We need to hear from the married couples


There has been a recent influx of news and tragic stories of traumatic marriages to men of abuse and serial infidelity. These stories have spread very wide and fast and though they are a true and current picture of the state of many marriages, I ask you all to please be aware that; those are not examples of what a good marriage should be and that was Never God’s vision or idea of marriage. Be aware that these things do happen but also be sure and believe that happy, healthy and lasting marriages do exist and not all mean are the same; they don’t all cheat or beat their wives.

This is a call for every happily married couple in the house to send us your story; we would love you to tell us how you have made it this far. We would especially love to hear from the men who have been married for years and never cheated or beaten their wives. We would love to hear from you and share your story with the readers, so they can be encouraged and aware that not all men are the same and they can indeed marry a great and Godly man. Please be very honest and sincere about everything: we understand that life and of course marriage has its challenges and temptations but tell us how you have lived through the challenges and stayed faithful! We would love to hear your testimony. You don’t need to send in your name or anything about your identity. Please just post a comment or send me an email on princessofzion@rocketmail.com




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