My love letter

Good Evening Father,

It’s me! Your child, Your daughter, princess, friend, servant, sheep! Today, I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to thank You Lord for being My friend, for being My Father, Master, Defender, Deliverer, Comforter, My Strength, lover, for being My Everything! I’m grateful because I know that even if I don’t have anything and I have You, everything else doesn’t matter!

Thank You for the roof over my head, the bed I sleep on, the food in the fridge, the money in the bank! Thank You for my living parents, my siblings and extended family! Thank You for my homes in Lagos, London and Lome! Thank You for my sight, hearing and speech! Thank You for I can walk, talk, dance, jump, leap, run and laugh! Thank You for I am healthy! I am not in a hospital bed neither am I dying! Thank You for divine healing, thank You for taking care of me.

I’m grateful because the only thing I am sure of is You and that Your thoughts of me are of good and not evil. I trust that I am always safe in You because You are all knowing and Almighty! I am glad because even when all the others in my life left, You never did! I am grateful because even when I left, You stayed! I am grateful that since the day I was born, You have never disappointed me; when my friends, family and even I disappointed me, You were always there to console me! You never once left me and for that I am grateful! For that I say- You are faithful, wonderful, kind and glorious! You deserve all the glory and Lord I vow to You today; that for as long as I live, I will praise You! You will be first in my life and my home! Every child that comes forth from my womb will praise You! As for me and my house, we will forever praise You! Thank You for loving me and thank You for giving me the opportunity to know You so intimately, to love You and to be in love with You! Since the day I first encountered You, my life has never been the same. You have taken me from glory to glory and I know You will never stop! I feel You, Your ever powerful presence and I know that I am blessed and favoured to have a friend in You!

Thank You for seeing me through these past few years, for everything You have done, for upholding me and giving me strength to bear the past losses, grief and failures! Thank You that today, I am a better and stronger person. Thank You for pulling me out of the miry clay and for polishing me, teaching me and talking to me! Thank You for putting a fear of You in me, for putting a heart of gold in me and giving me a voice! Thank You Lord for being You! Thank You for forgiving me at every wrong turn and always embracing me even when I absconded; thank You!

Most recently, I am grateful for this blog! Thank You for the readers, the messages and the emails! Thank You for the posts and thank You for the encouragement and for those You have touched! Thank You for helpers, thank You for mentors and those who inspire me! Thank You for my parents, my family, my friends! Thank You for my Church- Jesus House and the Pastors- Pastor Agu, Pastor Shola, Pastor Bajo and all the others! Thank You for my department and Church family who have so touched me and been an instrumental part of this journey! Thank You for David’s Christian Centre Lagos; for Pastors Kingsley & Mildred Okonkwo and the whole DCC/LDM family! Thank You Lord for placing such amazing and genuinely God fearing people in my life! I bless You Lord.

Yesterday I submitted my dissertation and all I could do was thank You because You pulled me through, You taught me and You did it all! My interviews were all You! The idea, the writing, was all You! I had limited time to work on it and there were several things that both my supervisor and I predicted I wouldn’t be able to do, but You made sure I did them! When I was told I would only be able to do six interviews and even that was a push, You helped me do eight! When I wrote the findings section and said I couldn’t add those very crucial quotes, You helped me do them right down to the very last one! Even when I thought I may not be able to bind on time, You ensured I did and submitted early!

Last night, I had two very vivid dreams and I will call them visions; amazing revelations of two good things to come! I have been praying for those two things and yesterday I saw both of them in my grasp and I say AMEN to them! The visions were very real and vivid and I know I will soon be experiencing them! I say thank You in advance Lord because I know without You neither of them would be possible and I bless You Lord! Thank You Father for answering my prayer! Thank You Jehovah! Thank You for those visions and for always thinking of me! Thank You for this new joy and hope You’ve brought to me and thank You that even when these two things happen, I will not be able to take the glory neither can anyone else! Thank You that when they do happen, because of all the circumstances, people will have to praise You and say Indeed it was God!

Thank You for loving me, for being the only constant in my life! For embracing me, guiding me and protecting me! Thank You for fighting for me, for dying for me and for saving me! I have never known a love like this; a love so pure, so true, so beautiful and so strong! A love that never dies, tires or fades! The love You’ve shown me is truly the greatest, touching and humbling one could ever know! Thank You Father, thank You for being my one and only confidant, the one I celebrate with, dance with, cry to and talk to! The one I laugh with and the only one who wakes me up and puts a smile on my face every morning. The one I live for and the one who gave me life! Thank You!

I wonder what I could give You to show my love and appreciation? What could I give the One who has and owns everything? I give You my life, my heart, my mind, my body and my soul and I promise to show people the same love You have shown me!

Again I say Thank You!

Your Princess of Zion



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6 responses to “My love letter

  1. He is a faithful father! There is none like Him! He is the Lord of lords, King of kings, He is greater than the greatest, stronger than the strongest, higher than the highest! I worship with U oh Lord my God! My soul magnify your Holy name!
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  2. I like this a lot. He is an amazing God.

  3. Aramide

    I was literally crying as I read this letter…we definitely have an amazing father in God! words cannot expess..

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