Celebration of marriage week

Good Morning everyone,

How are you today? Praying you had an enjoyable and fun filled weekend? Over the weekend and in fact, the whole week, there was a huge influx of stories about bad marriages and tragic stories of serial spousal infidelity and spousal abuse. These stories really hurt me because they weren’t fiction but were very real and it is painful to know that people are going through “hell” in their marriages; what was even more worrying were the several hundreds of comments accepting that sort of behaviour and saying it was normal but “you just have to endure”.

Well, as God would have it, everything He does is perfect and His timing is always perfect because this week at my Church (RCCG Jesus House London) we will be we having our “Celebration of Marriage Week” it actually started yesterday Sunday 12th and will end this Saturday 18th August 2012. I thought it would be lovely to join them in celebrating the gift of the institution of marriage, particularly at a time when marriage as we know it is under attack in today’s society.

I know we have spoken about the dangers of getting married to the wrong person, we’ve spoken about infidelity amongst other things but this week, I am here to reassure you that the One who created marriage; created it to be beautiful, honourable and the marriage bed undefiled. This week, we will look at the beauty of marriage, how to enjoy your marriage and not endure, I will also try to get some successful Christian marriage stories for us to read, enjoy and be inspired by. These days all we read are the failure stories, the stories about cheating, abuse, HIV and so on; even though these are really true, I want you to know that is NOT God’s plan for marriage and those things should not be accepted as the norm! Everyday I see and talk to happy Christian couples; you too can have the marriage of your dreams.

The point of this week is not to dispel those tragic stories, I indeed admit that they are very true, real and happen everyday but I want to ensure and promise you that NOT all marriages function that way. There are happy, healthy marriages in which both parties are faithful and loving to each other. So, I just want to tell you not to be scared off by such stories but be very careful, prayerful and discerning about who you choose to marry; make sure you pick wisely, prepare yourself and only seek God’s direction.

Married Couples

Please join us to celebrate marriage this week and surprise your spouse; specifically pray for your marriage this week, ask God for a revival, surprise your spouse with a date night this week, a gift and do something romantic for them. That thing your spouse has always wanted to do, please do it for them this week; life is too short, let them know you love them.

I’m setting a challenge for all the married people in the house, tell your spouse you love him/her at least TEN times each day of the week. In the morning when you wake up, at night, when you go to work, send them a text to say you love and miss them. Call them just to say it. I honestly believe that it will bring back the spice and romance in your marriage.

When last did you kiss your spouse in front of your children? Don’t be shy; let them know you are indeed husband and wife: do that everyday this week. Men, when last did you open the car door for your wife? Please do that every day of this week and beyond. Men, if you never cook for your wife, why not do that this week? I urge you to plan a different surprise for your spouse each day of this week and top it up with the hugest surprise on Saturday! Ladies, if you’ve been too busy to cook for your husband, cook his favourite meal for him this week.

It is the celebration of marriage week; appreciate your spouse this week. Why not leave them a love note on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror? Stop taking your spouse for granted please, you are lucky, highly blessed and favoured to be married, honour your spouse this week and you’ll see how much they appreciate your gesture and watch how it will usher you into a new dimension of love, unity, greatness and romance! In the words of Pastor Bayo Adewole, why not “minister” to your spouse in bed every night of this week. Some of you have been married for only ten years, yet you haven’t slept with your spouse in a whole month, this week is celebration of marriage week, do it every day this week, I don’t care where, when or how but reverence them, reverence their body. As Pastor K will say, married couples should have sex anytime and anywhere; don’t limit yourself to the bed or bedroom. It’s just one week and who knows, that baby you’ve been praying for might be gifted to you this week, sex is meant to be enjoyed in marriage and not endured or used as a weapon, do this challenge this week and just see the difference it will make to your marriage and the heightened level of intimacy and love that will arise as a result.

Some of you don’t even pray together anymore; you stopped that after one year of marriage; remember that every home will face storms but we stand strong in prayers. 1 Thessalonians 5:17- Pray without ceasing. This week, grab your spouse and pray together, pray for each other and read the Bible everyday together this week. Some of you even go out together and people can’t tell that you’re married, hold your spouse’s hand in public, don’t be ashamed or shy; that is your wife; your husband! Hold their hand, smile, and look into each other’s eyes.

Courting couples

I ask you to seek God’s face this week and pray with your partner everyday; in person or over the phone, just ensure that you pray together every single day this week and let them know you appreciate them. Reaffirm your decision to marry them and begin preparations for your marriage this week by praying together and looking forward to marriage. For some of you, God led you to your partner, you liked them and prayed about it and God has given you the go-ahead to marry them, I challenge the men who are sure this is who you want to marry and God has told you that she is indeed your wife, I challenge you to pop the question this week. This is for those who are 100% sure that this is the woman you want to marry and God has indeed given you the go-ahead, if you are emotionally, spiritually and financially ready, why not do some romantic things for her this week and top it up with a surprise romantic proposal on Saturday. Pray together this week, pray for your partner this week and continue to ask God to lead and direct you and to help you to keep the relationship honourable and clean. Ask God to help the two of you to make it to the alter, to be submitted to God, faithful to Him and one another.


I challenge you to read about marriage this week, check the Bible and see what the Lord says about marriage, pray this week, pray every day this week that the Lord will reveal His ultimate plan and purpose for marriage. Pray that He will show you His vision for marriage and you won’t be indoctrinated by the world’s idea of marriage but led by the Kingdom’s principles for marriage. Pray that the Lord will prepare you for marriage this week, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, domestically, financially and in every single way. Ask the Lord to prepare you for your marriage, pray for your future spouse this week. Yes, you don’t know him/her but by God’s Grace, they will show up soon. Pray that the Lord will guide and protect them, cover them with His precious blood and prepare them wherever they are for you. Pray that the Lord will favour, bless and prosper their life, career, business, home and beyond. Ask that the Lord will put a yearning within them to find you, ask that the Lord will direct them to your path with God’s speed. Ask that the Lord will cause them to show up this season and when they see you, they will see your glory. Ask that the Lord bless and guide you and ask Him that this time next year, you too will be celebrating the marriage week with your own spouse. AMEN!

God bless marriage, God bless all the married couples in the house; may your joy never end. May the grace and favour of the Lord be upon your homes now and forever more. To all the courting couples, I pray that the Lord will grant you God’s speed, direction and favour and before the next “Celebration of marriage week”, we will be congratulating you on your marriage. Amen. To all the singles in the house, may the Lord smile upon you this season and change your status in Jesus’ Name. Amen! Remember, marriage is beautiful and honourable! God bless marriage! God bless you all. I pray that the challenges I have set for you this week will really bring about a revival and uplifting in your lives, relationships and marriages and you will make them a habit; I pray this week will cause us to truly appreciate the institution of marriage and to it God’s way. Amen.

Feel free to email me your success stories, testimonies of how these little gestures have awakened your marriage or if you have been married for any length of time and have had an inspiring and positive experience of marriage and would like to share and inspire others, please send me an email- princessofzion@rocketmail.com

God bless you all

Jesus House Celebration of Marriage Week

During the course of the week, we will have various activities and lots of surprises for couples, so we would love you to keep these dates free in your dairy. Our Couples’ Ball on Saturday 18th August will mark the finale of the week’s celebration, we would love for you to come along with your spouse to what promises to be an evening of great entertainment with lots of fun, laughter and dancing.

Tickets: £30 per couple. For more information email: tightknots@jesushouse.org.uk or call the church office on 0208 438 8285


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