Only the counsel of God shall stand- Marriage, children & Vision.

Good Evening beautiful people,


I’m sure by now you know my favourite quote is “Only the Counsel of God shall stand” derived from Proverbs 19:21. So, you may be thinking I quickly wrote a post based on this but no that’s not what happened! I started scripting three different messages and then I thought to combine them but I thought what do they all have in common and that’s when it occurred to me- only the counsel of God shall stand! Amen! It may be a really long post but I implore you to read it all because I know the Lord will speak to you! Amen!


You may remember that about two weeks ago, I wrote a post about “More about the PoZ Vision”, I explicitly described everything that I want to achieve under the PoZ umbrella and I know people were amazed at how large the vision was but I said the Lord will see us through! As the Lord would have it, two days later at the midweek service in Church, the topic was security and all of a sudden, the minister started speaking about vision and said “You have this vision, you think it is so huge but the Lord will see you through”, for over five minutes she spoke about this and I thought wow, the Lord is speaking to me. I can’t remember the exact Words but all I can tell you is that two days prior I was blogging about my vision and how large it was and how I didn’t know how to go about and now the minister was saying those exact things and reassuring the person that the Lord was with them and will ensure they achieve the vision. I just praised God because He is all sufficient and I just felt encouraged and knew that God is about to do a new thing in my life.

Over the next few months, I will be launching a few new pages on the blog-

Career- Tips for CV writing, interview skills and etiquette , How to stand out at assessment centres and so on.

Events- A special page dedicated to events, Christian events, seminars and so on. I think it’s imperative for us as Christians to spend time communing with our peers. Remember that Iron sharpeneth Iron.

Ladies corner- Ladies did I hear you celebrate? Oh yea, we keep dealing with our “insides” but we also need to deal with the exterior. I will be posting tips for fitness, weight loss, hair, skin and so on! It’s an opportunity for us ladies to exchange tips and just work on our selves.

Men, unfortunately I have no tips for you I’m afraid! More reason for you to pray for my Prince of Zion to show up. Gentlemen, I’m sorry but I am positive that when the PoZ vision is fully functional, my husband will create a dedicated page; if not website where you can also congregate and speak about specific issues that affect men. Amen.


Power of the tongue

I shared the testimony of my sister’s marriage here but today I would like to tell you that our cousin also went through a terrible ordeal. My cousin was in a relationship with a man as of January this year; around March, they split up and it was an extremely trying time for her because they were planning to get engaged soon and she was also dealing with other family issues. At this time, my sister and her husband to-be were enjoying their courtship and really growing together, making it more difficult for my cousin who is extremely close to my sister! I however told my sister that 2013 was my cousin’s year and it shall be well; we need not worry! To make matters worse, two months after the break up, her former partner was engaged to another woman! it was an extremely sad scenario but I didn’t lament but continued prophesying a new season and beginning for her! When I went to Lagos in August, the topic of my cousin’s previous heartbreak came up and I boldly declared that 2013 shall be her year! I said it over and over again and noticed my sister smiling and she confessed that our cousin had met an exceptional man two-three months prior who was really loving and serious about having a good marriage; he had been to visit her parents in England to explain his intentions and they were presently at his father’s notifying him of their intention. I said Father, You are great and You will see this good work through to its completion! Amen! I got the wonderful news last week that their wedding is in February next year! Ladies and gentlemen, again no matter what you have been through, no matter what people have said and how much they have reduced you, ONLY THE COUNSEL OF GOD SHALL STAND! Amen!

Yesterday I was watching a TV show called “One Born: Twins and Triplets”. It’s a medical reality TV programme about expectant mothers of multiple children. It was most interesting and insightful. There were four couples; two expecting twins and two expecting triplets and what was astonishing was the extreme difficulty of these births; the doctors giving very sad diagnoses about their babies. The doctor kept warning the couples of the impending danger of their babies and how they may not survive or will be required to go through intensive care. Out of these four couples, a 28 year old woman carrying triplets said something admirable; she said “It will be fine, my babies will be the exception. They will break all the negative expectations” and I thought wow, a woman of faith and I said AMEN, AMEN! All other couples, immediately accepted their “fate” and didn’t want to believe their babies would make it! It won’t surprise you to hear that out of these four couples, the woman who made that bold declaration was the only one to deliver all three babies, healthy and well! During one of her scans, the doctors were checking to see if one baby was dead as expected and the baby was alive and well, the baby had even blossomed to their surprise! At 32 weeks, the doctors said they had to deliver the babies because one was in trouble but the mother stayed positive and declared they would all be fine! Guess what? All babies were delivered healthy; even the one who was thought to be in danger was completely healthy and okay; the doctors were astonished! My people, only the counsel of God shall stand! I don’t care what doctors, professors, lawyers, teachers have said! It is well with you and use your mouth to speak life into your situation. They have said “it is impossible for you to make a distinction” Tell them and tell yourself, with My God, it is possible and I will get that distinction. They have told you; “you can not give birth”; Tell yourself you are a mother and you shall carry your babies. “We don’t think you’ll make it to next year”- My God is the divine healer and great physician, He will heal me and I will see 2013, 2030, 2050 and beyond! Amen!



Sometimes, I speak to people about why they are unable to remain celibate and you hear all sorts of things like “It is the 21st century, it’s too hard in this society, I’m too old! I’m too rich”. I certainly believe that one of the most difficult places to remain celibate is in the showbiz and Hollywood Society. You may all remember the famous African American identical twin actresses; Tia & Tamera Mowry who used to be the stars of their own show; “Sister Sister”. Anyway the twins are now thirty-four year old successful women and wives. I came across an article about Tamera and it immediately caught my eye.

In an interview with, Tamera said that the two made the decision to be celibate and live separately because of their beliefs in a higher power. “We wanted to make sure that this relationship was what God wanted for our lives.  [In order to know] if we are meant to be together, we said, ‘It’s got to be God’s way and not our way.’ We didn’t want to half-step anything [or have clouded judgment]. So our right way was the way we felt God wanted us to do it, which was being celibate. We said to God, ‘This is who we are, I know you take us as we are, our faults, our fears, our joys, our hope as a couple and have your way,’” she said.

“[Living together] makes it harder for you. Have people around you to keep you accountable! Surround yourself with people who support your decision, because they’re only going to root you on. Make that covenant with God and with each other and just let go. God is going to see you through the difficult times. Whenever you’re feeling discouraged just pray together. Like I said, it’s not going to be a perfect journey, but you just have to keep God the center of your relationship,” she said.


Now, Tamera and her husband are both rich, famous and successful; she is an actress and her husband is a former professional baseball player turned Fox News Correspondent! Tamera is 34 and Adam is 41! They started courting when she was 27 and he was 34! They had all the “odds” against them but guess what? They did it and regardless of the Hollywood and American societal norms, they stuck to their Biblical principles and in their relationship and marriage, only the counsel of God stood! If this rich, famous, good-looking “older” couple could abstain from sex, might i add for SIX years, what is your excuse? Ladies and gentlemen, again I say ONLY THE COUNSEL OF GOD SHALL STAND!

You can read the full interview here-


My dear family, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this long but edifying post and will make that statement your motto! Always remind yourself and others around you that only the counsel of God shall stand! Forget about what you have been told, I don’t care what their status or title is, nobody beats the King of all kings and if Jesus says Yes, nobody can say no! Amen! Lastly, Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof- Proverbs 18:21! Simple! Declare greatness! No matter the situation you are going through, speak life into it! Right now, I’m trying to sell my car and was having difficulty and I will be relocating next week; I arrive Lagos on the 1st of November 2012 but I say today, before God and all of you that I will successfully sell that car to a good responsible driver and at a great profitable price! As I enter Lagos on the 1st Day of November, my life shall enter into a new season of fruitfulness, answers to prayers and realisation of visions shall occur! I declare that this is MY season and as I move back to Lagos, the Lord shall settle me spiritually, physically, financially, materially, maritally and otherwise! I declare that 2012 shall end on a very high note for me and as great as 2012 shall be for me, the Lord shall outdo Himself in 2013! Mark my words, by the time PoZ celebrates it’s 1st year anniversary, it will be a prolific and renown platform where the Lord resides with a network of strong and mature children of God! I know that I will be a humble servant of God in Ministry, a successful business owner, accomplished career woman and my Prince of Zion and I will be planning the rest of our lives together and preparing for our work in Ministry! Amen! Did you all hear that? That’s my prophetic declaration and I say it shall be done in Jesus’ Name! Amen! Have a great evening and may the Lord bless you all! Remember I said, this is MY season!




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16 responses to “Only the counsel of God shall stand- Marriage, children & Vision.

  1. S

    Hello PoZ.
    Thanks for this blog, where I come to gain courage in my journey anytime I feel down about not being marrie yet.
    Im 25 YO…And I pray for my marriage since 2 years…With no results obviously. Its been 5 years since my last relationship…I was not born again then. I wonder what is wrong with me? Ive prayed, I ve cried, I ve waited with hope…But now Im just tired of being alone. I don’t like my life. I live far from my parents in a foreign country, work hard all day (Ive finished school 2 years ago)…I really feel that my life is missing something.
    PLEASE can you pray for me? Is there any chance that 2013 be my year? Ive seen 2011 come and go, now its 2012…If God did not did it then…Why will he do it in 2013? Im really confused.
    I thought I heard God at some point…But now I know that I was fooling myself…I don’t know what to do. I am SAD most of the time. I put a mask every morning but each time Im alone, I feel like a looser. Not even able to be loved. My mother said that God told her that I deserve this because I loose my faith…But how can God not see the PAIN in my heart? i HAD FAITH in 2011, BUT FAITH BRINGS ME NOTHING but confusion. I still believe in God…But i am not sure that i will ever be qualified to the happiness of marriage.

    • Hello S,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name! Amen! I am glad the blog has been a source of encouragement for you but I pray you will learn a lot and apply these things to your life!
      With regards to your status, be rest assured that being single is not a crime or curse! Infact, it is a blessing! I do appreciate that you have the desire to get married but you need to be careful that this does not interfere with your relationship with God! At 25, you are a very young lady and so your age should not be a source of worry for you! You don’t need to cry or worry!
      Just remember the Word of God in Isaiah 34:16; He said none shall lack a mate and He was talking about you and I!

      What you need to do is surrender it to Christ! Tell God you know only Him can do it and so you leave it at His feet! Pray fervently about your marriage, husband but also for yourself! Sometimes, the reason why our blessings are not released to us is because we are not ready; not prepared for it! Are you prepared to be a wife and help meet? Spiritually, physically, emotionally and otherwise?

      You should attend marriage seminars, read the Word, read Christian books about marriage and prepare yourself.

      Above all this, your greatest priority is your salvation and relationship with Christ! Focus on building a strong and steady relationship with Him so you can trust Him; because it seems your faith is dwindling.

      You said something is missing- I don’t believe it is a husband but it is God! It is Jesus! You need to have an intimate and personal relationship with Christ and your life will take a positive turn? Are you in Church every Sunday? Wednesday? Do you speak to God throughout the day and read his messages through the Bible daily? How much time do you spend in personal praise and worship? Concentrate on that! What about serving God and His people? Have you taken up a role in a Church ministry? Do that tomorrow! Do that tomorrow! My life felt empty and I surrendered to God and decided to serve in His vineyard! My life has never been so “complete” and happy! I too live away from my family yet, I have a new and bigger family here int arms of Church. I’m relocating next week and it’s going to be sad leaving them behind!

      2013 can be your year but you need to change your mindset and not question God or His abilities? 2013/2014 will be YOUR year But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you- Matthew 6:33

      That is what my Bible tells me! Let God be number 1 in your life and not the desire for marriage or depression! Put Him first, get engrossed in His work, serve His people and without even consciously preparing to be a wife, you will find that He is moulding you into one. Not withstanding, continue to prepare for marriage.

      Please remember that only the counsel of God shall stand- Proverbs 19:21

      If you are dedicated to Christ, He will remain dedicated to You! Become indispensable to Him and He will be there for you!!

      Please read my sister’s testimony-
      She was in a much more terrible situation in January this year and today she is preparing for her January 2013 wedding

      After this, on the home page, please scroll to categories and select marriage/courtship and read every post in that category. Start with the oldest posts and then work your way up to the more recent ones. Take notes and I know the Lord will direct you accordingly.

      Please feel free to email me personally on

      It is well with you my sister!

      Dieu vous bénisse


  2. S

    S again. My english is not good cause I am a french speaker…

    • S, it is fine! I understood every word of it and your English is of a good standard for a Francophone! By the way, I am actually half French as well. My father is Togolese while my mother is Nigerian. Though my upbringing was mainly Nigerian!

  3. Wunmi

    Wow… God bless you richly for this mind boggling piece. I’m so inspired..

  4. Gloria

    After i began to read your posts, i took up this motto too that “Only the counsel of God shall stand in my life”. It has helped alot because the world says alot of negative things but i choose to believe the report of my Master. Thanks Princess

  5. omolara

    I was so blessed by this post. Only the counsel of God can stand and that’s why I have committed my life, future and my everything to him. A page dedicated to christian seminar and programmes will be great. Looking forward to meeting you. Stay blessed

  6. isioma

    God bless you is all i can say.

  7. A fan

    Wow! That was powerful. I also declare to myself that my Mr Right would find me this year and stagnation would cease from my life from this day on wards. You are a mighty tree POZ. May the Lord give you the strength to keep on doing His good works. May you not falter. My prayers are with you, pls pray for me too*kisses*

  8. arije ibitayo

    Reading S’s comment actually made me cry and thats ’cause i feel the same way she’s feeling sometimes. But just as PoZ as said, we should not allow our desire for these worldy pleasures, (im sorry to classify it as that but thats what it is since we are here on earth waiting for our heavenly king to come back for us) take us away from God. One way i take away my mind from this constant source of worry is to remind myself that my God is a jealous God (and we cant question that) and he can take away that thing which may try to take our hearts away from him. So therefore, i try to occupy my mind with things of the kingdom.
    My dear sister, another thing is you could get married at 21 and God may not be glorified in your marriage. I know of a woman who got married at 21 and now at 49, she has still not had her baby. Do you know what I believe? at the time she was getting married, there must have been some 25 year olds like us feeling like “why not me” and all of that who might be married now with their own kids.
    Now, most importantly, in everything, GIVE THANKS!!!
    God Bless You!

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