I know she used the shower: Hearing from God 3

Good Morning all my beautiful readers,

Happy Sunday to you all and welcome to the very last day of Septermber 2012! By God’s Grace, we will all see October tomorrow, October 2013, October 2073 and even beyond! Praise the Lord! First of all, I would like to share something with you and encourage you to join in and make it a part of you! In the past, I fasted on every single Monday of the week; just a religious fast to introduce me to the week and invite God’s presence. However, after a corporate fast in Church which we call the “Pursuit of God”, I decided to embark on the pursuit of God at the start of every month! The first three days of the month, I spend fasting, and purposefully spending a lot more time with God; much more than every other time! That doesn’t mean that after this, I don’t pray or read the Bible! I made that decision on the first day of the fast and ironically, after the fast, Pastor spoke to the office workers and asked us to each conduct our own personal “Pursuit of God” every month for three days! I was absolutely shocked because only a few weeks before, I had decided to do it so I knew God was definitely speaking. Yesterday however, I was led by God to share this with you and encourage you to also partake! It’s a period of three consecutive days every month where you spend much more time in prayer, fasting, pursuing God in His word and just communing with Him! Spend the time shut out from the World and hearing from God! I like to do mine at the start of every month because it also gives me a chance to speak to God about the month and ask Him to take control! You can however do it when you choose; at the end, at the middle whenever! But I think as you grow in Christ, you make more efforts and attempt to know Him, encounter Him and commune with Him and this is one I ask you to embark on. If you would like to do this, please do so as led.

On with today’s message, sometime ago, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. We have one of those showers where you can adjust the temperature to different degree’s as opposed to those ones where you have to open hot and cold to get the right temperature. On this, you just adjust it to whatever temperature you like . So, as I entered, I put on the shower and it was hot! Uncomfortably hot and I instantly knew my mother had been in the shower before me! Many other times when I entered and it was quite cold, I knew it was my father! I’ve known them for so many years and became familiar with their choices; even how hot or cold they like their shower! It’s the same thing with God, the more time you spend with Him, hearing His voice, the more sensitive you are to His voice and are able to accurately discern whether or not He is speaking to you! It’s as simple as that! However, many of you have asked how to hear from God and how do you know if it is God, your voice or just pure paranoia? Well, I found this very lovely article about this and I thought to share it with you! Enjoy!

Isaiah 30:21And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

We’re all keen to hear from God. But the question still remains how do we hear from God? God is always speaking but the problem is we’re not listening. Let’s take this example, there are a lot of radio waves in the air but your radio set can not get a good signal coming in unless you tune in to the actual frequency the radio is broadcasting on. This also holds true to hearing from God. One needs to tune in to the voice of God with their spirit. Often than not we miss His voice…There are many incidents in the Bible where people even men of God missed the voice of God. The prophet Samuel mistook the voice of God for the voice of the High priest Eli (1 Samuel 3:1-19).For the word of the Lord had not been revealed to him (Chapter 3:7) It was not until the priest Eli revealed to him that it was the LORD calling, that Samuel recognised the voice of God from ( Chapter 3:8-9). And once he recognised the voice of God, he did not struggle a second time to recognised the voice a second time, in fact no mention was made in the Bible about Samuel going back to Eli whiles the Lord called again. Therefore, the key to hearing from God is; “recognition of the voice of God”, tuning in to the right spiritual frequency.

The Lord often speaks in mysterious ways, and we should be ready at all times to hear. One thing that will preclude one from hearing from God is familiarity. Often than not, God speaks in ways we cannot perceive as God, the small little whisper (1 Kings 19:11-13).It happened to Elijah on the mount Horeb.God spoke in a gentle whisper instead of the well-known Fire, earthquake and strong wind. This in fact reveals that God can speak through any medium and you just have to be ready for Him. The LORD sometimes uses circumstances and situations to speak to us, and mostly things around us! The key is recognition! My sheep listen to my voice (John 10:27).

Ways God speaks to His Children
Every Father desires his Children pays attention to him, and therefore He will speak as long as the Children listen. God speaks in many ways, the key is we have to Hear:
1. The primary source God uses to speak to his Children is the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).
2. God always speaks of Good things, whilst the devil speaks of evil things.
3. Through our spirit-Our spirit bears witness with the Spirit of God that we are the sons of God (Romans 8:16). God always download information and assignments into our spirit daily, you need to discern them!
4. God speaks through other mediums; situations, circumstances, events, people, animals etc.
5. The voice of God always confirms the word of God, in fact He has placed his word above His Name!
6.If you hear a voice and you’re uncertain if that voice is from God, then ask God for a sign to confirm what you’re hearing. Gideon asked for a confirmation (Judges 6:36-40). In fact there are numerous ways God speaks to us, and one needs to read more of the Bible to discover that truth!
When and Where can we hear God’s voice
We can hear God’s voice everywhere and at anytime.
Who does God Speak to or With?
God does not have a particular preference for who He wants to talk to. God speaks to everyone as long as you are ready to listen to Him. He even speaks into the heart of sinners so that they might come to know His ways (Acts 10:34).
Hearing Correctly
There is a distinction between hearing something and giving heed to the word you’re hearing. Hearing correctly is accomplished by the heart rather than the ears. The heart has ears attached to them, and is only when one learns to hear with the heart rather than with onlythe normal ears that he/she can hear correctly (Mark 4:9).Words must find a place into our hearts and spirit. Faith even comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. You can’t have faith without first hearing the word of God and digesting it with your spiritual faculties. Therefore take heed to what you hear, for whatever you hear will give you faith positively or negatively!
Mark 4:24-And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you; and unto you that hear shall more be given.
How one hears is more important
God is mostly preceded by “Hear !” emphasising the need for us to give heed to the word that follows in our hearts, and not to harden our hearts as did our ancestors and died in the desert. Hearing God is the ability to understand (Discern) and utilize effectively what He says. God will only speak when He needs our attention, and it is important we get that spiritual wavelength that He is transmitting on, so that we don’t miss out on important instructions for our life. Be careful what you’re hearing because there is a lot of noise out there, and the media is full of it! The only medium worthy of authentic information is the Bible handed down to us through revelation and spiritual insight. Once again God is speaking and the key to hearing what He is saying is to be prepared to listen, and recognising that small voice deep inside your inner being. What is God saying in these last days through His spirit and the world order? Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear what God is saying to us in these end-times!
I hope this answered your numerous questions; the key is praying and giving God the opportunity to speak and always being ready, receptive and willing to hear with your heart! God wants us to hear Him and He sure wants to  speak with us! Seek Him and you will find Him! Have a great Sunday and God bless you all!

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