Our month of increase

Good Morning family,


I hope we’re all doing great and enjoying this new week and new month! I thank God for letting us see a new day, a new week and a new month; we are grateful Lord! Father I decree that for all our readers, this month shall usher them into greatness, mercy, love, jubilee, breakthrough and prosperity! Amen! I pray that where they have failed earlier this year, they will recover this month! Where they has lost, Father they will find! Where they wept, Lord this month they will laugh, rejoice and dance! Father we pray that even those who set out to achieve things this year and are no where near their goal, Lord in this month of October, You will give them God’s speed to overtake, overcome and achieve! Father, in these ember months, what we couldn’t do in the previous nine months, You will give us the strength, grace and speed to achieve them now! This month of October shall not pass us by! But Lord, in this new month, we will excel, succeed and prosper! Father, this is our month of favour, mercy, honour, lifting and praise! I declare over all our readers that this month, they shall encounter You! This month, their lives shall never remain the same! This month shall be filled with countless testimonies and miracles! This is our month of announcement, decoration and celebration; AMEN! The ember months are usually filled with tragedies but Father, these statistics shall NEVER apply to us but for myself and our readers, these ember months shall be filled with great news all round! Sorrow, death, sickness and accidents shall be far, very far from our names, homes, addresses and families! However, in this month of October, I decree new marriages, new births, I decree the blessing of the fruit of the womb for many, I decree marriage proposals, new homes, new jobs, new business and I decree that this month of October, You are taking us to a new level of financial prosperity! Our businesses and careers shall receive promotion, our income shall see huge unexplainable increase,our bank accounts will become huge financial pillars in Your house! This month, You will raise thousands of Kingdom Financiers and many will be from the POZ family! In this new month, Lord I decree a huge harvest of souls across the Body of Christ, Churches shall see never before numbers of new converts! Millions shall give their lives to Christ, there will be a huge revival across our Churches and homes! Bodies shall receive healing, marriages and relationships that were once irreparable will be restored and renewed this month! People who were declared “dying” will rise again this month! People who were deemed as failures will surprise their oppressors and antagonists this month!



It has been exactly three months since the POZ blog started and I am extremely grateful to God for all He has done for us! I appreciate Him for the many lives He has touched, for the wisdom He has released and for the testimonies that have been marked! Father, I declare a ten fold increase on this blog, Lord in this month of October, You will send thousands to this blog and many shall encounter God as a result! I pray that thousands shall receive their salvation, healing and release from this blog! The  numbers this month shall be record high in Jesus’ Name! Amen! This month, every single reader will receive a huge miracle from God which they will not be able to keep shut about; Father You will fill this place with testimonies and You will fill the mouths of our readers with countless testimonies; Lord wherever they turn, they won’t be able to keep silent but they will continuously tell of Your goodness and by measure of this, Lord You will raise evangelists from our readers; people who will touch lives, touch souls and bring people to Your Kingdom! Thank You Father!


Today’s message is very short and I please adjure you to heed to this message and act as God leads you. I know that God wants each of us to do something with regards to this!

Before the weekend, I wrote a three part series about hearing God; the last one was on Sunday and I headed to Church! Unknown to me, we had a guest speaker and his messages for the two services were on what? Just guess? “Hearing from God”. All the things I had posted about, He covered and I just thought God is wonderful! If you’ve been an avid reader of POZ, you will know that this is not the first time it has happened! Many times, I pick a season to talk about something or even a day’s post and the next day in Church, they preach the exact same thing and I had no prior knowledge! It happened with the prayer chain, the posts on vision, the pursuit of God fast and so on. When this happens, it makes me know that God is indeed speaking and that is a message He wants us to hear LOUD and CLEAR. It also helps me to reaffirm that I am working on the same page as Him and He wants the readers to get that message! Ladies and gentlemen, please please please, we must hear God! We need to pray about hearing God! Remember that God is not a God of confusion. To this end, I would like to give a short testimony on one particular experience of hearing God.


Last year, I was praying to God about what my next step in life is and I got three very clear words from God about relocating to Lagos, Nigeria! They all came through sermons all within a few days! I was at the midweek service in Church where the guest Pastor was preaching about something ver different and suddenly said something about relocating to Nigeria. I was later watching a live broadcast of a service in Nigeria where Fela Durotoye was preaching about something unrelated and then said the same thing, in a third message, it happened again and I knew! However, a lot of circumstances changed after that so, this year, nearing the end of my post graduate degree, I started praying again and I just felt peace about relocating. So, I started packing up in August! The day before I travelled, I walked into Pound land to buy some things and the boy at the till asked me if I was travelling and I say yes I was relocating and he said “back home in Africa?” I said yes and he was so excited, encouraged me and said he wished he could do the same. I then went into super drug to buy some more things, lady at the till asked me the same question! The same conversation ensued; almost identical to the previous one and she said the same thing- This is amazing, wow I wish I could do that” I knew the Lord was speaking and I felt confident! I obviously went to Lagos the next day and returned three weeks later! The day after I arrived, I had to take my car to Kwik-Fit for an MOT test and the garage receptionist somehow struck up a conversation that led to me disclosing I was relocating to Nigeria and before I left he said “Miss, make sure you go to Africa, you are better off there, I think you should go”. Something along those lines and I just knew that God was talking to me and letting me know that relocating was the right move! Sometimes, it just takes us being more sensitive to the spirit to recognise this!


But I know in this new month and new season, the Lord is urging us to listen out for His voice more often and to heed to His call! This month, the Lord will speak great mysteries to us and He wants us to be ready to hear! Every step you want to take, the Lord has an answer for you and is happy to direct you but He is calling us to hear Him! Friends, let’s hear the Word of our God! God bless you all!



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2 responses to “Our month of increase

  1. Amaka

    POZ,you shall be blessed this new month too.Your blog has really been a blessing in my life.

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