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Good Evening all,

This post was actually incorporated in the earlier one but being that we serve a living God, the earlier testimony was just too huge and so I had to separate the posts. In any case, I realise that it’s been three months since the blog started, we have many new readers and it may be the case that some of you are unaware of what Princess of Zion (PoZ) is all about and who I am. For every organisation, Church, ministry, department or blog, you need to have a vision and direction and remind your audience and helpers what the vision is.

Proverbs 29:18– Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. 

From Nehemiah 1-3, when the wall of Jerusalem was being rebuilt, it was made obvious that in whatever you do, you must remind yourself and others of what the vision is. Taking this example, it is important to do it at least once a month, at the very least. I hope that understanding what the vision is will encourage you in your personal relationship and journey with God, will inspire you and help you to contribute to the vision by sharing it with others. God bless.

About me

I am a British born Nigerian woman who lives in London. I am a born again Christian and I serve within two ministries in my Church (RCCG Jesus House).

I have a degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) and a certification in Peer listening. I will be moving to Lagos, Nigeria at the end of the month, to take up a role as a guidance counsellor. In Nigeria, I hope to bring the PoZ movement to life. My dream was never to be a blogger but the PoZ vision is much bigger than that and whilst waiting for the vision to crystallise, the Lord led me to start this blog. The blog is not an end in itself; it is a means.

The POZ Vision

I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (Senior Pastor of David’s Christian Centre/Love, Dating & Marriage) and he said something that resonated with me- He said…”Don’t take nonsense my friend, how dare you? You are a DAUGHTER OF ZION!!!”

Ever since that day, I see myself as exactly that. A daughter of Zion! A princess of Zion!  It feels so empowering. Even though the blog is called “Princess of Zion”, men are welcome and I do reach out to everyone.

I am a Christian woman living my life for God and praying He will use me to do His work. I am very passionate about empowering women to do the best they can and be the best version of them. I have witnessed so much in my lifetime, women being victims of spousal abuse, rape and so much more. On the other side, I’ve also seen women give us a bad name, women involved in prostitution, infidelity and many unspeakable things.

My goal in ministry is to one day set up a recognised ministry where we deal with issues we currently cover on the blog, female empowerment, reaching your goals, being a woman of virtue in the 21st century, how to meet a Godly spouse and so on. I intend to use my education and experience in Psychology and listening to help the people I encounter.

My passion and vision is to-

1- Create and raise a generation of Princesses of Zion, virtuous women, 21st century Rebeccas and Esthers. Women who have true Godly character.

2- Women who are strong and meet their goals in every sphere of life, in terms of their academics, careers, jobs, businesses and ministry. Women who will be at the top in their line of work and ministry. Women who will use their talents and gifts for the Kingdom and to further their careers.

3- Women who know their value and won’t settle for less. Women who know their place in society and as a result will apply Biblical principles in meeting their husbands and in marriage, as such, they will never be victims of abuse, infidelity or those other societal “norms” that many of us have settled for. Women who won’t indulge in fornication or adultery but will uphold their morals and virtues.

4- We need a generation of Princesses of Zion who will cause a generation of Princes of Zion to arise and they will give birth to Godly fruit; princes and princesses of Zion. AMEN

5- I am believing in Him for my own Prince of Zion, to be my head and lead me in his vision so I can submit under his ministry. I am very passionate about the institution of marriage and the family and I believe that God wants everyone to get married and have a family vision and go about achieving it. I want to see families, were the man is the head, not only financially and physically but spiritually and the wife is indeed his help meet. I want that for myself and I want that for everyone.

To this end, practical aspects include

1- Career guidance- CV workshops, interview training. I worked in a recruitment company previously and one of my passions is helping people realise their potential in their career. Giving people practical advice on job seeking, helping them to start their own businesses and also helping people looking to further their education- applications, personal statements and so on.

2- Financial sponsorship- One of the reasons why I would love to have a prospering business is so I could invest that money into other lives. I would love to help people who are unable to go to school or start a business, by sponsoring their education or giving them the capital they need to launch a business. That is an ultimate dream of mine.

3- Sharing the Word- One major thing I believe in is spreading the gospel. I believe in daily devotionals, Bible reading and in line with my ministry aim, reading Christian resources about marriage and family. I would love to buy thousands of devotionals, Bibles, Books and CDs on marriage and send them to people and institutions. I would love to sponsor the supply of daily devotionals to hospitals, hotels, schools, homes and so on.

4- People in need- I’m sure we’ve all seen the cases of people who need help for life-saving surgery, people who are in a state of crisis and emergency who require urgent financial help. I long for a day when the PoZ family will be a huge network of loving givers who would come together and pledge to help and contribute to these people who need help.

5- Meetings- I would love to hold events, seminars, where we just congregate and speak about the Word of God! God willing, the blog will always be there; hopefully it will develop into a much more professional website. But for me, it’s imperative that I meet the “audience” one-on-one and speak to them in person! That has always been my ultimate dream, addressing a group of people and teaching them what I have learned in terms of relationships, managing the waiting period and so on. I would love to talk to the women while my husband spoke to the men and then also speak to the men, give them a woman’s point of view and I know the ladies have been waiting for a male point of view; so I would love my husband to also address the women, one-on-one get to know them. Of course, there will be the joint meetings and just seeing everything fall into place. I just long for that day!

I know this all seems like a lot but from the bottom of my heart, this is what I want to do and I strongly believe I was created for this and I long for the day when PoZ will be an acronym known the world over and one that is associated with sharing love, peace and bringing hope to lives, homes, marriages and families! A ministry and movement with thousands, millions of Princes and Princesses of Zion worldwide working together to make the world a better place! Lord, I know that this will happen one day, I don’t know how but I just ask for the grace to hold on, stand strong and persevere. I ask for clarity and I ask that you open the eyes of my heart so I can see and hear you clearly. I ask You Father, to please help me; don’t let me give up! Father please send helpers of destiny and just lead me on this mission. Father, I know that I won’t be doing this alone and so I ask that wherever my husband is, You begin to prepare him, teach him and mould him. I pray that even when we meet, we will connect and we will work together in perfect harmony to achieve Your will. Above all things Lord, let us work hand in hand on our marriage, our home, family and our ministry! Lord, take control of this vision, please don’t let it die! I promise to stay faithful, I just want to make You proud and want to bring change to the society.

I hope this has enlightened you on what the PoZ movement is about and has inspired you to chase your dreams, realise your vision and be the best you can be. I also pray that when this movement becomes a fully functional ministry, you will be a fundamental part of it and will support us with prayers and in every way you can. God bless and prosper you all. AMEN.


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