Men and infidelity part 2

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen,

I hope you’re all doing well; this week is speeding by so quickly! It’s so amazing; I hope you’re soaking in this new month and enjoying this new beginning that August is! Today, we’ll be continuing the series “Men and infidelity”. Today, I’ll be addressing the unmarried ladies in the house! The single ones, the ones who are courting etc. I really pray that the Lord will grant you grace and understanding to fully hold on to Him and to hold on to His word. Amen.

So, we’ve all heard it “All men cheat”! Today, I am here to say that this is NOT true. Not all men cheat! If a man is born again, genuinely spirit filled, he will not cheat on you. So, don’t ever accept this! I really don’t care what your mother, grandmother told you, do not accept or condone a cheating man! Don’t even try to marry one; faithful men do exist; wait and pray for one. Don’t endanger your life or that of your unborn children by marrying a man who is not faithful! It is not worth it; just because you want to be a Mrs, doesn’t mean you should get married to a serial cheat because if you die of AIDS, it won’t matter if there is a Miss or Mrs on your tombstone! It really won’t! Not all mean cheat; I seriously beg to differ! Please, life and death are in the power of the tongue- When you say such things, you limit yourself and put yourself in a net. May you not marry a cheating man in Jesus’ Name. Amen. If someone tells you that all mean cheat, say thank you “My Prince of Zion will NEVER cheat” Amen.


Make yourself into a great woman of virtue! Become “Mrs. Right”.

Become the woman that every Christian man will want to love, cherish and marry! Develop yourself as a woman, as a Christian, as a homemaker; develop your career and business! Work on yourself!


Work on your relationship with God!

Learn to love God, serve Him, serve His people and by extension, learn to love, appreciate and value yourself! His blood was shed for you; there is no greater price to pay!


Don’t settle for less!

Now tell yourself and remind yourself that you deserve to marry a man that will love you as Christ loves the Church and a man that will be faithful to you. You need to get rid of the saying that “All men cheat”. Tell yourself, “my husband will love God, love himself, love, cherish and respect me and be faithful to God, to me and to our marriage. Amen” “My Prince of Zion will NEVER cheat”. Once you value yourself and tell yourself that you will never settle for an unfaithful man, you are on the right track.


Next, when looking for a man that will be faithful to you, it doesn’t matter how much he claims to love you and can’t do without you. The flesh can fail! What you need to look for is-

A man that loves God and is in total submission to Him.

You may remember me saying that Joseph is one of my role models. Firstly because of his love and respect for God. When Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him, he didn’t succumb to her advances and what was his reason?

There is none greater in this house than I; neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?- Genesis 39:9

I love and admire Joseph so much, He said how could I do this wickedness and sin against God? You need someone who is so in love with God and will not do it because of God.


A man that understands/honours the covenant of marriage.

Joseph also had so much respect for Potiphar and his position in that house; especially as Potiphar highly honoured and treated him with esteem! Marry a man who is deeply in love with you, marry one who sees marriage as an honourable institution. Marry someone who sees his role as a husband as a very important and crucial job that is instrumental to his success.No matter who seduces him, he will say he can’t do such evil against God, nor against his wife.

Also, love your partner and treat him like a king! Remember that he is your head and your soon to be husband, love him, respect him and give him honour and reverence! Let him feel a huge sense of honour and responsibility; such that he wouldn’t want to break or disdain this!


To all the women (married/unmarried)

We all know that men are visual and apart from your love and passion for God, he also saw your exterior beauty! Please don’t let that go. Yes, as we age, wrinkles may show up, weight gain here and there but please that doesn’t mean you should lose yourself! There are thousands of women who have given birth to six kids but still maintain a healthy weight and frame! As women, we need to exercise and eat healthy! Drink 2litres of water a day, eat your 5 fruit/veg a day, eat a balanced diet and do not exceed your daily recommended calorie intake!

There are 24 hours a day, from today, take 30 minutes out of your day to exercise, you don’t need to pay for a gym membership or get any expensive equipment. Jog up and down your street for 30minutes a day, you can skip, you can use your 2litre bottles of water as weights, you can do sit ups, you can swim! Why not mix it up? Just 30 minutes every single day and after 2 weeks, take it up to 40minues, after a further 2 weeks, take it up to 50 minutes and after another month, take it up to 1hour and keep it there!

Spend an hour exercising everyday; do some cardio, do some muscle sculpting and toning! This is not only to look good but to feel healthy and to increase your fitness and stamina! You will feel good, look good and the endorphins released during exercise will put you in a good mood! Why not exercise with your husband and kids? Or you can do it when he’s not around so you can surprise him. Also, be careful of what you put in your body! Your body is the temple of the Lord but this is not just about sex; it’s about your diet, exercise, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol! You need to avoid smoking, alcohol and all these other toxic items but also your diet; cut down on the coffee, the fizzy drinks, the greasy foods and the chocolates! I have always had a petite frame and I think I’ve taken that for granted by completely eating every and any thing! From today, I will embark on an exercise/healthy eating regime; please join in and let’s look and feel great; the men in our lives will surely appreciate us.


Thank You father for the institution of marriage; thank You for the vision and idea of marriage; we appreciate and acknowledge that it was your doing! Father, help us women to value ourselves and to get a clear understanding of what your vision for marriage is! Help us to know that there are Princes of Zion out there who will deeply love us, cherish us and be faithful to us! Help us never to settle for what the world says but to focus on what the Bible says! Lord, give us the patience to wait for our respective Godly spouses who will break every worldly stereotype about men and infidelity! For every person who reads or hears this word, let their marriage come forth soon; let this be our season of announcement and celebration! Let our Godly spouses come forth this season and let them our marriages be a testimony of the love of God and the importance of waiting on God! Let people see our marriages and say, indeed not all men are bad! Thank You father for answering our prayers! Amen! Remember ladies, “my Prince of Zion will NEVER cheat”.



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4 responses to “Men and infidelity part 2

  1. Eva

    I’m almost 10 years in marriage
    And I have never cheated by the grace of Gid
    Neither has my husband
    Not all men cheat
    My man loves God
    He’s a complete renaissance man
    A blessing to his generation
    And he loves me to death
    Girls don’t you ever settle for less

    • Dear Eva,
      Thank you for sharing your personal account! May this continue to be your testimony in Jesus’ Name! Wishing you seventy more years of love, unity, joy and faithfulness! Amen! It is well

      May the Lord give us the same testimony in Jesus Name! Ladies, you heard it from somebody who is a living testimony; don’t EVER settle for less.

  2. Kay

    I think it a thing of the mind and what society has led people to believe that “all men cheat”, but glory be to God who has made us to believe Him other than what the world and society believes. Positive confession also helps to wipe out what has been built over time. Thank you too POZ for the great write-up. More inspiration will always be yours in Jesus name. Amen

    • AMEN! You are very right Kay! What we see in the society sometimes outweighs our Scriptural exposure! This is why Pastor K always says to spend time in Bible Study and midweek services to renew and refresh our minds!

      Let’s always put The WORD before the world. Amen.

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