Becoming an invaluable asset to God.

Good Evening everyone,

How are we all doing today? Today’s message is going to be short and precise but I pray that the Lord in His infinite wisdom and mercy will give you understanding from above and your life will never remain the same. Amen.

Today has been a great day! I woke up at about 7am, got ready and dressed and went off to Daystar Christian Centre. The service/sermon was absolutely phenomenal and it really touched me. During the sermon, I just began to ponder- “why am I on this earth?” It’s just not to get dressed on Sundays, get rich or buy clothes! God has a reason for me being alive today and I better be doing what it is He has destined me to be, otherwise I really am of no use to Him. Does somebody remember when David said to God- “What will you gaine if I die, if I sink into the grave?  Can my dust praise you? Can it tell of your faithfulness?”- Psalms 30:9 

Our Father loves Praise and He inhabits the praises of His people- Psalms 22:3. David being dead was of no use to Him! David praised the Lord so much that the Lord singled him out as a praise warrior. So much so that he could boldly say that to God and guess what? The Lord listened and answered! What are you doing for God? What are you contributing to Heaven that will make the Heavens miss you if you were dead or ill? God forbid you die and a void isn’t left. If I am sick today (God forbid) or unable to do as I usually do, I want God to say- wow, I miss that daughter of mine. Angels, deliver healing to her, send finances her way because Heaven is feeling her absence!

Why don’t you love God and be totally committed to Him, serving Him and carrying out your purpose; so that if you’re crippled, Heaven will know and notice. Amen! If you are not doing anything for the Lord and His people, of what use are you? If you win souls for the Lord in a very rampant manner, do you know you are almost indispensable to the Lord? God knows if you die and go to Heaven, you can’t win souls on earth anymore and as a result He will keep you alive; Amen! Do you know that if my income is £10,000 a month and I faithfully give £9,000 towards the Church every single month, the Lord will ensure that I am NEVER poor. Amen. Because if I lack, my giving will stop. The Lord will even increase my income beyond that because as a result, my giving will also increase. So, if your income is presently £1000 a month and even your 10% mandatory tithe of only £100, you fail to pay, why would the Lord bring you financial prosperity? Of what benefit would it be to Him? Please ask yourself that. But when you are faithful and committed to your giving, you need not ask the Lord for increase, He Himself will do it even without your petition.

Become invaluable to God! Ask the Lord why He put you on this earth. Is it to be a Kingdom financier? An evangelist? A praise leader? What is it?

Do you know that there are some people in this World and I say it with all humility and faith! There are some people in this world who can NEVER be sick because it will not pay Heaven for them to be ill. Such people spend their every minute working hard to make money to finance Kingdom projects and every leisure time they have is spent on missionary projects, building Churches, witnessing for Christ. God will never let them lay in a sick bed because they are of true value to Him! Make yourself a value to Christ and His Kingdom. If you are even ill for a day, let the Heavens feel it and immediately act on your behalf.

That is my wish and my dream, that my heart and my life will be so wrapped up in Christ and His Kingdom that the Lord will keep me alive to do His will. The Lord will never keep me in a sick bed or jobless because He knows that my time, energy and resources are of benefit to His people. Today, I say to my King, my Father that I appreciate You, I love You, I thank You and Honour You! Above all things, not my will but Your’s. Do with me what you would have me do. I want to be an asset to You and Your people, thank You Lord!

POZ family, I sincerely love and appreciate you all and I thank you for all your kind words, prayers and love. I pray that you will all find your calling, your gift, your talent and faithfully commit to serving the Lord. I pray that you will be so invaluable and useful to God and His people that the Lord will never allow the hand of sickness, poverty or unemployment to hit you. May the Lord trust you with even His most valuable treasures and resources, may you continue to do His will and exceed all expectations and dreams spiritually, maritally and financially. I pray that when the Lord finally calls you, you would have reached a ripe old age with children, grand children, great grand children and even great great grand children who would continue your work and spread it beyond borders! I pray that when you go, the Lord will say “well done”, the angels and the 24 elders will give you a huge round of applause and say “welcome champion” and may the people on earth celebrate you when you go but they will surely miss you and proclaim that a star is gone! Amen!

Remember, you must always be in pursuit of God, discovering purpose, maximising potential and impacting lives! Amen! God bless you all.







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4 responses to “Becoming an invaluable asset to God.

  1. I read the parable of the talents a couple of days ago and as I usually do, I went to to read their explanation of the parable and it made me really think about what it is I’m doing and if I’ve even scratched the surface of all I can do.

    May God help us.

  2. Favoured One

    This is just a master piece. God bless you. Exactly my thoughts and plans towards this year. God has strengthened me since I mentioned it.

    • Dear Favoured One,

      God bless you dear, I pray that as you plan towards becoming an invaluable asset to God, the Lord will empower and strengthen you. I pray that it will go according to His plan. Amen.

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