With love from the South of France

Good Evening to my beautiful family, 


How are we all doing today? I trust that you’re well? I actually composed this message on Friday morning on the way to the airport, I clicked publish and only just realised it never posted. Apologies! 


Well, I arrived safely in France on Friday. I’m staying in Menton, which is right in the south of France. So, we’ve visited a different city everyday. On Friday we were in Nice and Menton, yesterday Nice and Monaco and right now on my way to Cannes! Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Monaco again and on Tuesday, we’re off to Italy for the day. I’ll keep you posted when I get back. So far, everything is absolutely beautiful and picturesque! The weather has been great and it’s been lovely overall; sightseeing and taking it all in. 


I’ve received so many emails over the past few days; sorry I haven’t gotten round to responding but I’ll do that when I return from my trip. I’m grateful to everyone who has been reading, participating and sharing; may the Lord bless you. 


I will be back in London next Friday afternoon by God’s special grace. While I’m away, I doubt I’ll be blogging as I have 5 countries, 7 cities to get through in 7days and I will be very busy. But please do send any queries or questions you may have to princessofzion@rocketmail.com

Feel free to visit all the recommended websites, blogs and Youtube channels. Continue to love and serve the Lord and thirst for His Word. 


Food for thought

The Mayor of a town in America was part of a huge town parade; he was on the float with his wife waving to the huge crowd. Then, they suddenly noticed the wife’s ex boyfriend, sweeping in a corner; he was a cleaner at the gas station. Immediately, the Mayor said to his wife “Thank God you married me and not him; you would have been the wife of a janitor” Then she turned to her husband the mayor and said “If I married him, he would be the mayor” 


Culled from ODM July- Sep 2012


Praise the Lord! Ladies and gentlemen, you have yourself a great and wonderful Sunday evening and a blessed week ahead! 


May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. AMEN! 


God bless you all!


Lots of love  




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6 responses to “With love from the South of France

  1. Gloria

    Glad to know you are enjoying your trip.. Amen and same to you

  2. Gloria

    Welcome home…Yay. Will send you a mail soon, thank you

  3. omolara

    Pls post pictures of your trip.

    • Hopefully, will do this before the end of the week! Unfortunately, my camera was faulty and I had to use my phone. So, not the best quality but I could post some pictures at least of the amazing scenery!

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