Women are the trophies!

Good Morning all,

Today is an absolutely beautiful day; it is a day of joy for me! A friend of mine is getting married today (I should already be at the Church) but today is also my sister’s first introduction (African traditional ceremony where the parents and family of the bride and groom meet). I am extremely elated and grateful to God; marriage is such an honourable and beautiful thing when done in accordance with His word! Thank You Lord for these two unions (incidentally, both brides’ names start with T and both grooms’ names start with L). Lord let your glory and goodness rain supreme in these two marriages. Let them be filled with your divine love, joy and fruitfulness. Bless, prosper, strengthen, uphold and favour both couples! Let L&T’s marriage today be a glorious and joyous day for them. As for L&T introduction today, let it be smooth and successful, continue to favour and guide both families as they prepare for their wedding! Let there be no accidents, sickness or death surrounding any family! Thank You Father and for all the single readers in the house, Lord smile upon them and let us hear their testimony this season. Amen.

Proverbs 18:22– Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

When I first read this Scripture, I knew that in any relationship or marriage, the woman really is the prize; the treasure! Therefore, any man who marries me or you really should count himself lucky. But why am I talking about this today? Shouldn’t everyone already know this. Men, women, please listen up! Everyday through other blogs and through my email, I see things such as- “He beats me up so much, I am tired but he is rich! My boyfriend cheats on me so often but he has promised to marry, what should I do?” I marvel at such questions. I honestly do! I don’t think these people understand the vision of marriage!

Let me make it clear! Men, when you find a good woman and marry her, you have found a good thing! She is a treasure, thank God for her! As a result of her, God will favour you in all you do (as long as you treat her right). Ladies, I am yet to find any passage in the Bible that congratulates women on finding a man! He is the lucky one to find you, therefore he should be the one to chase you! I hear strange things everyday “I didn’t want to lose him, so I got pregnant so he could marry me. I’ve been chasing him for three years but to no avail, what should I do?” My sister, nothing! Women shouldn’t chase men, I’ve covered this before! No, you are reversing the order of life; men are natural born hunters! Stop chasing them; you are scaring them off! You shouldn’t even be sleeping with a man talk less of getting pregnant to “trap” him. You’ve only trapped yourself! I’m sure you know of people who did that and the man absconded! They were left to care for a child they never wanted in the first place!

If you are in a relationship where the man is beating you, emotionally abusing you or cheating on you! Just walk away; there’s no point! That is not how God wanted marriages or relationships to be! Even if he has promised you marriage, so what? Marriage is not a reward from the man or from God; it is an assignment! He will continue his abuse and infidelity in marriage, is that what you want? To be in a dead end marriage where you are beaten and cheated on! I hope you are seeing the statistics on spousal abuse that leads to murder. Wouldn’t you rather be single than to marry a man who would batter you to death? In due time, your Prince of Zion will come! Everyday, I receive emails from impeccable and eligible bachelors! So, “there are no good men out there” is a lie from the pit of hell! There are! Give your life to Christ, serve Him and He will direct a Prince of Zion to you!

As for the ladies in relationships with serial cheats, it’s time to move out of that relationship. Even if he marries you, he will continue! In the first place, what are you doing with a man who isn’t saved? Why do you want to ruin your life because of a wicked man? If only you knew how many God fearing men are out there looking for virtuous women to marry! You want a husband by all means and that is why you are sticking to a king of infidelity. You will get the greatest surprise of your life when the Doctor gives you your HIV report! God forbid!

Men are good, they are great and they are the head of the family but don’t kill yourself over a man; it really should be the other way around! Stop chasing men and sticking to destructive ones because you want a man! Please, that was never God’s plan!

Proverbs 12:4– A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

Hello! Did somebody read the passage above? A man is not a king until he marries you! Virtuous women, it is you who makes him a king! He doesn’t make you a queen! So, why are you scrambling for a man and enduring abuse because you want to be a wife? Look at what the authority of marriage says about marriage! I didn’t make these up! They are from the Bible! I say it with every bit of confidence; women, you are the treasure, you are the prize! If you are single and worried, no need! Keep serving the Lord, a man who truly understands God’s word will find you because he knows that he needs you to be a king and to find a favour! Any man that doesn’t know, you don’t even want him! Women in abusive relationships, women with cheating boyfriends, those men don’t understand the vision of marriage, let them go! Forget the riches, comfort and the ring he promised, the King of all Kings will sort you out! If it’s wealth you want, pursue a career, start a business, make it on your own! If you marry a rich abusive man and you have four kids and suddenly, his lifestyle catches up with him and he dies, no property  or money left in your name, what happens to you and the children? Did you think of that? You had better excel as a woman, so no matter the situation you find yourself in, you can take care of yourself.

Genesis 2:18– And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him

Men, you need a help-meet! You need a wife; so when you meet a woman or when you meet your wife, treat her like the treasure that she is! She is a queen! She is a crown unto your head; not the other way round! She is going to help you fulfil your vision, treat her as the Lord commanded! It doesn’t matter what you did in the past, today is today! Treat women as the ought to be.
I pray that this has shown the women their true value; we are queens, we are treasures and we are needed! I pray this Word brings comfort to that woman going through a very abusive relationship and God will give her the grace to break it off and move on! Amen! I pray that for the single women who are growing weary, this word will give you strength and faith! Lastly, I pray that this word will reach out to men and teach them to appreciate us women much more; for the queens that we are! God bless you all! Have a wonderful weekend.


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4 responses to “Women are the trophies!

  1. denny

    Princesszion God will bless U̶̲̥̅̊ U̶̲̥̅̊я word has really bless me α̲̅πϑ I believe God will bless me with ma own husband too IJN amen

    • Dear Denny,

      I am glad that you have been blessed. May the Lord surely hear your cry this month and give you and your sister a new beginning! May He send you great servants of His that will love, cherish and appreciate you. Amen.

  2. idara imoh

    Princess guday!nd I bless God 4 using u 2 mek us knw dat our body is d temple of d holyspirit!princess I have smone I’m seeing presently,nd d way he’s goin about it I believe he’ll soon propose 2 me,princess I’ve a made a vow 2 God not 2 sleep wit any man until my wedding 9t,althoÙgh he hasn’t asked me 4 sex,what if he does?pls can u tel me hw I can prayerfully go about it?nd also pray 4 me dat God shud make his mind far away 4rm sex,!tpn

    • Dear Idara,

      I’m slightly confused; is it the same man who’s a widower with kids that you’re referring to? Or someone else? In any case, I respect and applaud you for such a wonderful and selfless vow you have made and honoured! May the Lord reward you; what I will tell you is- If you’ve held on to it for this long, waiting until marriage which is only round the corner shouldn’t be a tall order. Moreover, you will enjoy your marriage so much by waiting!

      Is the man in question a born again Christian? If he is, he wouldn’t ask for sex! It’s only if he isn’t that he would demand sex; in which case, I wouldn’t advise you to marry him! Please think about it and be honest. Why would you be worried that it’s sex that he wants? In any case, reaffirm your vow to God and pray to God that the man will honour your vow and not try to indulge in this until after your marriage. You tell the man about your standing; if he’s a real Christian, he will support you and respect you for this but if he’s asking for sex before marriage, you need to reconsider his real standing with Christ. Is he only a Christian by name? What else will he do wrong in marriage? God expects us to put these checks in place to ensure the person we marry will honour God above their flesh in marriage, so we can have happy marriages, AMEN!

      I’ll summarise by saying- Keep honouring your vow to God and prayerfully ask Him if He wants you to marry this man. God must agree with you before you go ahead. Do you understand? Wishing you all the best dear, may the Lord guide and direct you according to His will. AMEN.. God bless

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