Your promise is greater than your pain

Good Morning everyone,

It’s the 1st of August! Seven months have breezed through quickly, thanking God for His mercies! I pray and decree that every eye that sees, every ear that hears this message will not end in 2012 but be ushered into 2013 with all glory and honour. Amen!

Psalms 91:7-  A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Amen!! All of us shall see 2013; none of us shall be victims of accidents, death, wastage, delay, sickness or disappointment. Amen! Neither shall our families, friends or loved ones! Amen!

I got a prayer request yesterday about a woman who had to undergo fertility treatment to get pregnant. She did get pregnant but during the birth, the child died! That must have been an extremely tasking disappointment for the family! I know many have been through similar. Sometimes, you go to the hospital and get a test and when you receive that call, the news isn’t so great! You’ve prepared day and night for your ACCA exams, you even fasted and prayed but when the results came out, you failed. Where do you go from here? Today’s message is inspired by a sermon by Dr Samuel Chand. I attended this sermon on Sunday-8-July-2012. It was extremely inspiring and encouraging. I hope it will touch you .

What do you do when you believe you’ve received a promise but are waiting for it to manifest? What do you do when you drive to the hospital with several balloons expecting to meet your grandchild for the first time and it was a still birth? What do you do?

Please read 1 Samuel 30:1-19

Deal with your pain- Vs 4

You have to deal with your pain. If you don’t deal with your pain, it will deal with you. Have you noticed that people who have been hurt, also hurt people? Don’t be one of those. Deal with your pain so you don’t self medicate or become a drug abuser or fall into self harm or overeating. Like David in vs 4, cry, weep, pray! Do everything you need to do to face the pain.


Deal with the people- Vs 6

Don’t let people label you our use your past against you. Don’t let them! Yes, you may have has five miscarriages, don’t let them label you as a result! You may have failed the exam seven times, so what? Let them know that you are not defined by your past but by what God says about your future. Forget your “jacob”, think about your “Israel”. Amen.


Deal with the pull- Vs 7

Don’t lose your spiritual covering. Don’t let people or circumstances pull you away from God or your Church. Many people make this mistake! When they are going through turmoil, they run away from Church and from God! No, it should be the other way around, it is only God who can heal you and bring you healing and restoration. Only Him! When going through your crises, you need God more than anything. He is the one who will encourage and comfort you.


Deal with your provider- Vs 8

David spoke to the Lord and asked Him what to do and God told Him to pursue the troops and they will surely overtake them. Speak to God, pray to Him. He will surely send you a word. That one word can change your life, it can change the direction of your life. Stop waiting for long words, He may give you just one word. Hold on to it and have faith in Him.


Deal with the promise- Vs 8, 19

God promised David that he would overtake their enemies in Vs 8 but it was only in Vs 19 that it occurred. There was a lot of pain before the promise and after the promise! Some promises are manifested immediately; others take time as was the case in this story. If God has said something, forget what is occurring right now and focus on the promise. It may take days, weeks, months or years, that doesn’t matter! If God has said it, no amount of time can stop it from happening. No matter how impossible things may seem, if God said you will bear a child, you will! If God said you will be married this year, you will! If God said you will be the head and not the tail but today you are still at the bottom, forget about today and focus on the promise. Stay faithful in Vs 8, 9, 10, 11…until you get to vs 19.

I hope this has encouraged and inspired someone to stay faithful to God because your promise is greater than any pain you may be going through. I will end with a quick story on Dr Samuel Chand.

In the 1970s, Dr Chand was from a middle class home in India, he moved to the USA to pursue a degree; it was very expensive and so he got a sponsor. Everything was going well until the great recession hit and his sponsors could no longer support him. He found himself penniless and had to look for a job but because of the recession, he couldn’t find anything. He went through residential neighbourhoods, knocking on every door asking to clean their gardens for free. The home owners would ask what he wanted in return and he would ask for a sandwich! That was how he lived by tending to gardens with no pay but a sandwich. Later his university was recruiting for a janitor, he took up that role, he was also a chef in the University. At one point, he had three manual labour jobs in the same University he was studying at. He just kept on; while all this was going on, God had told him he would be great and would address thousands of people. He didn’t know how but he kept on holding on to the promise. Ten  years after this, he was invited back to the university as the president, through which he addressed thousands of students. To this day, Dr Chand is a motivational speaker, senior Pastor and an authority in Church culture and leadership.


What this says to me is- Hold on to your promise but whatever work your hands can do, do them and diligently so and the God who made you will certainly reward your diligence and promote you. Amen. God bless you all.



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6 responses to “Your promise is greater than your pain

  1. lamda

    This is really motivating,God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ real good 4 dis.

  2. This post is great! You said speak to God. We should speak His word. Remind him of His word even though He knows His word. My favorite statement is “That one word can change your life, it can change the direction of your life.” Well God gave me that one word or one short statement, “I cannot lie”. Wow how powerful. I can certainly agree with the fact that some promises are manifested immediately and others take time. This is the truth! My goal is to just focus on the promise. The promise that I will concieve naturally. “No matter how impossible things may seem, if God said you will bear a child, you will! I WILL! He said that there shall be none barren in the land, that I shall be fruitful and multiply! I am fruitful! I can’t wait for you all to see a picture of my daughter Kendall. I know some people don’t understand why I believe and may even think that I am foolish to believe regardless of the doctor’s report, BUT GOD, it’s the promise I’m holding on to and I have to walk by faith and not by sight! It is impossible for me to please God without it and I just know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD.

    Fruitful and Pregnant naturally,

    • Dear Malea,

      Mother of nations! You are very right and I agree with you! I read a word in my devotional and I said I need to share this with somebody on the blog! Somebody needs to hear the word and that someone is you.

      The tile of the word is – Take that step of faith
      In Luke 17:11-19, God told the ten lepers to show themselves to the priests. It was only as they went that they were healed; not before! They didn’t wonder or say “go to the Priest for what”. They just went! Take that leap of faith today, Malea! It came to pass as they went. It did not come to pass immediately He said it, but as they went.

      And your own testimony will occur as you first take a step that looks ridiculous. Had these ten lepers said “Alas! to what purpose is it to show ourselves to the priests, what good can their eyes do to us? Had they thus reasoned, they would not have been healed; whatever command we receive from Christ or any of His prophets, we must consider the authority of the commander than the weight of the thing commanded, for God delights to try our obedience by small prophets.

      I prophesy and command you today: Start buying baby clothes again and carry them to your Pastor or any man of God for agreement prayers and there shall be a cry of a baby in your house this time next year. Amen. Do what seems impossible to your brain! Take a step of faith! Act before you see! There shall be great results for good.

      Thank you Malea, I love that you have even picked a name for your daughter! It is well! Get ready to hear the cry of babies in your home!! You are a mother of nations! Amen! We are very excited and look forward to the testimony of your pregnancy, the birth and the pictures of your child! Congratulations in advance Malea, I’m praying for you.

  3. Amen sweetie i am excited for you too…God will bring his promise in your life to come to pass.I know He is faithful.I’m waiting to hear your testimony and rejoice with you soon.God bless

    • Dear Maureen,

      Thank you very much and a huge AMEN AMEN AMEN! You are very right; I’ve been so focused on other people’s testimonies; forgetting that I too need to testify! I agree with you and decree that my testimony is here and you will all rejoice with me soon. Amen.

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