“Practice what you preach”- Hearing from God 1

Good Evening to all my beautiful and amazing readers,

How was your Monday? Blessed? Favoured? Fun filled? I certainly hope so! I had a message scheduled for today but over the weekend a few things happened and I just wanted to share them with you. My last post was “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you read it here- http://www.princessofzion.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/your-body-is-the-temple-of-the-holy-spirit

On Friday night, I had a prayer meeting at Church which was extremely empowering and awesome! It was great to meet with God in the place of prayer and exciting to see all what He’s doing. My mother had dropped into town two days prior to this and the supply of water was running low at home and so I thought I had to dash straight to the Grocery store to get her an ample supply of water to make her feel comfortable! So, after the prayer meeting, I was tending to some admin duties when a gentleman in my department said “You live in DH right? please give me a lift home”. I hadn’t seen him a while, no hi, and besides I didn’t live there so I was a bit taken aback. I replied that I didn’t live there although it was close it wasn’t the way I was going. I then continued with my duties and he came to me about four times more. I was already being held up by the admin duties and didn’t want to drop him off at home then find my way to the big grocery store because I assumed it would be too late. So, I asked another lady in my department who was taking a cab home to that same area to kindly give him a lift. After I finished my duties, I entered my car and sped off, whilst driving, I noticed this man at the bus stop waiting in the cold and I thought “He didn’t go with the lady? Why not”, as a human being two things were battling inside of me; the first was my need to rush to that special grocery store to get my mother’s water (after all it was instrumental to her well being); while the second was the kind, altruistic, christian voice in me which said “you can’t leave this little man waiting in the cold” but the flesh in me tried to justify it but I found myself going past the round about and turning back towards the bus stop. I stopped for him and asked him to hop in. You should have heard the utter relief and appreciation in his voice (I had just cut his 30 minute journey intertwined with a long walk in the freezing cold with a 5 minute ride in a warm car, dropped right at his door step). He was utterly grateful and I felt so bad for refusing him the first time. I told him about my onward journey and to my surprise, his house was only 60 seconds from the grocery store I was heading to but on the other route I had never crossed; which was even a much shorter route than the one I had planned to go on. I mean, this was just great! By giving him a lift home, I got to discover a short route to this store and I got there on time (five minutes early) and was able to get all the water for my mother. I’m sure he was so grateful to me but I was equally grateful to him; as he did save me a lot of time and showed me something I didn’t know. All I could think of was- Trust God! Trust God! All those times when God asked you to do something or say something but you had your own plan, don’t you now wonder what you missed out on? Don’t we realise that the Lord knows the end from the beginning- Isaiah 46:10? I am just glad that I heard God and that I did heed to His voice in the end because I was opportuned to have blessed someone and I was also blessed as well. Praise the Lord!

My encounter with God didn’t end there though. At the grocery store, I decided to get her 4 packs of 4×4 water, the bottles are 2 litres each, so that’s quite a lot! I put them in my car and made my way home! As I approached my apartment, I noticed there was a huge influx of cars parked and made the rounds looking for a parking space, I drove around and round the block time and time again for over fifteen minutes until I finally found a parking space two streets away from my home. I parked the car and proceeded to unload the bottles into my shopping trolly bags (the ones the old ladies use to carry their shopping). I had two of them and so I placed 2 packs of water in each trolley and made my way home! Now, I had to walk up the street to a mini junction and then cross over, turn left and walk further up the hill to my apartment! It was a horrendous experience; dragging 8litres of water in each hand plus my body weight up this very steep hill on a very cold night! It was extremely energy busting and I said to God- Why? Why would you have me do this? What the Lord said to me was so clear that I immediately shut up and bore the brunt of this work. He said- “practise what you preach” and I remembered that my post that morning was about your body and I spoke about exercise and so on, meanwhile I hadn’t been exercising. Although I admitted in that post that I hadn’t been faithful to my body with regards to diet and exercise, it was now in my power to implement changes and see them through and it just isn’t limited to exercise but to all other areas of my life. I think this also tied in with what happened earlier in which as Christians, we are encouraged to show and give love to people even if we have to inconvenience ourselves for the person and even when the person is “not loveable”. It was a great epiphany and I was happy to oblige.

However, earlier on, on that same Friday after writing that post in which I mentioned going for medical check ups, I booked several appointments for myself (dentist, doctor’s, blood test to check my genotype and lastly an optician’s. The reason why I’ve decided to check my blood test is because whilst growing up I was led to believe I was AC, however whilst on my vacation in Nigeria, I did a test and I was told I was AS. As such, I am doing another one here just to get a second opinion and be sure; as they say in Proverbs 11:14, in the multitude of counsellors, there is safety! Amen! Anyway, so I also decided to visit the opticians because the last time I was there was during the easter of 2010 and I thought to just go there for “going sake”. My appointment was scheduled for 10:40 am on Saturday morning and well, thank God I went! This is when I say- Praise the Lord! I went there and the optician said my eyes were healthy but there was an issue. I am longsighted but my eyes aren’t comfortable reading things at close range which is seriously straining my eyes and the short story is that, I need glasses! I was shocked! Dumbfounded! I couldn’t even pick out a pair because I hadn’t expected it and so, I picked up their notes and swiftly made my way out! On my way home, all I could think of was “how didn’t I notice? How could I miss this? But the main thing I could think of was “Wow! God is great, I really should practise what I preach, it’s just “saved” me”.

These really are three of my personal experiences that happened all within twenty-four hours but were very important and I just thank God for giving us the opportunity to hear Him and the grace and strength to acknowledge His voice and heed to it! It is indeed a great blessing! Whilst typing this, I remembered two more messages that I need to post before I return to my original schedule; ironically both of them are related to hearing from God! This was not at all a deliberate plan and I’ve only just noticed and I believe it is the Lord’s doing and I decree that you will hear from God in these coming days and your life will never remain the same! You will encounter God and wherever you go henceforth, people will ask you why you are glowing. Amen! Have a blessed day my darling family; God bless you all!



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6 responses to ““Practice what you preach”- Hearing from God 1

  1. LOA

    Wow!, Thank God for you; He will help us to continually be sensitive to his voice…

  2. Gloria

    Amen to that Sister. I really long to hear from God, discern His voice and be able to obey his voice.

    • Hi Gloria,
      Amen!! Just pray to Him and always give Him to speak back! Be aware ad very vigilant, He speaks to us through people, through His word! It may not be a great bug flash of light, wind and the Heavens shaking but He speaks, many times we just don’t hear but I assure you He does, we just have to be sensitive and tune in. Also give him many chances to speak by reading a devotional daily, reading the Bible, Church and reading and watching Christian content. If all we do is watch Africa Magic, E! and go to bars, His voice may get lost in all that. It is well.

  3. Eva

    Nice piece
    But I’ve often wondered how you can know the will of God or if you’re hearing from God or it’s your flesh doing the talking .
    Something as easy as should I do my MBA now?

    • Dear Eva,

      Most times it has to do with becoming familiar with Him. For example, if I go to a store, I know what my sister would love and what she would hate. Sometimes, if my mum or sister sends a text from another person’s phone, I know it’s them even if they don’t indicate. My dad doesn’t need to say it’s him when he calls, I know his voice! It’s called familiarity; build a relationship and start hearing God; you may make mistakes at first but as you get closer, you will be able to discern and if you’re not sure, take it to Him in prayer and ask Him to confirm! If you’re hearing God on something, it’s advisable to speak to Him alone about it until you are sure because when you start revealing it to people, they may dissuade or encourage you wrongly.
      God is kind and merciful, He does want us to hear Him accurately. Speak to Him about it and give Him the opportunity to speak to you by praying frequently, attending Church regularly, Bible reading, a lot of time spent communing with Christ! God speaks to us through a variety of channels, just widen them, get familiar and always document what you hear, wait for the manifestation and record it. One thing to be sure of is that what He says will always line up with His Word! God bless you dear!

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