A reader’s contribution

Good Morning everyone,
I hope you all had a great, fun filled or relaxing weekend. I certainly did! August has ushered my family, Church, friends and I into a month of greatness and destiny! 8 is the number of new beginnings! May this month be the best you’ve ever had so far; may this be a new and great beginning for you! May you recover all the losses from the first part of the year in this new beginning, Amen! May all your prayer requests be granted unto you as you enter into this new beginning! Amen! This morning, I woke up to a very inspirational email from a lovely reader of ours. A young woman with such a passion for God and His love; it’s actually the same lady who sent us the “Sex, lies& fairytales” video! I hope this inspires and gives you divine understanding; as it blesses you, please lift up this lady in your prayers, pray in accordance with the word in Proverbs 11:25- The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself. Let’s pray that the Lord will surely give her a new beginning, perfect all that concerns her and just as she has watered us, may the Lord also water her with evidence; may He embarrass her with blessings and testimonies
Galatians 5:13-26 (ERV)
My brothers and sisters, God chose you to be free. But don’t use your freedom as an excuse to do what pleases your sinful selves. Instead, serve each other with love. The whole law is made complete in this one command: “Love your neighbour the same as you love yourself.” If you continue hurting each other and tearing each other apart, be careful, or you will completely destroy each other.

So I tell you, live the way the Spirit leads you. Then you will not do the evil things your sinful self wants. The sinful self wants what is against the Spirit, and the Spirit wants what is against the sinful self. They are always fighting against each other, so that you don’t do what you really want to do. But if you let the Spirit lead you, you are not under law. 

The wrong things the sinful self does are clear: committing sexual sin, being morally bad, doing all kinds of shameful things, worshiping false gods, taking part in witchcraft, hating people, causing trouble, being jealous, angry or selfish, causing people to argue and divide into separate groups, being filled with envy, getting drunk, having wild parties, and doing other things like this. I warn you now as I warned you before: The people who do these things will not have a part in God’s kingdom. But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person’s life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these kinds of things. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified their sinful self. They have given up their old selfish feelings and the evil things they wanted to do.We get our new life from the Spirit, so we should follow the Spirit. We must not feel proud and boast about ourselves. We must not cause trouble for each other or be jealous of each other.
Her message
This passage and actual version struck me at workers’ prayer a church. It says we are not tied down by anything, not even the devil because God has given us freedom. But as a matter of fact we can’t just take such freedom for granted. We should rather use it to honour God. The fact that God has given us life when he said ” I put before thee life and death, choose life that ye may live… “, doesn’t mean we should walk into death intentionally and think that He would actually save us.
Paul further went on to talk about our neighbours. An example of our neighbour is shown in the story of the good samaritan. Our neighbour is not someone we do things for with the hope and thought of getting an immediate reward or praise. Our neighbour is someone we render help to out of compassion and love for God with no expectation of immediate rewards. Render help to those around you. show them mercy and let them see the light of God radiating in your life. You know souls have been won to Christ just by helping people and putting on a smiling face. Rather than fighting with people, causing drama or being negative, be helpful unto others. Strive to be compassionate towards those that are really in need of it and you will realize how peaceful it is and you will even be happy with yourself.
Paul went on to distinguish between our self and our spirit. The bible says ” the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” Most times our our flesh (self) would want to do things in contrary to the agreement of the spirit. But if the Spirit within us is the Spirit of God, it will surely overcome the self. Don’t live your life by what your self or flesh wants. Live your life by what the Holy spirit says. Paul also listed the kinds of sin that our self can make us commit. I love this version of the scriptures because it actually explained each sin in layman’s english.
The kingdom of God is for those who obey the word and live by it and make use of the fruits of the spirit. There is a difference between gifts and fruits. the scripture says “by their fruits ye shall know them”. We as christians are identified by the fruits we produce. Fruits like the ones paul listed in the passage will definitely show that we are of Him that created the world. The gifts are what God has given us and it could either make or mar us depending on how we use them. I pray that whatever gift that has been placed in our hands will not be a reason for us to lose sight of what God has in stock for us.
Let’s live by the leading of the Spirit because the Spirit of God never lies. Let God set our priorities for us so we don’t fall astray. At the end of the day, all things will work together for all that love God.
Please feel free to share and forward this to as many people who need it and may God give us all a clear understanding of His word. Amen.
God bless you OT, for sharing this word with you. I pray that this will reach out and touch someone who has been struggling with their flesh; I pray this message will bring insight, understanding and freedom to you. May you never be held captive by your flesh. May the Lord manifest the fruits of the spirit and the workings of the spirit in your life henceforth. May you use the gifts He gave you for good and by your friendly and approachable demeanour, may you win souls for Christ. Amen. God bless you all.

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