next year”- My God is the divine healer and great physician, He will heal me and I will see 2013, 2030, 2050 and beyond! Amen!



Sometimes, I speak to people about why they are unable to remain celibate and you hear all sorts of things like “It is the 21st century, it’s too hard in this society, I’m too old! I’m too rich”. I certainly believe that one of the most difficult places to remain celibate is in the showbiz and Hollywood Society. You may all remember the famous African American identical twin actresses; Tia & Tamera Mowry who used to be the stars of their own show; “Sister Sister”. Anyway the twins are now thirty-four year old successful women and wives. I came across an article about Tamera and it immediately caught my eye.

In an interview with, Tamera said that the two made the decision to be celibate and live separately because of their beliefs in a higher power. “We wanted to make sure that this relationship was what God wanted for our lives.  [In order to know] if we are meant to be together, we said, ‘It’s got to be God’s way and not our way.’ We didn’t want to half-step anything [or have clouded judgment]. So our right way was the way we felt God wanted us to do it, which was being celibate. We said to God, ‘This is who we are, I know you take us as we are, our faults, our fears, our joys, our hope as a couple and have your way,’” she said.

“[Living together] makes it harder for you. Have people around you to keep you accountable! Surround yourself with people who support your decision, because they’re only going to root you on. Make that covenant with God and with each other and just let go. God is going to see you through the difficult times. Whenever you’re feeling discouraged just pray together. Like I said, it’s not going to be a perfect journey, but you just have to keep God the center of your relationship,” she said.


Now, Tamera and her husband are both rich, famous and successful; she is an actress and her husband is a former professional baseball player turned Fox News Correspondent! Tamera is 34 and Adam is 41! They started courting when she was 27 and he was 34! They had all the “odds” against them but guess what? They did it and regardless of the Hollywood and American societal norms, they stuck to their Biblical principles and in their relationship and marriage, only the counsel of God stood! If this rich, famous, good-looking “older” couple could abstain from sex, might i add for SIX years, what is your excuse? Ladies and gentlemen, again I say ONLY THE COUNSEL OF GOD SHALL STAND!

You can read the full interview here-


My dear family, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this long but edifying post and will make that statement your motto! Always remind yourself and others around you that only the counsel of God shall stand! Forget about what you have been told, I don’t care what their status or title is, nobody beats the King of all kings and if Jesus says Yes, nobody can say no! Amen! Lastly, Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof- Proverbs 18:21! Simple! Declare greatness! No matter the situation you are going through, speak life into it! Right now, I’m trying to sell my car and was having difficulty and I will be relocating next week; I arrive Lagos on the 1st of November 2012 but I say today, before God and all of you that I will successfully sell that car to a good responsible driver and at a great profitable price! As I enter Lagos on the 1st Day of November, my life shall enter into a new season of fruitfulness, answers to prayers and realisation of visions shall occur! I declare that this is MY season and as I move back to Lagos, the Lord shall settle me spiritually, physically, financially, materially, maritally and otherwise! I declare that 2012 shall end on a very high note for me and as great as 2012 shall be for me, the Lord shall outdo Himself in 2013! Mark my words, by the time PoZ celebrates it’s 1st year anniversary, it will be a prolific and renown platform where the Lord resides with a network of strong and mature children of God! I know that I will be a humble servant of God in Ministry, a successful business owner, accomplished career woman and my Prince of Zion and I will be planning the rest of our lives together and preparing for our work in Ministry! Amen! Did you all hear that? That’s my prophetic declaration and I say it shall be done in Jesus’ Name! Amen! Have a great evening and may the Lord bless you all! Remember I said, this is MY season!




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Dear all,

Good Morning to you all and Praise the living God! I have certainly missed you but I am back in London now! We bless God for a great time in Lagos, it was absolutely amazing and I thank Him for journey mercies back! I went back, I even travelled within the country and came back with great news, no sorrow, no death, no accident, no bad news! Let His Name be praised above every other name!

I am back to regular blogging now and I have so many messages for you and I am very excited to share them with you. I’ve received so many revelations from God and I pray they will bless you. As you all know by now, I am originally Nigerian. I was born in England but I grew up in Nigeria up until I was 15 and then moved back to England, however, I’ve always gone back yearly and have kept a good relationship with Nigeria.

Today’s post is inspired from my three week break in Nigeria and I know that a large proportion of my readers are Nigerian or generally African and so I pray this blesses you. The first thing I noticed when I got to Nigeria was the electricity “situation” had improved. I tell you that when I was in Lagos  in April this year, we probably had the generator on for over 40hours a week and this time, I was in Nigeria for three weeks and in that time, the generator was used for less than 2 hours collectively; compared to 120 hours previously! I mean, that is a vast improvement! I can count the amount of times they “took light”. Absolutely amazing and I just began to praise the Lord because it was just amazing! I honestly couldn’t believe it; this is the same country where we had power for probably 12 hours a day at the most and I just believe that if Nigeria can make such a vast improvement in this area, Nigeria can and will become a great nation. The lack of electricity used to be one of our negative trademarks but today, they are leaving that behind. I am so proud, happy and believe that if we all believe, we can make major changes in other areas.

On the other hand, the horror stories of murders, kidnapping, armed robbery and bombings were very rampant and it’s just sad to see all this evil manifesting in our country but I want to tell you today that, everything that happens in the physical is first determined in the spirit realm and as Christians, we have authority to move and shakes things both in the spiritual and physical.

Ephesians 6:12– For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Matthew 18:18- 20– Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

What am I saying here? As Christians, we can speak to God, we have the authority and as Nigerians, we can take up the case of our family, home, street, neighbourhood and country to Him. We have the authority and resources to stand in the gap and intercede! I am speaking from experience, one day I received bad news about something occurring in Nigeria and I prayed to God and said “Lord this is what I want” it was a really big stretch but I said it with all faith and power and to my surprise, I got the news within two days I believe and I was absolutely shocked and just thanked God!

It is not impossible! Why should we complain about things if we are not doing anything? Many of us pray for ourselves, our families but how many of us actually take five minutes to commit our dear country into God’s hands. In my Church, here in England, we pray for revival in England. For the past few months, that’s what we’ve been focused on! I just love it because as much as my blood is Nigerian, I am very British at heart as well, I was born here, I’ve worked here, did my A-Levels, BSc and Master’s here and so I pray for a revival in the UK but what about Nigeria? Let’s pray for this country that the Holy Spirit will touch us and bring an end to terrorism, war, violence and evil.

The last thing I want to speak about is injustice in Nigeria! Nigeria is a country where the rich are very rich and the poor; extremely poor! It is a country where there is a lot of injustice, a lot of people misuse their positions and bring about suffering, there’s looting of public funds, extreme theft in government and so much violence but I’m here to tell you that it all starts with you. How do you treat your domestic staff, your maid, cook or driver? I’ve heard about people beating their house maids, spitting in their faces, withholding their salaries from them, men forcing their maids to sleep with them or they would send them back to the village. What about people who bribe their lecturers to pass them or offer sex for good grades? There is just so much injustice. In certain companies, you don’t get in based on what you know but who you know. Even for many business owners, there can be a lot of lying, deceit and forgery involved. It’s very sad especially when Christians get caught up in this!

Hebrews 13:8- Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

He is the same in England, China and Nigeria! We shouldn’t bend to society’s expectations just because we want to blend in.

Matthew 5:13-14– Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

We are the salt and light of this world, we should not be conformed to what others are doing. I read something by Pastor E.A Adeboye that really changed my life forever. He said, if you have to lie, steal or commit sin to get something then that thing is not from the Lord. For example, when you cut down your age to apply for a job, or when you submit fake certificates or lie about your qualifications at a job interview! You are committing sin and you are not helping yourself! Stand firm on the Word of God, be true, be honest and be Holy and the Lord will do for you what no other man can do! Amen! That is your part, stand for God and stand firm!

Apart from praying for the nation, use your skills to bless the country! I have worked in England, I’ve schooled here and gathered so much knowledge and experience and I feel I need to bless my country! If God has called you to live in a developing country or you are from one, be a resource to your country. What has God called you to do? For me, I feel called to deal with the institution of marriage and the injustice done to women, I also feel called to help Nigeria become a flourishing nation that will attract tourists. What has God called you to do for Nigeria or your country? May your Name be among the list of people who the populous of your country will celebrate and applaud! Amen!

I pray for Nigeria today, that God will bring positive change to the country and will alleviate the suffering and injustice done to its people. I pray that the Lord’s name will reign supreme in every home, every firm, and meeting in that country! His Name will be glorified in the house of assembly and in every street corner and high place! I pray that there will be an uprising in that country and change will come to Nigeria! Injustice, corruption and violence shall be a thing of the past. I dare you to intercede for your country and spend ten minutes a day praying for Nigeria!


A Prayer for the Nations

Daily, international events are setting the stage for Jesus’ return. As believers in every land continue to pray on behalf of their leaders, God is pouring out His Spirit—making tremendous power available to guide the governments of every nation according to His divine will and plan. Psalms 2:8, The Amplified Bible, says, “Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.” As you stand for your nation or other nations of the world, you can pray the following:
Oh God in heaven, we come before You in the Name of Jesus on behalf of the leaders of Nigeria. First of all in accordance with I Timothy 2:1-2, we intercede and give thanks for kings and all in authority and expect to live a quiet and peaceable life. We pray for the Word of God to be given free course and Your people to be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men (II Thessalonians 3:1-2).
The heart of the king is in Your hand and You will turn it whichever way You choose (Proverbs 21:1). We ask You to direct the heart and mind of Goodluck Jonathan, Namadi Sambo and the Governor of my state- Babatunde Fashola to make decisions that will lead Nigeria in Your ways and according to Your Word.
We thank You, Lord, for bringing change to the politics of Nigeria. Thank You for changing
the voices of influence to speak in agreement with Your Word. We ask You to send laborers filled with the spirit of wisdom and might, to surround the leaders of Nigeria with Godly counsel and insight. We also ask You to remove from positions of authority those who stubbornly oppose righteousness, and replace them with men and women who will follow You and Your appointed course for Nigeria.
As we enter the final hours of the last days, we ask for the spirit of faith, the workings of miracles, for signs, wonders, gifts and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and power to be in strong operation. Let believers in Nigeria and in every land be unified to stand strong by faith in Jesus, the Anointed One and His anointing, that Your glory may be revealed in all the earth.
Thank you, Lord, that these requests come to pass. We believe and receive. Amen.
I urge you to say this prayer everyday and pray about specific things that are affecting Nigeria, your state, local government and area. Pray for at least ten minutes everyday and lets see the power of God unfold before our eyes. What is bothering you about Nigeria, take it to God in prayer and remember that faith without works is dead- James 2:14. So, as we pray to God and make these positive declarations, let’s get out there put our hands to the plow. Some of us already know what it is we can do to help Nigeria, go ahead and do it and to those who are already active, may the Lord bless the works of your hands!! God bless Nigeria and God bless you all! I love you and see you tomorrow, by God’s Grace! Amen!


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Testimony time!! She got a job after three years of waiting

Praise the Lord! Praise the living God! Somebody join me to exalt His holy Name! Please, can somebody shout a loud hallelujah wherever you are!! This God we serve is second to none! This is why we call Him the King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords! You are our Father, brother, friend, husband, master yet you are our defender, provider, refuge, strength, deliverer, healer and comforter! Lord if I start to call You by name, I will never stop because You are the Alpha and you are the Omega! You are the lily of the valley, the rose of sharon, the son of David, sun of righteousness! You are the lion, yet you are the lamb! You are the lion of the tribe of Judah! Thank You Father for Your mercies! Lord we bless you, we praise you and we exalt you above every other name! Thank You Jehovah!

Exactly, a month ago today, this blog started and every day since then, I’ve thanked the Lord for the blog! I thank Him for the grace, strength, for His favour and mercies; for the readers! I was already celebrating one month on the web, thanking God for His never ending grace when I received a marvellous testimony I must share with you all. I hope it will bless someone and encourage you to place your trust in the great provider!

Her Prayer Request

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 9:55 PM

I agree with all the prayers that came before mine,may the Lord be God in our lives.Matthew 18:19.
Hey my name is Maureen I ask that you all please join me in prayer,i have been looking for work for a long time and i found a good one,now im waiting for their phone call this week.Pray that they call me back in jesus name Amen.
-The Lord have been preparing for me for the past 3 years now since he first gave me a vision about my spouse.Everyone who showed up till now i didnt like them and knew they were not the one for me..Well right now i know it is time,i am ready and i can tell the Lord is about to make a big change in my life.Please help me pray for God to make a way where there is no way and lead my partner to me before this year ends.I want to meet him in person in order for us to start getting to know eachother so by early 2013 we will know eachother well enough and have Gods approval to get married and start the beautiful life and family together he showed me.
-Please pray for my brother victors healing,physically emotionally spiritually and financially
Thank God and everyone else in advance…i will come back to testify…this time we will all see the things we have been praying for in Jesus name Amen

Her Testimony

Submitted on 2012/08/02 at 7:22 PM

Praise Praise Parise the living Jesus….!!!Princess of zion i told you i will be back to testify and here i am..I got the call i have been waiting for.I will be starting work on monday.I still cant believe it,i told you i could tell God was going to do new things in my life and this is just the begining.The Lord is wonderful,i waited for Him 3 years and he has NOT disappointed me and NEVER will.Thank you Jesus.Nomatter how bad things may get,just trust God and He will show up at the right time.He did for me and He will surely do for everyone else believing and waiting on Him IJN amen.The Lord is moving in my brothers life too,its amazing.
I will come back again to give my engagement testimony soon i know it.I love you Jesus.God bless you all and thank you for your prayers princess of zion.The Lord that answereth by fire is our God.Always faithful.May He continue to Bless you and your family.
God Bless….Maureen

Let’s bless the Lord for this wonderful testimony and let’s join hands and pray for Maureen; that as she has testified, the Lord will surely make her testimony permanent! Even in this new job, she will be the head and not the tail! Her testimonies shall not end there but the Lord will take her from Grace to more Grace and from strength to strength! Wherever her name is called, it shall be immediately followed by applaud and praise! God will give her a platform to witness for Him and she will be a Kingdom financier! Pray for her that as she has trusted God, before the year ends she will be sharing the testimony of her engagement; no ordinary engagement but to a true man of God; one who will love, cherish and care for her deeply! Amen. Please, let’s not forget her brother in our prayers; may the Lord quicken his steps and bring total healing and restoration to him physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and in every possible area of his life! I decree goodness and mercies upon their whole family!

To all the readers still believing in God for something, read the post “More than a Golf Club”! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask for or imagine! God is God and He is good! May the Lord surprise you this season and give you a new song to sing! For all those waiting on the Lord for a new job, promotion or business enlargement, please tap into Maureen’s testimony! Praise the Lord for the good work He has done in her life and ask Him to show you the same favour and mercy. Please congratulate Maureen, send her your love, prayers and best wishes here-

I will leave you with one word:

Mark 10:34- Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.

God shows no favouritism. What He did for Maureen, He can surely do for you. After all, even unbelievers have jobs; how much more you His child? God bless you all.



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Let’s do the PRAYER CHAIN!! Testimonies are coming. AMEN

Dear all,

Agree with those above you, please quote Matthew 18:19.
Then list your requests.
Then, you can add any comments or revelations you may have had. In your personal prayer time, keep praying for those people, right their names down and their specific dates and requests.

God bless you all as partake in this awesome miracle God is about to bestow. I declare Isaiah 34:16 on everyone on this page, everyone who partakes in this prayer chain,

Search the book of the Lord,
and see what he will do.
Not one of these birds and animals will be missing,
and none will lack a mate,
for the Lord has promised this.
His Spirit will make it all come true.

Before this week runs out, God will perfect your requests and before this year runs out, or in accordance with your schedule, God will provide your spouses, your healing, your pregnancies, business, promotion, jobs, houses, cars, licences, contracts, all that you wish for and MORE!!! AMEEEN



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The Prayer Chain

Please send in your requests and we will agree with you. AMEN.


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Matthew 18:19…If two or more on earth agree

Good Afternoon guys, I have big news for you all! And this is going to set some people free! AMEN!
In the past few months, I’ve been so involved in studying marriage, as I believe my calling is in marriage ministry! Though I am young, I am very positive and I have started preparing myself towards it. I have read so many books; I tell you and listen to over 20hrs worth of sermons and still pressing on.

I read about “spiritual warfare” and will briefly summarise what it is about.
Spiritual warfare is not what we think i.e. fighting with demons. Spiritual warfare actually takes place in our mind

1- All you need is to change your mentality and you WILL become qualified for a miracle. AMEN!!! If you change the way you think, you will get what you want, not an ordinary blessing but one from above. AMEN.

2- An insurance sales person had been working for over a year, calling prospective clients and none bought from him. He didn’t make a single sale in over a year. He came across a multi millionaire, so he asked him for contacts. The millionaire gave him 6 contacts, the insurance man was now excited and sure that they would buy the insurance from him since they were contacts of the rich man. He was able to speak to five on the phone, all of which invited him for an appointment and bought the insurance policies. Overjoyed, he went back to the millionaire to ask for more contacts, the millionaire handed him the general telephone directory. The exact same one the insurance man had been using. He was shocked. All the while, he hadn’t sold anything because he believed total strangers couldn’t buy from him, but he sold those 5 because he believed that if a millionaire referenced them they must buy. His mentality changed, and he believed he would succeed. And because whatever a man believes happens to him, he acceded in selling the policies.

What do you believe? Do you believe you can have your heart desires? What do you think will happen seven days from now? Do you think you can have your heart desires within seven days? Beloved, it is in your hands. In life, you get what you believe. No matter how hard a person prays, he can only get what he believes.

Mark 11:24- Whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe that you would receive it, you would have it. That is the condition that Jesus gave us. Matthew 17:20. Nothing shall be impossible for those that believe.

The way to work on your belief is to RENEW your mind!! Even Romans 12:2, says that transformation will take place in your life when your mind is renewed. Once it is renewed, you would believe and subsequently receive your heart desires.

The power to succeed and fail is in you. You choose what to do. You have the right to decide how and when you want to have your miracle. I challenge you to choose when you want your miracle, I don’t know exactly what you want but one thing I am sure of is if you want it NOW, God can do it now. The power is in you.

The devil has NO power over us. What he uses are tricks, for e.g. THE TRICK OF SPIRIT HUSBAND! Beloved, I tell you there is NOTHING like spirit husband. It is NOWHERE in the Bible. The devil is the one that brought such thoughts into our minds. So, when you believe you have a spirit husband, you then believe that because of him you cant get married, can’t have kids, can’t succeed, that is the only reason it works. There is no such thing, but because you believe, that is why you suffer. Have you not noticed that some of your friends also have sexual dreams but get married with ease and all is well with them? It is because they don’t believe in spirit husband. So, it can NOT hurt then. Please, my people, there is NOTHING like spirit husband or wife or children. The Bible doesn’t mention it. There are THREE sources of dreams- God, devil and you. God can only send you dreams in accordance with His word, so any scary or evil dream is not from Him. All good dreams are from Him, so you better claim them, meditate on them, believe they will happen and they will. Secondly, when you think about something near bedtime, you most likely dream of it, whether good or evil. Lastly, the devil can send dreams to us, BUT these dreams can NEVER harm us. Say AMEN!!! Because he has no power over us. The only time they can harm us is when we believe the dreams and start praying against them. If you have a bad dream, when you wake up, just say- Thank you God for waking me up, I acknowledge that you send only good dreams, therefore the bad dreams I had last night, were of the devil but I choose not to believe them. Only what You say can come to pass in my life, therefore, I believe those dreams will NEVER happen in my life, help me Lord to forget the dream. Amen. (To make it more powerful, when I have bad dreams, I believe the opposite will take place in my life. So, that’s what I focus on) Since I started this new practise, my bad dreams have severely reduced. I was shocked!! Because, once the devil knows that you now know the truth, he doesn’t waste time dealing with you, he will rather move on to another person.. Sometimes, he may try to shake your faith but stand your ground. THEY CAN NEVER TAKE PLACE IN YOUR LIFE, RATHER THE OPPOSITE WILL TAKE PLACE. AMEN!!

As for sexual dreams, they can be because of what you watched or from the devil. Just ignore them, you have no spirit spouse. You can just say, thank you Lord for waking me up, I am keeping my body pure whilst single but thank you for the gift of sex, which I will enjoy whilst married to my Godly, spouse. So, say it and believe it. For instance, instead of believing you have a spirit spouse, believe that this is a sign of your fast approaching wedding and you shall soon be having sex with your husband or wife.

Even if someone dies in your dream, it is NOT true. Say Lord, thank you for awakening me, the person that died in my dream, signified the death of their flesh, death of poverty, sickness and now they are healed, now they will live long. AMEN

These prayers are optional. You don’t need to. You can just forget about the dream and move on! Whatever works best for you.

Please also be aware that once you give your life to Christ, every single curse, covenant or generational curse does not exist. It can not affect you!! You are now par of the family of Abraham so you have no choice but to partake in GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS!! 2 CORINTHIANS 6:14-16..Christ and belial can not co exist in you, nor light with darkness. If you are for God, then nothing else can control your life. AMEN

Finally, I normally receive a word from Elohim’s basket once a month. Yesterday’s word was Matthew 18:19- Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. AMEN
Normally, I know what the word is referring to, yesterday I didn’t. Until, later on when on this page,
Angeline from Zimbabwe sent her comment, which said brothers and sisters lets unite in prayer, when two or more are gathered. Then, it dawned on me, God wants to set some people free and give us our miracle. Let’s use this platform in accordance with His word.

Now, I employ you to take part. We are going to create a prayer chain. Please, this is not a joke. Miracles and testimonies will abound from here. How can two people on the same website comments get the same word. Things are about to happen, wedding proposals are coming, engagement rings, pregnancies, job offers, job promotions, someone is being healed, someone has been kept captive by their dreams, this new knowledge will release you, someone is going from a nobody to a somebody, from a zero to a hero, from academic failure to distinction. Oh, let your mind fathom it.


Please oblique and in your personal prayer time, whenever you are praying for your request, you must include the people before you. Please write their names down. I will also log on at least every two days, just to state a prayer of agreement with everyone, so I will be praying. Please, also write back as you receive your testimonies. Some people are going to receive testimonies in the next 7days. AMEN!! Let’s endeavour to take this prayer chain seriously whilst using the tools I taught you. Also remember, please forgive everyone who has hurt you, if not your prayers may be hindered!! Not because that person is an Angel but for your own good, forgive them, release them. And don’t fight with anyone.
God bless you all. Can’t wait for your testimonies. AMEN

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