Marriage Testimony

Praise the Lord! Praise the Living Jesus! Praise the Most High God! Today has just been an amazing day, I’ve just been crying; tears of joy! From one testimony to another! I received an email today from a wonderful lady who wants to share the testimony of her marriage with us! Her story just made me cry and celebrate God! I just thank God that He is still in the business of performing miracles and He genuinely listens to us, hears us and shows up on time! I also bless God for this wonderful woman, a woman of virtue! I thank her for sharing such intimate details with us and for inspiring me! Please read her story below , I know so many of you have asked for more real life testimonies of married couples- well, the Lord has answered our prayers! Enjoy! 

I’m testifying to Gods glory so other single sisters can trust God, I and my husband dated for 5 years in a healthy great relationship but marriage proposal wasn’t coming forth so I decided to seek God more, even though I ‘d known God from my background.

I’m from a God fearing background so my foundation was very strong. I also went to Covenant Singles and married ministries for their seminars and personal counseling and  I visited Pastor

Kingsley Okonkwo’s church too – Love Dating & Marriage Ministries once or twice for more knowledge too, bought C.Ds to help me get more knowledge on how to prepare for marriage.


Then later another year I was invited to daughters destiny interdenominational women’s prayer fellowship in Ajah Lagos. In fact they sharpened my prayer life. Cos  there the prayers were very hot and timely. They pray for singles and somedays when she is lead the set woman, Pastor Busola Jegede she will call single ladies out and start to declare what God told her, the entire congregation will start praying for all of us. Heaven opened on our behalf. The prayers were too many from all corners, my family, my mans family, my church weekly prayer meetings and sundays. I tapped into any message that my Pastor Preaches Pastor Paul Adefrasin and his wife Pastor Ifeanyi.


I was consistent at the daughters of destiny fellowship since I was an entrepreneur and had time to attend fellowships on Mondays 8 am – 12pm.


From Singles & Married Ministries Pastor Chris Ojigbani- I got insight to forgiveness, I was no longer interested in just asking God for a man but living for Christ, I started ministering to other ladies, all though one of my gifts were counseling so I started giving out free books to friends to read about marriage & spiritual warfare- in this book we were taught to focus on building all our amour so we can stand the wiles of the enemy Ephesians 6 vs 10. Also I had a common verse that I confess daily isaiah 34 vs 16- none shall lack their mate from generations to generations.


When all this was going on my man was busy traveling out for work, on one of his trips he said he got led to buy a ring. On that trip he had given most of his cash to me before traveling to help him pay certain bills for him on his absence, so I knew exactly how much he had on with him. What I didn’t know that God will push him so much that he will lend money from his colleague to deposit for a diamond ring then on his way back to that same country he decided to purchase it fully. While all this was going on I was busy praying, preaching on Facebook, and anywhere I go, serving God, attending weekend meetings where we were taught about marriage. I was learning all I can learn to prepare me mentally and spiritually, though I sensed it in my spirit that my set time for marriage was close. I had so much faith. Praiseeeeee God he proposed after listening to a message by Pastor Paul Adefarasin about building a daily altar. From that day we started praying at night on the phone, together, in the car, house any where we could pray. We joined the church one month fasting and prayers.


Wedding plans my advice- I wasn’t exposed to so many people. I had a strong genuine christian prayer team and support from my parents, siblings. If possible people should avoid ashebi, bridal shower. Focus on your day and honeymoon, don’t invite the whole world, have a prayer life with your spouse. Get a non family member to plan your day or be in charge of coordination for that day. It’s cheaper to get a 2 weeks coordinator into the wedding. Though I used a full planner.  Dont use friends, let them enjoy that day.


Don’t involve friends except you have sincere happy ones. Be good hearted, male friends outside your relationship should be distance though some are good but no man wants you to have a best friend outside the marriage. So make your intended spouse your best friend before marriage. Be open and sincere. Be real, no boasting or being fake about your background or yourself. No one is a fool.

don’t be canal it’s not a show off affair, be God conscious so he can bless your day and your marriage, don’t let negative experiences from other peoples marriage affect your mind set. Anything negative chat should not be entertained  from any source even from parents. Some only know bad marriages and all they discuss is bad marriage stories to sow seeds of fear. Avoid unnecessary traditional dancers that wont glorify God. Be happy don’t worry on that day. Smile always. Above all Marry a man with a good heart, a willing God fearing man that fears God. Don’t marry under pressure, it’s a lifetime. Gods time is the best.



Everyday I am happy I waited, there were other suitors, I prayed but didn’t get that peace of mind, so I waited for my dream man. My wedding is still a testimony. Every guest who attended said its still the best wedding they’ve attended yet, coordination, peace, no chaos, good service, powerful preaching from the man of God. Many said they felt Gods presence, another said God was there himself. All these was what I  asked God in secret during my daily prayers.  My marriage is living testimony today. God paid all our wedding bills. We had no debt after the wedding and we didn’t lend. I had my dream man & wedding, too good to be true but with God all things are possible. Who ever thought I will be this honored after 5 years of waiting. My husband treats me like he just met me everyday. I am new to him, if you get me.  Now I didn’t leave my man cos it was a healthy relationship. I don’t advise any lady to stay in a bad relationship with someone who is not loving to them and they must seek God before they decide to wait.

We even gave some of our wedding vendors bonuses. Now that’s Gods work.  It took place in Lagos, traditional wedding, court and white wedding.  In my family from my both parents families no one has done the three weddings. It’s either traditional only and they are married or only court so God broke protocols for me. He will do same for all his daughters. Amen.


I didn’t go to the village. I Hired different venues for the two occasions. God showed up. Please don’t pray only about getting a man, preach, sow seeds, charity, widows, have a good heart, loose weight, improve your talents, write exams that will open good doors for your career, not everything is spiritual sometimes our attitude, body language, dress sense, bad friends, not willing to be corrected and lack of respect for others, evil speaking about other peoples blessings or being materialistic can make one miss their appointed time.

After marriage prayers every night and reading the word with praises, learn how to cook both  local and intercontinental dishes, be healthy, cook healthy meals, sowing seeds to ministries you love, local and international, less friends, privacy, no relative from both sides should live with you, study yourselves before letting the world in.

And singles in relationships  should have a plan for the kingdom that way God has something to build on. It’s been a joyful experience so far.  There were health challenges on me but God has been faithful to heal me. We are at rest trusting him daily to give us victory in every area of our lives, according to his word. Recently we got a free  S.U.V after sowing a seed. The testimonies have been enormous.



I give God our Lord Jesus Christ all the glory, honor, thanksgiving. He is so faithful, please trust him but also seek his kingdom. Have a good  heart for others, don’t envy other People. Wish others well, so your joy will be full. He  will do it for everyone that trust & obey him, by his grace. I realize that those years I wasn’t spiritually and mentally ready so, God was more interested in my character cos the blessings were already waiting for me, He also loves to bless us more. And above all! it’s not by my works but all his grace that it was possible. Grace is me depending on his unmerited favour. Grace makes you want to please God. Please depend only on our Lord Jesus. He will never, ever fail you. Amen. Isaiah 60 is our portion. God bless you Princess of Zion. I share to Gods glory. ( please pardon any typo errors I am very tired now) Lol.

Did somebody just receive that rhema? Can I hear somebody praise the Lord! Oh, the Lord is great! Did we read what she did? She became an active servant of God! She spent her time loving the Lord and serving Him! She didn’t resort to carnal or fetish remedies but left it to God! She didn’t sit at home and mope but she went out and spread the gospel. She spent her waiting period preparing, attending seminars, reading books, praying, going for prayer meetings. She was and is active in the Kingdom of God; she also spread the messages!

Please can somebody lift up this wonderful woman before God and commit her and her marriage into God’s hands. Let’s declare over her that the Lord will continue to bless her and her family, let’s decree that love, joy, unity, peace and grace shall always reign in their home! Father, we bless you for such an inspirational woman; a true princess of Zion. Father, as she was faithful even during her single period, we pray You will continue to reward her and favour her marriage! Father, strengthen the bond in her marriage and be with her and her husband! Lord I pray that their marriage will continue to grow from strength from strength, glory to glory and will inspire thousands of people the world over! We pray Lord that You will bless and prosper them spiritually, physically, financially and materially! Lord, as she has been faithful to testify and share her story with us, perfect all that concerns her and her marriage; may her marriage never end in tears or divorce but may it last till eternity!

Thank You Jesus for such a wonderful miracle, I declare over myself and all the readers of this testimony that as You have done for this couple, You shall do for us too! Father, in this season, You shall change our marital status and our marriages shall all be huge testimonies that will tell of Your glory and greatness! Thank You Jesus!

Ladies and gentlemen, words are unnecessary after such a glorious testimony; let’s simply key into this testimony, love and serve the Lord with all our hearts and be active in the Kingdom! The Lord will surely ensure that NONE of us shall lack a mate! Amen! If this testimony has encouraged you, please don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with someone or ten or fifty or a thousand! Let’s get the message out there! If you have also experienced the joy of the Lord in your marriage, please share your testimony with us, so it can inspire others to wait on God, wait for God’s best and stay faithful. Please send all testimonies to me God bless you all. 



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14 responses to “Marriage Testimony

  1. kiki

    I’m sorry, but this testimony is reeks of works. She went to several meeting to have prayers “fired” for her wedding! Where then is grace and favour. Is she saying tht others who don’t go to all tht effort won’t reap the gift of marriage.
    I’m sorry but this did not edify me. Its steeped in the “nigerian” way.
    Don’t have this don’t do tht.
    Way too prescriptive.

    • Hi Kiki,

      I don’t believe she meant it that way. She shared her own account and she said she sought God in prayers concerning marriage and He always led her but during this, she drew closer to Him and it wasn’t about finding a husband but getting to know God but she was also aware that she had to prepare to be a wife. So, those seminars, books and so on were not about firing up a wedding but learning about marriage and how to be a great help meet! She’s saying we shouldn’t get lost or focused in the search for a husband but fall in love with God and His word, spread His Word but also spend time in preparation!

      The Grace and Favour of the Lord is key but we must also prepare to be that Godly wife by learning Scriptural principles.

      In terms of her advice, I see that it’s a personal account of what worked for her during the wedding preparation process. I hope this clarifies it for you. God bless!

  2. Nekky

    I share ur sentiments Kiki, as i was reading it i wasn’t just feeling it. not that i’m not happy for her but there’s just sth about the testimony that i can’t really place my fingers on and what was that about loose wight in the testimony? is it now a sin for a lady to be a plus size???. meanwhile i’m trusting God to settle me with a good man even as i’m working hard to make myself a better woman.

  3. mizjoyo

    Kiki,I felt the same way too when I read it..just
    reading the whole piece was exhausting.I didn’t
    feel edified or blessed in any way reading it..I just
    felt likE “so if we don’t do ALL these” then that’s
    it? I know about loving and seeking his
    kingdom,not because u want something but
    because u genuinely love God?
    At the end of the day,God will show mercy on
    whom he will show mercy.its not by works.No it
    isn’t! I have so much in my head I can’t properly
    put down here,so I’ll just leave it at what I’ve
    written so far.

    • Amen dear! Not by works as you rightly said because favour and mercy can single you out, but i believe we should be prepared! I think that is her message and not about “working” for it.

  4. Reblogged this on educatedajebutter and commented:
    “Be real, no boasting or being fake about your background or yourself. No one is a fool” this post is what call -bullet pointed and concise! enjoy xoxoxo

    • Many thanks for consistently reflagging posts! I appreciate all your support and efforts! May the Lord reward you for putting your hands to the plow! It shall be well with you and all that concerns you!

  5. Favoured One

    Hello ladies,
    I’m the tetifier!
    I think a lot of us are focusing on the advice more than the testimony. The advice was just additional and were birthed from my personal experiences. As much as we live by grace, we also must understand that we live in a real world. A lot of times we think it’s God while it’s our decision to stay the same in our attitude. I learnt a lot during those 5 years. I developed a better perception about who a Christian should be, before becoming a wife as well. It’s not enough to want the gifts from God when we can’t maintain it cos we didn’t cultivate Godly habits. Many women who have it well in marriage will say have a healthy prayer life, don’t become prayerful when there is adversity, cos your strength might be small then. My whole experience made me better, stronger and patience with God.
    I’m not perfect, I didn’t get blessed with a spouse because I did everything the right way. I never wanted to testify on this blog cos I didn’t want to be judged or perceived in a wrong way. It’s still my private life you know! It’s not owned by anyone to judge. It’s between I and God and I owe only God his glory.

    I had asthma for 27 years, I lived on medications for 27 years back then. I got healed of the asthma while I was attending the felowship then, I even testified cos it’s also one of my biggest miracles. I got healed by God through confessing Gods word and reading a book on healing that the seth woman wrote back then. So a lot of my passion came from my healing.

    I also didn’t join the fellowships to get a man, I was told its an interdenominational fellowship – women from all churches who believe in the true word of our Lord Jesus Christ, shockingly as it may sound its a married women’s fellowship so it’s obvious they are not praying day and night for people to get spouses. It was strictly the word of God that was taught and they pray about the nation, their husbands, children, ministry and singles amongst them and other important topics for edification. These fellowship starts 8am-12 pm and sometimes two services 10am -12 pm so there are loads of activities sometimes we have teachings from medical doctors about our health, some times investment bankers- for our investments E.T.C hanging around these blessed women rubbed off on my life positively.

    I never said it was by my works, like I mentioned it’s still by Gods grace. I only gave the breakdown because most times people testify without telling you their true journey; many times no truth because they went to other strange places, you know what I mean? Thats why I mentioned the names of the fellowships and sources of materials, so its as open as it can be. Everyone waits on God differently; everyone also gets blessed differently. The most common thing here is! I spent more time knowing God and preaching. After I got healed that was when I became sold out for
    Jesus. It was like I had seen Jesus. Nothing mattered to me anymore. As a christian healing makes a huge different in your life and it humbles you to trust only God.

    As we go for weekly activities in our local churches, that was how I also attended this fellowships. Nothing extra than more knowledge of Gods word, a better praying life, preparations for marriage cos we need wisdom for different areas of our lives not only prayers but physical things and those marriage ministries focus more on marriage and books to prepare you practically. We can work hard to change by his grace through more knowledge in the particular area we seek change.
    Like we all go for business seminars, I also went for marriage seminars. I bought books for myself, my parents, siblings, friends & spouse as well. In those books some were even focusing more on forgiveness and putting on our the whole amour of God. Ephesians 6:10

    We all attend business seminars every other time ; most of us attend weekly meetings in our churches, I didn’t do anything extraordinarily new. I was still living my normal life but was renewed in my way of thinking. I was not a worker in church then even uptill now, attending these meetings and weekly felowships were new to my life. It might not be for another christian who is very active and vibrant but for me it was a new way of life. I was living my comfort Sunday church worship, if you get me? I became a better me while I was doing all these things God was preparing I & my husband for each other.
    Please sisters focus on the testimony. It’s to Gods glory not for anyone’s judgement. My advice for wedding preparation is just additional I wanted to share my personal experience during my wedding plans. I’m sorry if my testimony didn’t edify you. God bless us all.

    • Thank you so much for your clear, concise and detailed response! I hope this has helped to clarify the reservations! May the Lord bless you! By the way, your testimony was greatly loved by another blogger who reblogged it here-

      This was her comment- “Be real, no boasting or being fake about your background or yourself. No one is a fool” this post is what call -bullet pointed and concise! enjoy xoxoxo

      Once again, thank you so much for sharing even the most intimate parts of your journey and testimony! May the Lord continue to bless, enrich and fulfil your marriage. Amen.

  6. Maureen

    I dont know if we all read the same testimony.As you know many can read the same thing but while some are blessed by it,others are not.Thats just the way it is.I know i was.Thank God for you and may He Bless your marriage IJN Amen

  7. ibitayo

    hello POZ. I had to ask this? Probably because of a past experience, I seem to guard my heart much more these days from believing that a guy reaaaallly loves me. For this reason, i figured anytime a guy makes futuristic propositions about our lives together i usually yimu (i dont know what word to use for that in english but i figure you understand). I wouldnt know how honest they are about it but i know it makes them feel bad. Just this night, then, my sisters told me i am too rigid and quite un-romantic and that that ‘d keep guys away. It baffled me cos a guy told me the same things earlier this weekend. I’ve been moody since then, thinking, really, am I the one keeeping the guys away? I cant wait to be in a beautiful relationship where i’d give my all but with this remarks about my conduct, i really do wonder.
    Now my question is, how much would i let my guard down? I’m not talking about sex now cos its not even an option i can tamper with. The point is, i always imagine i’m being lied to (i mean by the guys) and I can be very emotional. Its all in a bid to avoid anything happening to my fragile heart that i employ this method but now *sobbing* what do i do?
    Thank you for your prompt response.

    • Dear Ibitayo,

      Thanks for your message and apologies for my extremely delayed response.

      I’ve been in this position too and it is due to past experience. The devil is a liar. He makes us believe that past mistakes or hurt will repeat it self but don’t be pessimistic.

      1- Deal with the past- Acknowledge it happened but pray for those who hurt you and release forgiveness to them.
      2- Vow that fear will NEVER limit you.
      3- Declare upon yourself that you will never be hurt and when your husband-to-be comes along, you will trust him.

      It is not bad to guard your heart, because remember that according to Proverbs 4:23 we are meant to guard it with all diligence.

      Learn to trust God to direct you and if you’re not at peace, ask the Holy Spirit to Guide you and help you. It is well.

      Stay blessed,

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