Good Afternoon all, 




I have missed you so much; these last few days have felt so empty without blogging. I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday Morning and I haven’t had any internet access since then. I pray to sort it out over the weekend so I can resume blogging on Monday. Unfortunately, even then, I will have to blog from my ipad. But we thank God! I have not neglected you and I haven’t given up on blogging or POZ; by His Grace, I never will. Amen. Please bear with me. 




I’m in Lagos for three weeks helping out with the wedding preparations and sorting out my relocation. It’s really a huge heap of work especially as I’m still working on my dissertation but I know that God is forever in control! Amen! Lagos has been great so far; being with family is a gift and seeing my sister prepare for her marriage/wedding has been a huge blessing! God is truly faithful! 




I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forsaken this blog; I think about it and you all everyday! I’m actually using my phone to post this message and if it goes well, I will try my hardest to blog from my phone until I get the internet up and running! Amen! 




So, how has life been? What have you been up to? Would love to hear from you. As for comments, I have to use a computer or Ipad to respond to those. Please bear with me. 




Last week, I read the story of a young lady who had been missing for about a month! It was very sad to read but I just prayed that she would be returned safely! Unfortunately, all hope was shattered when I read that she had travelled to Lagos on a business trip and was picked up at the airport by some gentlemen she befriended on facebook, they took her to a Hotel were they robbed her of all her money and belongings and killed her! This was a Post Graduate student at the Nasarawa State University Nigeria. She was only 24 years old and now she’s gone! May her soul rest in perfect peace! Father please grant her family, friends and loved ones the strength, grace and fortitude to bear such a major loss! I pray for those who murdered her that their life in prison will not be a waste but they will encounter You and see the gravity of their offences (apparently this was their 6th victim). I pray they will repent from their evil ways and turn to you! Lord, I also use this opportunity to pray for other families that have been through such; please heal their wounds Lord! 




Lord, I commit the POZ family into your hands, I soak and saturate them with the Blood of Jesus, Father I pray that for us, our families and loved ones, we will never encounter such pain or death! I pray we will never fall into the traps of evil ones but Lord, You will forever guide and protect us! You will give us a strong spirit of discernment never to put our trust in humans; let alone those with evil motives! Father, be with us and guide us! I pray You preserve, protect and guide us all and the story they will tell of us is a story of testimony, breakthrough and prominence! There will never be a story of our downfall or death, rather stories of our healing, breakthrough and success shall go viral! Amen! 






Thank You Father for You are forever faithful and we will forever praise Your Holy Name! 




Rest in perfect peace Cynthia Udoka Osokogu! I pray the angels and the 24 elders have welcomed you with open arms! 




God bless you all! 







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5 responses to “Updates

  1. amaka

    welcome back POZ,missed ou too!My prayers also go with you and your family.Sad story,#the cynthia incident#,it could have been anyone,may the Lord strengthen her loved ones through this trying times.

  2. Aww sweetie i hope you are enjoying being back home.With all the things i read,it seems scary but i know the Lord will protect you while you are there.Congratulations to your sis…tell her to enjoy every moment.Fill us in on how it went,i can just imagine all that love and happiness in the air since you guys always do it big in nigeria.God is good.Send her and her hubby our love from POZ..:)WE ARE COMING..!!

    I read about what happened to that young lady..my heart goes out to her family and friends.I pray young ladies know NOT to trust strangers and always make sure they have a male friend with them to meet any business partners.Your safety comes first people.God Bless

    • Dear Maureen,

      I am enjoying it and the Lodd is our refuge and protection. He is with us every step of the way. As such, I trust in Him and know that His Han did protection is upon me and mine. My destiny will never be predicted by newspapers or current affairs but by His promises and word. It is well.

      I will indeed send them all your love. The wedding is in January but but they are preparing towards it. The Lord is faithful.

      Oh yes, the story was indeed a very sad and disheartening one. The heart of man is desperately wicked. It is very true but by His Grace, she is resting in the Lord and God is wise. The lady may be resting peacefully in Heaven but the example of her death will surely open the eyes of other young women. Be careful, it is well.

  3. Faith

    welcome back!!! how i would love to meet you! you and the POZ vision have been a great source of encouragement, a wealth of wisdom and an upliftment to me. Welcome to lagos, do hope you’ll find the time to meet us your POZ fans!

    • Dear Faith,

      Thank you ever so much my dear. I appreciate you sincerely and pray that the good Lord will continue to encourage, uplift and grant you wisdom. Amen. I’ve been so busy because of the short period of time I have here but I’ll be back next month and will surely love to meet you all. God bless you dear.

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