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RCCG Festival of Life Update

Good Evening family,


Quick post just to update you! As you know, the RCCG Festival of Life London took place yesterday at the Excel Centre and I was asked to help out before the event! Anyway, coupled with my moving, the day before (Thursday) was a very busy one for me; especially trying to sell my car! That was a great difficulty; I had received absolutely NO interest on auto trader only a few personal friends enquiring but nothing solid! It was a great source of disappointment for me!



The Festival of Life started at 8pm last night and ended at 5:30am this morning- The theme was- “The Second Touch”! So, about 9 and a half hours of praising God! Awesome! Anyway, I was due to get to the Excel centre 12 hours before the event started; 8am yesterday! Stay for the event and after the event ended at half 5, clear up till about half 8! That meant working for 24hours straight. 8am Friday till after the event; 8:30am today! So, I knew a good night’s rest was essential. I didn’t get to bed till about 1am and needed to be up by 6 but I was unable to sleep. In addition to that, I missed my alarm and woke up at 7am and left the house at half 7. We were meant to gather at 8am to pray with the GO- Pastor E.A Adeboye and meet him and then start our various task but I had car trouble and didn’t get there till half 9 and so I was unable to meet him.



But the Lord is forever faithful! I was setting up the vip rooms for some of the Pastors and I was allocated two rooms on the GO’s floor and inspected all the rooms on the floor including that of the GO and his wife. He wasn’t in the room at the time but I was happy to at least have had some form of contact with him and was grateful. Anyway, we worked up until the event started at 8pm. At this time I was extremely tired, having driven two hours to get there and walking, carrying and working for about eleven hours, we went to my colleague’s Hotel room (also inside the venue) to relax. I knew I needed the rest but decided I would return to the event hall at midnight as the GO normally starts preaching at 1am.


I fell asleep and had set an alarm to go back to the service at midnight! Unfortunately, I missed the alarm again as I was thoroughly exhausted! I mentally decided to just sleep since I was so tired. To my surprise, around 1am, one of my colleagues in the room started snoring profusely and I tried to shut my ears, turned several times but I couldn’t sleep! I was AWAKENED and could no longer fall asleep and so I got up and started getting ready to return to the venue! Can you believe that as soon as I was fully awake, the snoring stopped? I knew it was the Lord! If not for the horrible snoring, I would have missed the message. I quickly headed right back to the hall and started taking notes of the Word! It was amazing as always; I can always describe a message but never the GO’s! So hard to put into words but every bit of it appealed to me and I praised God! I went there believing in God for spiritual growth personally, ministry growth, healing upon my father, marital settlement, a distinction in my Master’s and a smooth relocation to Nigeria!


The GO was led by God to pray for different categories of people. First, the students and so I stood up as I am still awaiting my results from the Post graduate project! I brought along the assignment receipt for the dissertation and held it up and prayed and received His prophecies! Brethren, celebrate with me because my distinction is sure! It is done; not because of anything I’ve done but because the Lord has said it! He prayed for eligible singles believing in God for a spouse, I stood up and received every word of prophecy. Again my family, celebrate with me because my wedding is fast approaching and my Godly inspirational marriage will soon be a point of contact for thousands of Christians including YOU! Amen! He prayed for those expecting financial upliftment, I stood again and received it! Brethren, you are hearing from a woman who’s tithe is about to increase magnificently! Amen! Another category mentioned was that of married women who have been unable to bear children, I stood in the gap for an aunt of mine and for readers who are in this situation. I may not know you but I know that our God is able and by the power of God, this month you shall conceive and if it is twins or triplets you want, in nine months time, you will carry your healthy children! Amen!


The last part of the service is something the GO was directed to do many years ago, when the congregation holds up a piece of cloth- handkerchief, scarf and so on and the anointing of God falls upon this item and it is up to you to exercise faith or not with this. But I have heard testimonies of people who did that and rubbed the cloth on a growth on their body or on their tummy and the growth disappeared and others became pregnant and so with all faith I held my scarf up, as well as my project assignment receipt! I rubbed the scarf on my head, when I got home on my house keys, car keys, debits cards and so on!


After the service, as I cleared a room, a lady smiled at me and said she knows me and asked if I went to Open Heavens and I said no, Jesus House and left! I later returned and she said “I know why you look so familiar, you always serve me when I come to Jesus House” and we just laughed and smiled about it. Another lady who happens to go to Jesus house then said Yes I know you, you are getting married right? I first of all said no and then I said oh sorry yes I am (I said this with faith) and she immediately got it and joined her faith with mine and said- of course you are! How can you say no? Your wedding is next year isn’t it? I said yes by God’s grace! Ladies and gentlemen, the Lord hears and I know that this is only the beginning of great things to come! Ameeen! I will continue to keep you updated as things progress!


The Lord is quick to answer prayers especially in environments of praise and anointing! This evening, I received an email from a lady on auto trader asking if my car was still available. She requested to view it as soon as possible and an appointment has been booked for tomorrow! if you notice, I don’t wait till my testimonies are complete to testify because I know and believe that every good work the Lord has started in me, He will surely see through to completion in Jesus’ Name! Amen! I declare that the viewing will successfully take place tomorrow and myself and my car will receive all favour before the eyes of the buyers and they will immediately request to buy the car and at a rate that will positively shock me! I know that by Monday, I will have a substantial amount in the bank and I will be back to give the full testimony not because of me but because I believe in the power of the Most High God and in Him I am confident! Brethren, rejoice with me and say Amen!


Here are the prayer points from the service! We were given thirty minutes to pray these points, I adjure you to tap into this anointing and pray them now for third minutes and I pray the Lord will extend His second touch to you!


1. Praise Him for what He has already done.

2. Father, whatever can stand between me and Your touch tonight, please destroy with Your blood.

3. Father, please touch me again and again.

4. Father, please complete what You started in my life.

5. Father, please perfect that which concerns me.

6. Father, restore unto me everything the devil has stolen from me.

7. Father, let my blessing begin to overflow to others.

8. Father, please turn me into a mighty vessel unto honour in your hand.

9. Father, please make my blessings permanent.

10. Father, show me Your Glory.

11. Father, show me Your Almightiness.

12. Father, just have mercy on me.

He then asked us to add our other personal requests! Ask God for a Christmas miracle, New year present and another one just to show His Glory! It is well with you. I left my house at 7:30am yesterday morning and got home at 9:30 am today; 26 hours later with only about two hours of sleep in between and about four hours from the night before! Extremely exhausting and a feat I thought was impossible but I made it, it was worth it and if given the opportunity, I would do it all over again because I encountered God! If this was a job condition though, I doubt I would have done it as it was extremely brutal but for the Almighty who gave me life, keeps me alive, YES YES and YES! Father for You, I will do everything and if anything, I am privileged to have such an amazing opportunity to serve You! Thank You Lord! Ladies and gentlemen, four more days till I relocate to Lagos! Please keep me in your prayers! God bless you all


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Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,

Hope you’re well and have had a great day at work, ministry, home, school? It is well! I started thinking of what to write for this post about a month ago and things have since progressed and by God’s Grace, I have two testimonies to include in this post. You may remember me writing about Rev Funke Adejumo’s sermon about excelling as a mother; this was directed towards parents in general.

My 12 year old nephew lives with my parents in Lagos! They currently take care of him and have done so for the past eight years! So, I decided to share the message with my mother and I also put the things she mentioned in practice. My nephew and I are very close and he speaks to me about very personal things and so I am in a good position to implement these things.

1- The first thing we did was to be positive and always encouraging! His report came back in July and he got 2As, a few Cs, Ps and Fs! We were quite disappointed but I told my mother that we should thank God for those 2As and praise the kid for even attaining that.

2- To however prevent him for becoming lazy and comfortable! I kept on congratulating him on the 2As but I always said “I am so happy and proud that you got these 2As but I’m shocked you didn’t get all As because you are so smart and you are the smartest boy in your class. I’m sure you will get all As next time”. I always reaffirmed the fact that he was the best, the smartest and the head and then I would say, don’t you know and he would say “yes I know i am”

Proverbs 23:7- For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he

By getting him to repeat and believe this, he is in turn becoming that smart person. By saying those positive words constantly, we are transforming his mind and speaking prophetically. Amen.

3- I noticed that he had received a Blackberry phone as his 12th birthday present and so I asked how many contacts he had and he showed me and to my amazement, there were about 70 of them. I had to go through them to ensure they were friends, only to discover he had added a series of people he didn’t know from broadcasts. At this time, the Cynthia Osokogu murder story was everywhere and I actually spoke to him about it and educated him about the dangers of social networks, blackberry messenger and interacting with strangers. He then understood what I meant and on his own, he deleted every single person he didn’t know.

4- I knew I had to speak to him about sex because if you don’t speak to them about it, believe me the TV will teach them! Think about when you were twelve and all that you knew! I asked him what he knew and he pretty much knew everything. I explained to him that as he gets older, there may be pressure to get into relationships and have sex but he is a child of the most High God and we should not conform to the standards of the world but he should rather save himself for marriage! We spoke about the sanctity of marriage and he even had the understanding that he wanted a Christian wife with high morals and standards and so I said if he expected that from his wife, he should do the same! I explained that sometimes he may feel a certain way to which he responded “Yes from my hormones”. I told him it was normal and came with puberty but he needed to ask the Holy Spirit to come and take control. Amen.

5- I had to speak to him about the value of women and how to treat them! I explained that when he was old enough to enter into a relationship, he had to pray to God about it first and go ahead only after confirmation from God! As a child, he has witnessed his own mother and several aunties being subjected to so much pain from bad relationships and he did agree that he would never want to put any woman through such pain. I explained that under no circumstance should he put hands on a woman or verbally insult her, neither should he attempt any sexual relations until they were married! I explained the value of women and their role as help meets.

6- I asked him about his strengths ad weaknesses and advised him on how to deal with the so-called weaknesses! I explained that he could be great at every and anything! Regarding his strengths, I banked on them and continually encouraged him! He’s good at maths, he said he would like to become an investment banker! I told him he would be one! He’s quite a tall lad standing at about 5″10 at only 12 years old and so he took an interest in basketball and so we decided that it was imperative for him to spend time playing basketball and so my sister’s fiancé, took him to a basketball court to train and we’re told he was really good. We’ve decided that he will spend his summers at basketball training from now; as long as that is still his passion. His talent and drive needs to be nurtured and harnessed!

7- In the past, he’s had several behavioural issues and used to be really “bad” in school but we tried never to focus on that. Even when he did misbehave, we never called him names! Instead when he was naughty, we would say “But you are such a good, mature child of God, why would you act like that?”. We focused on positively encouraging him and never using bad words on him; because children will remember the words and start to act accordingly.

8- Lastly, I spoke to him about the importance of a relationship with Christ and constant prayer! I encouraged him to indulge in morning devotionals daily, read his Bible, praise and worship and to always seek God! During the time we were together, we prayed together. I encouraged him to pray and I also prayed for him and prophesied greatness into his life! Even after returning to England, I called him on the phone, always praying for him and declaring he was a child of God who would serve God all his life, I declared he would be a well known NBA Player and investment banker! I never once insulted him even in his “naughty” moments but always sowed prayers into his life.

God answered

To the glory of God, mother called me last week to inform me that our darling smart boy had achieved SEVEN distinctions in his results, seven credits, one pass and no fails! Wow! This was a vast improvement; even the teachers were shocked! It was all to the glory of God and guess what? Poor nephew was stricken with chicken pox and was admitted into hospital and missed many days of school and continuous assessments. Supposing he hadn’t missed these, what would he have scored then? For many years, nephew got low grades, last in class and then became an average student, we tried every approach but couldn’t get him to improve! We bribed him with phones, laptops but no change but to the glory of God, after using Biblical principles and the advice by Rev Funke Adejumo, he is now an outstanding student and I know I will be back to testify about his next set of results because the good work that God has started in Him, He will surely see through to its completion in Jesus’ Name! Amen!


I would like to share the testimony of my first cousin! My cousin had her first child twenty years ago; it was a lovely beautiful girl but a second child was not forth coming at all! It just didn’t happen and we all got used to her being the only child and assumed she couldn’t have another! Well, God is an awesome God because after ten years my cousin found out she was pregnant and she had a beautiful baby boy who is nine years old today but the Lord didn’t stop there, two and a half years later, she had another boy who is 6 today! The two boys are extremely cute together and are the best of friends! But you know God is so marvellous, she had another baby in 2009; a cute princess who is 3years old and in August this year, she was blessed with another Princess! Now, my cousin and her husband are the proud parents of FIVE healthy, amazing and beautiful children (20, 9, 6, 3, 2months old)! Their first daughter is currently at Uni studying Computer Science while their four other kids are really giving them an event filled life! I am so happy for them and grateful to God for His mercies! Only God can open a door others think is closed; He is the one who opens a womb others have deemed shut!

May the Lord open every closed door in your life today and may He spring forth into action in every area of your life that has been deemed a failure! It is well with you and all that concerns you in Jesus’ Name! Amen! To watch the sermon by Rev Funke Adejumo (Excelling as a mother, April 22 2012)-

Every parent should watch it, every aunty, uncle, cousin, teacher, youth worker! In fact I believe every single person should watch it because we shall all be parents one day and we need to start practising these principles on our nephews, nieces, neighbours and so on.

You can read the summary I wrote here-

God bless you all


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Marriage Testimony

Praise the Lord! Praise the Living Jesus! Praise the Most High God! Today has just been an amazing day, I’ve just been crying; tears of joy! From one testimony to another! I received an email today from a wonderful lady who wants to share the testimony of her marriage with us! Her story just made me cry and celebrate God! I just thank God that He is still in the business of performing miracles and He genuinely listens to us, hears us and shows up on time! I also bless God for this wonderful woman, a woman of virtue! I thank her for sharing such intimate details with us and for inspiring me! Please read her story below , I know so many of you have asked for more real life testimonies of married couples- well, the Lord has answered our prayers! Enjoy! 

I’m testifying to Gods glory so other single sisters can trust God, I and my husband dated for 5 years in a healthy great relationship but marriage proposal wasn’t coming forth so I decided to seek God more, even though I ‘d known God from my background.

I’m from a God fearing background so my foundation was very strong. I also went to Covenant Singles and married ministries for their seminars and personal counseling and  I visited Pastor

Kingsley Okonkwo’s church too – Love Dating & Marriage Ministries once or twice for more knowledge too, bought C.Ds to help me get more knowledge on how to prepare for marriage.


Then later another year I was invited to daughters destiny interdenominational women’s prayer fellowship in Ajah Lagos. In fact they sharpened my prayer life. Cos  there the prayers were very hot and timely. They pray for singles and somedays when she is lead the set woman, Pastor Busola Jegede she will call single ladies out and start to declare what God told her, the entire congregation will start praying for all of us. Heaven opened on our behalf. The prayers were too many from all corners, my family, my mans family, my church weekly prayer meetings and sundays. I tapped into any message that my Pastor Preaches Pastor Paul Adefrasin and his wife Pastor Ifeanyi.


I was consistent at the daughters of destiny fellowship since I was an entrepreneur and had time to attend fellowships on Mondays 8 am – 12pm.


From Singles & Married Ministries Pastor Chris Ojigbani- I got insight to forgiveness, I was no longer interested in just asking God for a man but living for Christ, I started ministering to other ladies, all though one of my gifts were counseling so I started giving out free books to friends to read about marriage & spiritual warfare- in this book we were taught to focus on building all our amour so we can stand the wiles of the enemy Ephesians 6 vs 10. Also I had a common verse that I confess daily isaiah 34 vs 16- none shall lack their mate from generations to generations.


When all this was going on my man was busy traveling out for work, on one of his trips he said he got led to buy a ring. On that trip he had given most of his cash to me before traveling to help him pay certain bills for him on his absence, so I knew exactly how much he had on with him. What I didn’t know that God will push him so much that he will lend money from his colleague to deposit for a diamond ring then on his way back to that same country he decided to purchase it fully. While all this was going on I was busy praying, preaching on Facebook, and anywhere I go, serving God, attending weekend meetings where we were taught about marriage. I was learning all I can learn to prepare me mentally and spiritually, though I sensed it in my spirit that my set time for marriage was close. I had so much faith. Praiseeeeee God he proposed after listening to a message by Pastor Paul Adefarasin about building a daily altar. From that day we started praying at night on the phone, together, in the car, house any where we could pray. We joined the church one month fasting and prayers.


Wedding plans my advice- I wasn’t exposed to so many people. I had a strong genuine christian prayer team and support from my parents, siblings. If possible people should avoid ashebi, bridal shower. Focus on your day and honeymoon, don’t invite the whole world, have a prayer life with your spouse. Get a non family member to plan your day or be in charge of coordination for that day. It’s cheaper to get a 2 weeks coordinator into the wedding. Though I used a full planner.  Dont use friends, let them enjoy that day.


Don’t involve friends except you have sincere happy ones. Be good hearted, male friends outside your relationship should be distance though some are good but no man wants you to have a best friend outside the marriage. So make your intended spouse your best friend before marriage. Be open and sincere. Be real, no boasting or being fake about your background or yourself. No one is a fool.

don’t be canal it’s not a show off affair, be God conscious so he can bless your day and your marriage, don’t let negative experiences from other peoples marriage affect your mind set. Anything negative chat should not be entertained  from any source even from parents. Some only know bad marriages and all they discuss is bad marriage stories to sow seeds of fear. Avoid unnecessary traditional dancers that wont glorify God. Be happy don’t worry on that day. Smile always. Above all Marry a man with a good heart, a willing God fearing man that fears God. Don’t marry under pressure, it’s a lifetime. Gods time is the best.



Everyday I am happy I waited, there were other suitors, I prayed but didn’t get that peace of mind, so I waited for my dream man. My wedding is still a testimony. Every guest who attended said its still the best wedding they’ve attended yet, coordination, peace, no chaos, good service, powerful preaching from the man of God. Many said they felt Gods presence, another said God was there himself. All these was what I  asked God in secret during my daily prayers.  My marriage is living testimony today. God paid all our wedding bills. We had no debt after the wedding and we didn’t lend. I had my dream man & wedding, too good to be true but with God all things are possible. Who ever thought I will be this honored after 5 years of waiting. My husband treats me like he just met me everyday. I am new to him, if you get me.  Now I didn’t leave my man cos it was a healthy relationship. I don’t advise any lady to stay in a bad relationship with someone who is not loving to them and they must seek God before they decide to wait.

We even gave some of our wedding vendors bonuses. Now that’s Gods work.  It took place in Lagos, traditional wedding, court and white wedding.  In my family from my both parents families no one has done the three weddings. It’s either traditional only and they are married or only court so God broke protocols for me. He will do same for all his daughters. Amen.


I didn’t go to the village. I Hired different venues for the two occasions. God showed up. Please don’t pray only about getting a man, preach, sow seeds, charity, widows, have a good heart, loose weight, improve your talents, write exams that will open good doors for your career, not everything is spiritual sometimes our attitude, body language, dress sense, bad friends, not willing to be corrected and lack of respect for others, evil speaking about other peoples blessings or being materialistic can make one miss their appointed time.

After marriage prayers every night and reading the word with praises, learn how to cook both  local and intercontinental dishes, be healthy, cook healthy meals, sowing seeds to ministries you love, local and international, less friends, privacy, no relative from both sides should live with you, study yourselves before letting the world in.

And singles in relationships  should have a plan for the kingdom that way God has something to build on. It’s been a joyful experience so far.  There were health challenges on me but God has been faithful to heal me. We are at rest trusting him daily to give us victory in every area of our lives, according to his word. Recently we got a free  S.U.V after sowing a seed. The testimonies have been enormous.



I give God our Lord Jesus Christ all the glory, honor, thanksgiving. He is so faithful, please trust him but also seek his kingdom. Have a good  heart for others, don’t envy other People. Wish others well, so your joy will be full. He  will do it for everyone that trust & obey him, by his grace. I realize that those years I wasn’t spiritually and mentally ready so, God was more interested in my character cos the blessings were already waiting for me, He also loves to bless us more. And above all! it’s not by my works but all his grace that it was possible. Grace is me depending on his unmerited favour. Grace makes you want to please God. Please depend only on our Lord Jesus. He will never, ever fail you. Amen. Isaiah 60 is our portion. God bless you Princess of Zion. I share to Gods glory. ( please pardon any typo errors I am very tired now) Lol.

Did somebody just receive that rhema? Can I hear somebody praise the Lord! Oh, the Lord is great! Did we read what she did? She became an active servant of God! She spent her time loving the Lord and serving Him! She didn’t resort to carnal or fetish remedies but left it to God! She didn’t sit at home and mope but she went out and spread the gospel. She spent her waiting period preparing, attending seminars, reading books, praying, going for prayer meetings. She was and is active in the Kingdom of God; she also spread the messages!

Please can somebody lift up this wonderful woman before God and commit her and her marriage into God’s hands. Let’s declare over her that the Lord will continue to bless her and her family, let’s decree that love, joy, unity, peace and grace shall always reign in their home! Father, we bless you for such an inspirational woman; a true princess of Zion. Father, as she was faithful even during her single period, we pray You will continue to reward her and favour her marriage! Father, strengthen the bond in her marriage and be with her and her husband! Lord I pray that their marriage will continue to grow from strength from strength, glory to glory and will inspire thousands of people the world over! We pray Lord that You will bless and prosper them spiritually, physically, financially and materially! Lord, as she has been faithful to testify and share her story with us, perfect all that concerns her and her marriage; may her marriage never end in tears or divorce but may it last till eternity!

Thank You Jesus for such a wonderful miracle, I declare over myself and all the readers of this testimony that as You have done for this couple, You shall do for us too! Father, in this season, You shall change our marital status and our marriages shall all be huge testimonies that will tell of Your glory and greatness! Thank You Jesus!

Ladies and gentlemen, words are unnecessary after such a glorious testimony; let’s simply key into this testimony, love and serve the Lord with all our hearts and be active in the Kingdom! The Lord will surely ensure that NONE of us shall lack a mate! Amen! If this testimony has encouraged you, please don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with someone or ten or fifty or a thousand! Let’s get the message out there! If you have also experienced the joy of the Lord in your marriage, please share your testimony with us, so it can inspire others to wait on God, wait for God’s best and stay faithful. Please send all testimonies to me God bless you all. 


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Marry well

Good Afternoon beautiful people,

How is your Wednesday going? On with today’s message…If you are not Nigerian, then your probably did not understand the title of this post. Well, “marry well” simply means marry right! Make the right choice; in fact the rightest choice! This is a phrase I hear mostly from Pastor Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo; so it’s no surprise that today’s post is about them.

Last year June, I was moving out of my previous home in the Midlands. I packed up all my belongings into my car and headed for the motorway. However, before I left, I decided to make one last stop at my friend’s house. I’d known her for about six years and she’s an extremely inspirational christian till this day so I decided to stop by and just thank her for everything. Whilst there, she said she had to put some messages on my iPod quickly and I told her I was rushing off but she persevered and was able to complete the transfer. So, I thanked her, we hugged and I left. I completely forgot about the messages, especially as I don’t use the iPod except as a USB. However, about six weeks later at my home in London, I remembered the messages my dear friend had put on my iPod and I decided to listen to them. Wow! I got the shock of my life!

The Pastor was extremely real, wise, funny, amazing and just anointed! I cried, I laughed, I bowed to God and I just felt a release! For the next two days, I locked myself indoors and just listened to all the messages, back to back from morning to night! I couldn’t get enough! Within two days, I had listened to them (all twenty hours worth of sermons). It was like receiving a rhema! I just had this new lease on life, this new spring in my step and a renewed mind! It was during those two days that the vision of “Princess of Zion” was birthed! The sermons I listened to were by Pastor Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo! I was intrigued, humbled, amazed! I had never heard anything like this. Who were these people? So I went on the internet and did some research! I discovered that they were a successful, anointed married couple pastoring a Church and their specific passion was family and marriage. I looked at their website, I listened to all the messages on the website. I also discovered they held a monthly programme called “Love, Dating & Marriage” aka LDM, I went to that website, listened to all the messages, I found their page on Facebook, listened to all the messages, I couldn’t stop! I later discovered their services were broadcast live, so I switched my Church routine to evening service and stayed home in the mornings to watch their two morning services! I was just blessed! I was fed! It was just amazing! I couldn’t keep shut; I wanted everyone I knew to hear these things, I sent the messages across to my friends, family, I sent them to different people across the country! I think that just fuelled my passion; I just wanted everyone in the world to hear about God’s love and what we mean to Him and why we should keep ourselves holy and be very prayerful and careful in the search for a spouse! After I had sent the sermons to every possible person, that’s when I knew I wanted to go into tho ministry so I could spread this new knowledge and resources to other people. I mean, why should these benefits be limited to just my friends? What about the rest of the world?

As time went on, my own passion grew more and I started to attend other seminars, buy books, CDs, it was just an amazing experience. One day, I was led to just reach out to Pastor K&M via their Facebook Fan Page, I just told them what they’ve done and how they’ve positively impacted my life and when they do come to London, I would love to meet them. I had no clue what their schedule was or when they would next be in London, it could be a year or six months or three days, I didn’t know but I just wanted to meet them whenever that time came. As God would have it, I got a response the following day saying they were in London at the time and I should contact them via phone. We text back and forth and arranged to meet. I met with both of them at their Hotel; it was a brief meeting but it was just finally good to meet them and they were so humble, vibrant and lovely. This was in April this year and I’ve since kept in contact with them and whenever I have issues, queries, I just reach them and they’re so quick to respond and give me counsel. They’re extremely patient, loving and caring! I couldn’t ask for better mentors! As a couple, they are extremely sweet, perfectly suited and vibrant! As you know when I went to Lagos, I finally attended their Church and it was absolutely phenomenal!

The day after I returned from Lagos, Pastor K sent me a message about Pastor Mildred’s birthday! He said he had planned a surprise trip for her. They’re based in Lagos but he had  bought tickets for them to fly to America so she could attend the Joyce Meyer Love Life Convention in ST Louis. Pastor M had no clue. I just thought- Wow! Anyway, let me just tell you what happened. On Monday the 19th of September, a week before her birthday, he told Pastor M that they had to pick someone up from the airport in Lagos. So, they both went to the MMA in Nigeria and the next thing, they were on an upper class flight to London. She was absolutely stunned; he gave her no prior notice at all and he did all the packing and snuck the suitcases into the car. When they arrived in London, myself and four other ladies (members of DCC) were waiting for them with a 5 foot long banner that read “Still crazy about Mildred Okonkwo” we had balloons there, a lovely bouquet of flowers and a cake! You should have seen her face; she immediately froze and started nudging her husband! There was a huge crowd in Heathrow, all watching this romantic scene; like it was a movie! She was extremely shocked, happy and in awe of how all this was planned without her knowing. We escorted them to the Sheraton Hotel where they stayed for the night before catching their transit flight to Chicago the next day. We got to the Hotel, prayed, ordered some lovely chinese food, cut the cake, ate, drank and just had a great time! We gave her some cards and just had a party! After sometime, we left and in the morning, they were on their way to America where she had even more surprises waiting for her! This was all for her birthday!

Pastor K kept thanking us for helping him organise the London leg of the surprise but I was more thankful for being part of such a beautiful thing and witnessing first hand what a Godly marriage is about! Ladies, that is why i say “marry well”. This sounds like something straight out of a movie but it is real and I haven’t even narrated everything! It was absolutely romantic, selfless and wonderful of him to do that and it shows how much love he has for her and how much effort he puts into loving his wife and making their marriage sweet. The icing on the cake is that, for many years, Pastor Mildred had been decreeing that one day, she would be at a Joyce Meyer conference; in actual fact, days before this surprise, she even said it and Pastor K just responded by saying “AMEN” not knowing he had already secured her place at one! I mean, God is just great! They went upper class, great service, 5 star hotels and had a luxury filled holiday but remember that when they got married, it wasn’t like this!

Pastor K makes it clear that when he married her he had no income, he wasn’t rich materially but he was rich in faith! At the time, she was well educated and had a Master’s degree while he only had an OND! Yet, these things did not deter or stop her from seeing the Godly man he was and today, she is enjoying her marriage and is experiencing true marital bliss. Ladies and gentlemen, “marry well”! Don’t marry for money, security or for the person’s looks or body, marry right and ask God to lead you. So, you too can experience joy and eternal bliss in your marriage. Mind you, Pastor M makes it clear that it hasn’t been a walk in the park; there’s been financial issues, infertility amongst other things but God has seen them through it all and everyday it’s worth it! May that be your testimony in Jesus’ Name!

To an absolutely beautiful, wonderful, lovely, humble and inspiration couple, thank you! The PoZ family sincerely appreciate you and we pray that your marriage and ministry will continue to stand the test of time and grow from strength to strength, from glory to glory! It shall be well with you and all that concerns you! The way you have blessed us, the Lord shall magnify and bless you two! He shall incase you and enlarge your coast! Pastor K & Pastor M, I love you and I am glad, proud and honoured to have you as my Pastors, mentors, parents and friends! You are amazing!

Below, are more pictures from the surprise.

For more information about Pastor Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo, please visit

Their Church Website-

LDM Website-

To watch their sermons-

Facebook Page-

Pastor Mildred’s blog (first hand account of the surprise also here)-

BB Pin- 2A492007

I hope this has inspired you to hold on and wait for that Godly spouse you have been praying for! May you not settle for anyone less than you deserve! Remember, you can have the marriage of your dreams and in fact, the Lord will exceed all your expectations and your marriage will be a testimony! Amen! Married folk, take a cue from Pastor K, it isn’t too late to show your spouse how special they are to you. God bless you all

Someone shared this prayer with me yesterday and I know it will bless the ladies- both single and married

Praying for my husband

His Head –That he will look to You as Lord of his life. (1 Corinthians 11:13)
His Mind – That he will have the mind of Christ and think as the Holy Spirit would lead him and not the flesh. (1 Corinthians 2:16)
His Eyes –That You will keep his eyes from temptation and that he will turn his eyes from sin. (Matthew 6:13, Mark 9:47)
His Ears – That he will hear Your still small voice instructing him. (1 Kings 19:12, Psalm 32:8)
His Mouth – That his words will be pleasing to You. (Psalm 19:14)
His Neck –That he will humble himself before You and be strong, courageous, and careful to do everything written in Your Word so that he will be prosperous and successful. (James 4:10, Joshua 1:8-9)
His Heart-That he will love and trust You with his whole heart. (Deuteronomy 6:5, Proverbs 3:5)
His Arms-That You will be his strength. (Psalm 73:26)
His Hands-That he will enjoy the work of his hands and see it as a gift from You. (Ecclesiastes 3:13, 5:19)
His feet – That You will order his steps and that he will walk in Your truth. (Proverbs 4:25, Psalm 26:3)


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Praying for Marriages

Good Evening family,

How are we all today? Hope you’re enjoying this week so far. London has been extremely rainy and grey; I am looking forward to leaving! Today’s message is going to be short, sweet and straight to the point but I pray that the excellent spirit that was on Daniel will fall upon and rest on us today and always. I pray that what the Lord wants us to learn, He will show us and give us the grace to act according to His will. Amen.

Last week, I was watching a sermon by Dr. Myles Munroe called “Singleness”. It was extremely beautiful and enlightening. One of the things that however stood out for me was when he shortly spoke about divorce. He said that divorce is one of the most painful experiences a human being can go through; worse than death. With death, there is some level of closure but most times with divorce there isn’t. Life goes on but you still see the person; especially if you have kids. You may have to watch the person get married again. It can be an excruciating process, before, during and after!

Two days after that, I was speaking to a friend when she told me about a couple we knew who was getting a divroce; I instantly felt down, sad and broken! I am not close to the couple but it’s just sad to know a couple who was once so in love, made vows to spend their lives together and today their marriage is ending in divorce. It was extremely bad news for me and I spent the rest of the day quite sad. To make things even worse, during my blog run that evening, I learned that a very wonderful and lovely couple in ministry was getting a divorce. All this in one day; I was extremely hurt and sad because only recently I had watched sermons by the wife who is also a Pastor  and I thought she was extremely lovely, wise and humble! I imagined how great a ministry she had and how lovely and peaceful her family must be! I was so sad to learn about this impending divorce and it dawned on me that as christians, we need to intercede for our leaders, our family and friends! We can no longer sit down and watch painful things unfold but we must be active in this fight for peace and unity within our homes, families, marriages and ministry! I personally believe that as Christians, we must be our brother’s keeper! If you are a regular reader of this blog, by now you know that I am very passionate about the family unit, marriage ministry and children and I know most readers are too! We must intercede for families, homes and marriages!

2 Corinthians 10:3-4– For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;).

We can no longer sit back and just watch wonderful and inspirational marriages fail and dissolve, we can no longer sit back and watch families ripped apart of couples living together but in war! We can’t do this anymore! We need to use our power in the spirit realm to fight for unity.

There is a saying that goes “United we stand, divided we fall”; this is very true and is depicted in the Bible.

Deuteronomy 32:30– How could one person chase a thousand of them, and two people put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, unless the Lord had given them up?

Are we all aware of this? There is power in numbers and power in agreement which is why the devil hates unity! He loves to separate and divide and division is a spirit. Tribalism, divorce, family separation/malice, all these issues are spirits manifested by the devil to stop unity and we need to fight against this. There is so much division in the world; whites against blacks, then within the black race, West Indiands Vs Africans; West Africans Vs North Africans, Ghana vs Nigeria, within Nigeria, Igbo Vs Yoruba, even within the tribe, this village versus that village, in that street, this street versus that street, within a family, this side doesn’t speak to that side! I mean it is a spirit and we must understand this! Today, I urge you to pray against every spirit of division within families, tribes, nations and across the world.

More specifically, let’s take the institution of marriage to our Lord who created it and ask Him to intervene! Whether you are single or married, come to God and thank Him for inventing such a beautiful thing as marriage and acknowledge that all He does is perfect! Let’s thank Him for the Bible He provided us with and for the gift of the Holy Spirit who leads us. We need to pray for marriages around us, our marriages, that of friends, colleagues, our parents, grand parents, children and our leaders! You may know of a couple who is going through a difficult time, why not use your authority as a child of God to intercede for them? Pray for them and commit their marriage into God’s hands and declare that they will find peace again, unity will reign in their home and that they will feel love and joy again! Decree that their marriage will never end in divorce but will be a testimony that will lead people to Christ! Amen! What about that couple that you admire, that lovely couple that is so inspirational and happy? Lift them up before God; praise the Lord for the success of their marriage but ask God to continually be with them and to triple their joy. Tell God how much of an inspiration they are to you and you want their marriage to continue to touch others; ask the Lord to give them grace to continue and ensure that their marriage will not end prematurely!

What about our leaders in ministry? Our Pastors in Church and the Pastors whose books and CDs we buy, the sermons we watch online. What about them? Or the ones whose blogs we read? They bless us everyday with their inspirational messages yet do we take the time out to bless them with prayers and prophetic declarations? You know these Pastors have thousands of sheep to tend to and lead, yet do we pray for God to grant them grace and lead them? We need to lift our pastors up before God and ask for His intervention in their lives and ministry! We need to pray for their marriages and ask God to give them strength and grace and decree that their marriage shall never be a failure neither shall they end in divorce! We must decree the favour of God upon their marriage and that the Lord will continually bless their union, take them from strength to strength and magnify the joy they felt on their wedding day throughout the course of their marriage. This year alone, there have been so many cases of divorce in the body of Christ especially within the leadership and it’s very sad to see but I believe that if we all stand together, pray for our leaders always and intercede for them, it will be a thing of the past!

For those of you who are married, pray for your marriage, pray for your spouse; whether in time of trouble or joy! Always ask God to protect and preserve your marriage; always ask God for the grace to hold on and enjoy your marriage! Decree that every spirit of division will be far, very far from your home! While those of you who are still single, yes you may not have met your spouse but begin to pray for your marriage; that it shall never end in tears or divorce! Tell God to give you a marriage which will be beautiful and blessed; one you will enjoy and not endure! One that will bless thousands of people and lead people to Christ! Happy marriages really give children an insight into what the family unit should be and gives them a good start in life and we as Christians need to cherish and protect the gift of marriage and always stand in the gap, praying for marriages all around us! Not only should they last but they should inspire other people and that both parties in the marriage enjoy it and that others around will be touched by the marriage! Decree that divorce will become a thing of the past in ministry and every spirit of division in the Church will die! Decree restoration to the marriages of our leaders and pray that God gives our Pastors the strength and grace to hold on to their families and to always be committed and dedicated to their marriage! We just need to pray; because if we are honest, these statistics do affect people and discourage them and so we must intercede! I hope you will join me today in this fight to preserve, protect the family institution and marriage! God bless you all!


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Choosing my spouse: Hearing from God 2

Good Afternoon everyone,


Great news all round! I’ve received emails from some of you asking about how my Dissertation is going! Just to inform you that I submitted yesterday! Praise the Lord! It was an extremely trying and tasking process but I am grateful to God that it is over! I remember going to Lagos, thinking I could have some time to complete it but when I arrived, my father was very unwell and so I spent every single day with him, catering to his needs, praying for him and getting him on his feet! Thank God today, he is much better, stronger and active; thanks to God! There were so many issues and I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish on time but God saw me through the entire process and to Him I am extremely grateful!


On with today’s message, which is the second part about hearing God, I will be answering a question relating to hearing God that I have received so many times and I too have asked and it is relating to hearing God on the choice of a spouse! Many people have asked questions like

1- Does God choose my spouse for me?

2- Should I pick myself?

3- Do I need to ask God?

4- What if God chooses someone that I don’t like?


About two weeks ago, I think I came up with a suitable answer to this. Do you remember being a student in high school? After a certain grade, students get the opportunity to choose the subjects they would like to study in more detail. For instance, at my High School, we had to choose between History and Geography, Economics or Literature. Science or Arts. Now, for me, I had to go to my parents and tell them what I was considering but they had to agree. There were about five possible scenarios.

1- The easy way was you decide on a particular subject, told your parents they agreed and you went forward to make the choice. For example, I wanted to choose Biology, my parents thought it was a great choice, gave me their approval and I did. I however, had to ask for their approval first.

2- Another scenario is where you make a choice, present it to your parents but they do not agree! In this case, you would either stick with your choice or listen to your parents. For instance, I wanted to pick Literature but my parents thought Economics would be a better choice. They absolutely did not agree with Literature because they thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, the coursework was too much and Economics would be more beneficial for my career and I agreed. Unfortunately, I decided to still go with Literature and after a few months, I found that i absolutely hated it and couldn’t continue; I wish I had listened to my parents! Luckily for me, I was still within the time frame where I could drop it. At this point, I dropped Literature and decided to try Economics which they had already suggested and I found that I loved it, I enjoyed it and was passing! If I had waited past the deadline, I would be forced to continue with Literature with no option to drop it and if I failed, that would be my fault.

3- Another example is where your parents suggest a particular subject and you don’t agree. For instance, my parents suggested that I studied Physics and I felt it wasn’t in my interest, I didn’t like Physics and it would be too difficult to cope. My parents being understanding saw with it and realised i wouldn’t like it and said it was okay to forego Physics. So, we both agreed on that. Your parents love  you and want you to pick a subject you will love, enjoy and find rewarding; not one you would hate and endure! They know that exams, coursework and studying can be difficult and challenging as such you can not be forced to do a particular subject but should pick one you love and are happy to sit exams for. Besides, if I did pick Physics and I failed, I would instantly blame them. So, they knew it had to be something I agreed to study.

4-The forth case is where your parents actually make a suggestion to you which you instantly agree with because you find that you actually like the subject, enjoy it and are willing to learn, study and go through the tests and challenges. My parents suggested History and I instantly liked it and I picked it.

5- Another example is where your parents suggest something because they know you so well and are sure that studying such a subject would be instrumental in your career and you will enjoy it but initially you are not too keen; they don’t force you but reveal parts of that subject that you then begin to like and you think it would henceforth be a good choice. However, they didn’t force you, they suggested it and helped you to realise you would like it. My parents suggested Chemistry and I instantly did not like it; I thought “No way”. But my mother was highly insistent that I would like it and encouraged me to explore it; I later found out that I loved Chemistry, I picked it and I even got an A!


These are very similar to the situations one may face with the choice of who to marry but in the end it is your choice and God can not force you into something your heart is not in. God is not a slave-driving unfair wicked man. He is a loving, wise, kind, merciful and understanding Father and wants you to like your spouse and love him/her. He knows that marriage may have its challenges, tests and trials and for you to pass them, you will have to be committed to that spouse and willing to do the work that marriage requires! God however wants you to submit your choice to Him and ask for His approval. He doesn’t want you to make a wrong choice and end up in a wrong relationship or even worse; marriage! In my subject scenario, I still went with my personal choice that my parents didn’t agree with but luckily, this was still during the “courtship” phase and I was able to opt out but this was emotionally tasking and I wish I had altogether listened to them but I was lucky that I hadn’t gone into the permanent phase “marriage” where I had no choice but to live with my choice.


So, in essence God knows best! He absolutely does and it is imperative that we heed to His voice regarding who to court and marry. God knows you better than you know yourself and He sees your future and is therefore in a better position to advice you on who to marry. He does realise who will be the most suitable help meet or head for you. This is why sometimes when we present a choice to Him, He disapproves because He believes you won’t actually love the person in the long run and will not enjoy that marriage. He will expect you to look out for someone else and again seek His approval. Being an all knowing God, He will direct you and lead you. In some cases, God may even speak to you and suggest someone to marry; you may instantly realise the person is a perfect match or you may not immediately like them. I personally believe that God will not choose someone you don’t like and in the event that He does, He won’t force you to marry that person.


In the majority of cases, you will pick your spouse and you will need to ask for God’s approval but there are some instances were God has been the one to first reveal to someone who they should pick; this does happen especially for people whose future is in ministry but none of them have been forced to pick but actually saw the beauty of God’s choice and they themselves now made that their first choice! For some others, they may have protested at first but with time, God revealed more about the other person to them and they then were very happy to court and marry that person.


I hope these analogies have really cleared this up for you and given you a deeper revelation and meaning into the process of picking your future spouse. I also pray that you now fully understand the balance and the process of picking a spouse and will let God help and lead you. Be willing to hear from God, be prayerful at every point and always be open to God. You will not make a mistake in your choice but I decree that God will reserve His best for you and whoever you court and marry will be a humble, God fearing servant of God who will love and cherish you and you will have the marriage of your dreams! Amen! God bless you all.


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Love, Dating & Marriage- Anniversary Special


Good morning all,

How’s everyone? I trust that you’re all doing well and excelling in your families, ministries, work and beyond?

Firstly, due to my short and busy stay in Lagos, I haven’t had much time to blog but I have so many messages waiting and I will surely get them across to you by His Grace. Amen.

I know it is the 6th of September but I need to thank God for this wonderful month. I am grateful to God for letting us see another day, and yet another month. I thank God for letting my whole family see this month and by God’s grace, we will see many more. Amen.

POZ Blog celebrated it’s 2nd month anniversary this past Sunday, 2nd of September! Thanking God for all He’s done through this blog, the lives He has touched and the relationships that have been formed and have grown. Lord, we bless you and forever praise your name! I declare that this blog shall experience unusual growth from this day forth and more people shall be blessed and  come to know You. Amen.

Not only was Sunday a special day for us but it was a special edition of David’s Christian Centre’s Love, Dating & Marriage (it takes place every first Sunday of the month at DCC, hosted by Pastors Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo). Sunday, however was a very special edition because the following day happened to be their 7th wedding anniversary. So, as wonderful, anointed and blessed as the couple is, they decided to dedicate that LDM edition to bless us with the Secrets of their marriage.

I knew this was something I couldn’t miss. I think it was a huge blessing that it happened while I was in Lagos. As you know, DCC is a Church I have followed from afar, but never had the privilege to visit but last Sunday I did and it was totally awesome. Where to start from? The praise and worship was mind blowing, the dance and drama performances were amazing! God was really present. Pastor K took the sermon and questions from the audience while Pastor M gave the closing prayer. I took notes of the 7 secrets that Pastor K shared. However, I will advise you to place an order for the CD. Details on how to order are below.


LDM Wedding anniversary special by Pastor K!

Seven secrets of their marriage.

1- Both of them are committed to God.

The operant words is-ARE! As it is a continuous thing.

Ecclesiastes 4:11- 12: Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

The third person here is God, we need God.

Don’t marry an unbeliever with the hope that you will change them. You don’t have the ability to change any man or human being. Only the Holy spirit can do that. Even you as a person, have you discovered how difficult it is to even change yourself? How much more another person. 


From day 1, it is important for both parties to be committed to God.

Some of you may ask? How do I know a serious Christian? If you are not a good Christian, that’s when you can’t recognise a good Christian. You must first of become a serious Christian yourself. You must have a living, vital connection with God. 


Remember that marriage was God’s idea, not Adam’s,  not humans or talk show hosts. It is spiritual. It takes two spiritually mature people to enjoy and be fulfilled by marriage.

Marriage doesn’t change anyone. What you do as a Christian is what you need to do in marriage e.g loving, forgiving etc.

Women, remember that submission is key! However, submission has its conditions. Submit to one who has an authority over him. In England, I bank with HSBC, in Nigeria, with Ecobank because I trust them with my money and know they’re governed by responsible authorities. I would never put my money in a road side bank with no legal protection because I will be putting my money at risk. It is the same thing with marriage. Women, submit to a man that has God and his pastors as authorities over him because he will be accountable. Don’t marry a man who has nobody to submit to.

Men, please read Ephesians 5:22-29

Ephesians 5:25 means putting your wife first and giving her the best.

2- Both of them decided that they could have a quarrel free marriage.

You need to make up your mind from the beginning. The moment you expect problems, you will receive them. Fighting doesn’t help anything. Be determined never to fight! You may have differences and otherwise but agree to always settle them amicably and instantly! Amen.

3- Both of them are givers.

This didn’t start when they met or when they decided to marry but as single individuals, they were already givers.

Marriage is not about taking but giving. As a single, deal with stinginess and greed. Be a giver by nature.

1 Corinthians 7:34- There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.

You will need to give unto your spouse and please them! Be prepared for this by practising this as a single person. Amen.

Marriage is about giving. Service in Church is a good practise. For example, as a worker, you are sent on several errands, some congregants may be rude to you but you just smile and do your job. These are things you will need in marriage.

It takes a service-orientated person to be good in marriage.

Also, observe your intended spouse. How are they with their tithes? Do they pay them completely and faithfully or they don’t believe in tithing. I always say this- A person that pays their tithes cheerfully, is a cheerful and giving partner! Amen.

Watch out for the giver because marriage is about two people giving to each other.

4- Both of them heard God about marrying each other.

Proverbs 3:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Don’t wait for marriage to hear God. Learn to hear His voice before then and be led by Him so you do not make a mistake.

5- They both have a single vision.

When two of you marry, please have a goal for the marriage. A family Vision is very vital.

Genesis 11:6- “Look!” he said. “The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!

Have a clear, concise and defined vision for your marriage/family. Something that you will both work towards.

6- They were both friends

Be friends! Don’t look for a wife and make her your friend.. Amongst your friends, look for a wife. Become friends with people, so you know their true nature and know if you get on or not and on that basis/platform, you can build a relationship and marriage. Amen.

7. They will always be open to each other.

Genesis 2:25- And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

One of my favourite Bible verses. This doesn’t refer to a physical nakedness alone but spiritual, financial, emotional, sexual, personal. As a married couple, do not hide anything from your spouse. If you do not hide your bodies from one another, why are you hiding your phone, laptop and magazines. Be open! The Word commands it to be so!

There ought to be openness, transparency and honesty in every area and communicate your feelings at all times.

I hope you were blessed by that! I certainly was! I had a great time at their Church and it was great to see Pastor K&M once again and it was an honour to worship in their Church. It was a great atmosphere and the message was extremely helpful- this is only a summary. Please call the number below to order your own CD.

They also have a wide variety of books such as

Who should I marry?

God told me to marry you.

7 Questions wise women ask.

7 Qualities wise men want.

Should ladies propose?

I love you but my parents say no.

Just us girls.

Waiting for Isaac.

When am I ready?

25 wrong reasons people enter relationships.

Please call 08077714411 or email to purchase any of these books and the CD from last Sunday’s LDM.

Special offer- As their anniversary gift, they are offering free delivery on all orders of books/CDs worth over 1000 Naira to anywhere in Lagos this week. Please call 08077714411 or 08077714412 to get the catalogue and details.

If you are interested in getting the CD but can’t afford it, please send me a message with your name and address and I will pay for an order for you. Please send your details to

I don’t want anyone to miss out on their messages or books, so please do endeavour to order them but if you sincerely can not afford it, please let me know and I will sponsor you and by God’s Grace, before the end of this season, the Lord will surely provide and you will be sponsoring others in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

I would like to end by thanking God for Pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo! They have been a huge blessing to my family, friends, ministry and life! They are two of the biggest inspirational people and have been great role models and mentors for me in every sphere of live. I thank God for their 7th wedding anniversary and pray for many more to come. The greatest thing about their marriage is not only that they are happily married but that their marriage has been a huge testimony, miracle and huge source of inspiration to many. I decree never ending love, joy, prosperity and fruitfulness for them and commit their Church, LDM, their families and beyond into God’s hand and pray that the Lord continue to rain His love, power and mercy upon them. May the Lord perfect all that concerns them in Jesus Name’. Amen.

I hope this message has blessed you and I look forward to hearing from you on how their CDs and books have changed your lives. Amen. God bless you all.


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