MAN UP 2012





Pastor Kingsley’s words about the event!

“Who will tell MEN that the strength they have is not for beating women but for Building them?”

“I want to Tell MEN that their position as the Head is not to Lord over others but to Lead them into God’s Will.”

“I believe there comes a point in a Man’s Life when ALL Excuses & Limitations are put Away and Success becomes the Norm, I believe that point is Now. Let’s talk MAN to MAN at the Men’s programme tagged …MAN UP!”

This Sunday 12th AUGUST, 4:00pm. I will Tell them ! Venue: DCC, Fatgbems Bus Stop, behind Nepa Office,Amuwo Odofin,Lagos. Featuring: YAW, PITA & AAHEEDAY. 2A07DD7C / 08077714411. Free Transport Available. Strictly for Men!


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