Events in London

Hello to all my fellow Londoners,

I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday and looking forward to the weekend? I will be spending my weekend transcribing all the interviews for my Dissertation. Miserable? NO! Very grateful to God that my Dissertation is going well and when I receive my distinction by God’s special Grace, I too can have a relaxing weekend. Amen.

To all the married and courting couples, please make your way down to the Couple’s Ball next week Saturday the 18th of August. It is going to be a blast, a great time to spend with your spouse/partner, celebrate them and an opportunity to meet with other Godly couples and mingle! To all the singles, this time next year you will attend the Couple’s Ball with your spouses and fiancés, AMEN!

To all the parents in the house with future David Beckhams, Wayne Rooneys, Mario Balotellis, Mia Hamms, Kelly Smiths and Marta Vieira da Silvas, AMEN! This is their time to shine, if your son or daughter loves football or is interested in playing football, this is for you! Remember parents, part of excelling as a parent is helping your child to excel in what he/she is good at!

Lastly, this one for everyone! The parents, kids, married folk and the single! It’s our time to mingle! Amen! Next Sunday, the 19th of August 2012, head down to the Clitterhouse Playing Fields for RCCG Jesus House Annual Summer Pincic; I have personally been organising this and it is going to be a fun day! We normally have a 3000 strong crowd with lots of food, rides (bouncy castle, rodeo bull, rock climbing, carousels, bungee fly, bumper cars and so on). There will also be performances by Eddie Kadi, Victizzle, Arinola, Tribe of Judah Choir and many more! Come out, enjoy the sun, free food, good company and a special time to fellowship with God and who knows you may meet your Princess or Prince of Zion there. Amen. See you all there.


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