Excelling as a woman

Good Morning everyone,

How are we all doing? Praying you all had a wonderful and great start to the week. May this week be full of testimonies! Amen! It’s the last day of July; I can’t believe how quickly the months have flown by; I just pray that the remaining five months of this year will surpass the others. Amen.

Today’s post is the last instalment of the series by Rev Funke Adejumo. She had three sermons, titled; excelling as a woman, wife and mother. If you haven’t read the other two, please read them here-



Men, I encourage you to read those posts too; she refers to both men and women. Anyway, we’re finally here! I pray you enjoy the message and it encourages you to be a better person. Amen.


Marriage doesn’t complete a woman; if you think that each time women gather, it is about husband, you need to look deeper into yourself! Women, we need to be more destiny conscious. If you are incomplete as a single woman, you will meet an incomplete single man and have an incomplete marriage. So, as single women, we need to invest in ourselves. Every marriage goes through storms; even the house that was built on the rock went through the storm, likewise that built on the sand. What happens after the storm is what counts. So, don’t kill yourself if you’re 47 and not yet married. God comes late when He wants to come big. Don’t kill yourself because six men have jilted you. To be the right person is more important than meeting the right person because water will always find it’s level. If you are a mother, please decide the number of children you can adequately bear and rear. It’s not just enough to bear children but you must be able to rear them too.

What does it mean to excel?

The quality of being extremely good at something

It is the ability to attain the zenith of performance.

The ability to exceed the ordinary.

1 Samuel 25:2-3- And there was a man in Maon, whose possessions were in Carmel; and the man was very great, and he had three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats: and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel. Now the name of the man was Nabal; and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance: but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb.

A woman of good understanding and beautiful countenance- That is the epitome of a woman who is excelling. But we have to wonder why she was married to such a man; beloved be careful of who you marry. Marriage is not a weekend affair but a lifetime event.

If you are going to excel as a woman, these factors are very important.


The “God” factor

Your relationship with God is the starting point to your excellence. There is a vacuum in every human being that can only be filled by Jesus. So, the starting point is being born again. It’s not enough to be a member of Day Star or RCCG, you must give your life to Christ. If you’re not saved, you are not safe. Your personal relationship with God must be dynamic if you want to excel.

If you are born again, love God; love God with passion and serve Him. Let Him know that there is a woman on earth who loves Him. Each time God looks on earth, let Him see you and be gladdened. If you love God, you won’t sleep with any man before you marry neither will you sleep with your boss for a promotion. Any man that says he can’t marry you unless you sleep with him doesn’t deserve you. He’s a broken down volkswagen; wait for your Rolls Royce. Love God enough, tell Him that others may do it, but you won’t. Make up your mind to live for God and serve Him. Even if you lost your virginity before, it doesn’t mean you should keep on losing it. If you love God, nobody needs to beg or drag you to the midweek service. You’ve been born again for six months, yet no department in Church. Why not join one and serve the living God? You must excel when it comes to the God factor. Serve God with your life and with your money. When last did you close your account because of God. A good Christian marriage is a salary paid by God. You want a great Christian man but are you a great Christian woman? God is careful about who He entrusts with His servants. These days all we hear is prosperity, breakthrough, what about holiness?


The “you” factor

You are very important and were created to excel. Have you ever looked at the anatomy of the human body? How come your feet don’t face the sides or the back? How come your eyes are not at the back of your head. The anatomy of man suggests that God expects us to be forward looking; Your life is not permitted us to use the reverse gear. Incase that is happening in your life, God is cooking something and in the Name of Jesus, You will go forward. Amen.

Aeroplanes don’t have a reverse gear; a machine is brought to push it backwards until it gets to the point of take off. If anyone laughs at the plane when it is going backwards, the person is laughing too early because soon after the plane is airborne, it will be cruising at 37000 ft above sea level. So, in case it seems you are still moving backwards and all your mates have left you behind and mock you, they are laughing too early because very soon, you will be air borne. This is you season; Amen.

When God told Noah to bring the animals into the arc, the elephant was there, the cheetah, the lion and all the huge animals. They ran into the arc at record speed. However, the snail, tortoise were slow, it must have taken them days to enter! But guess what, THE ARC COULD NOT BE SHUT WITHOUT THE SNAIL OR THE TORTOISE!!

It doesn’t matter who has gone ahead or who has entered, tell yourself, I am also coming!! “I thank God for Pastor EA Adeboye, Kenneth Copeland, Rev Sam Adeyemi and Bishop Oyedepo, but I AM ALSO COMING”

 Imagine a pregnant woman sitting down while another who has given birth is sitting opposite her. The one who has put to bed is nursing her child, while the pregnant woman is relaxing! The pregnant woman has no need to envy the nursing mother! Why? She is pregnant and it is only a matter of time before she puts to bed and begins nursing, AMEN!!
It is a matter of time! I say it again, a pregnant woman does not need to envy a nursing mother; it is a matter of time. There is a book God is writing about your life and there is a chapter in that book called time. Don’t envy anybody whose time has come. Don’t envy anybody whose already excelling because it is a matter of time. Thank God for them but tell yourself, tell everybody that you are also coming.
You may have made mistakes, yes! But your mistakes can not stop your miracles. Be encouraged! Your husband may have died, your children may not be doing as well as they should, don’t worry! God is still alive! You go to bed every night and wet your pillow with tears, don’t worry your midnight is almost over, your sun will shine again! Somebody believe and receive it. A man jilted you and said he no longer wants you, pick yourself up, the man God will bring you can not even be compared to the former. The doctors may have told you that it is over, God is here to do something. When God speaks, medical science shuts up. Who says it when the Lord has not said it. You may have been writing exams for years and no success yet, your testimony is here! Amen!
How to excel
It starts with your thinking
The quality of your mind determines everything. You are not better than what you think- Proverbs 23:7. Think good of yourself- wake up in the morning and thank God for who you are. Stop complaining that somebody isn’t greeting you, greet yourself. Don’t wait for people to applaud or compliment you. Don’t look for people’s approval; like yourself. When people do compliment you, learn to accept the compliments. Think! How can you improve your life, how can you become the best caterer or fashion designer in your country? Think about your life. If you want to excel as a woman, you must think.
You must have knowledge
You must have the ability to gain knowledge. Where there is a will, there is a way. Some of us are 2st century women and we don’t even know how to use computers or email. When your husband is speaking politics, you are speaking about tomatoes. Yet, you complain that the secretary is winning your husband. It’s because you haven’t upgraded and updated yourself. If you read the Bible alone, you will have revelations but to gain knowledge, you need to read other books. We are 21st century women, we shouldn’t just watch Africa Magic or Desperate Housewives. Otherwise, our brains will become redundant. Watch other beneficial programmes; read books. Knowledge announces and promotes you- Seek knowledge about how a successful business, marriage or ministry is run. Seek knowledge.
The power of consistency
Some people give up too soon. You open a business and you drop it after a few months. Three years ago, you started an event, it didn’t go well but you dropped it. Show me a star and they will show you their scars. Don’t envy anyone’s story or glory, if you’re not ready to have their pains. Don’t live your life to please people; it isn’t the dress that makes the man but the man makes the dress.
Genesis 26- Isaac didn’t give up digging the well, he dug until he found the water. Life is like a tea bag, it creates the best response when in contact with hot water. Try new ways of doing what you do.
If you want to excel as a woman, you need to work hard. Hardwork will not kill you.
Proverbs 13:4- The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.
You receive the extra ordinary anointing by doing the extra ordinary. You are a woman of assignment; when you get to Heaven, you will only do two things, worship and visit. Remember that you don’t have time; think about your parents. Many of them can’t eat until you send them money. Is that how you want to be? God forbid! Let’s make use of the time we have and do something great. The number of children you have, is the number of houses you must leave behind MINIMUM! So when you’re gone they won’t fight! Amen!
Proverbs 13:22-A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
Some of us, the money we should have spent on building homes, we are wearing in the form of lace material, designer bags and shoes just because we must wear what the celebrities are wearing. Make sure that your life is impactful. When you travel and you call home, your husband should beg to have you back and not celebrate your absence.
Knowledge exposes you but purposes inspires you. Any man that walks outside his purpose, will be frustrated
When David wanted to marry Micah, he asked for the price of her dowry, he was told 100 foreskins but David said she was worth much more and offered to pay double.
Ask yourself this question, if your husband was asked to repay your dowry, what will he pay? More, less or the same? What will he pay based on your contribution to the home.
Take good care of yourself as a woman, when your husband introduces you, nobody should think you’re his mother. Please let’s take care of ourselves, drink water! Some of us only drink fizzy drinks. If your toilet is dirty, throw a bottle of coke down the toilet, shut it for two hours, when you return, it will be sparkling clean. Thats how acidic and destructive coke is. Let’s be conscious of our diet and exercise. Let’s be conscious of our lifestyle. That husband you think is not good, God forbid you die, 50 women will queue to marry him! Don’t die! Don’t kill yourself.
I hope this message has encouraged and blessed someone. I pray that as women, we will realise that we are destined for greatness, we are much more than wives and mothers. That is not all we are called to be! Take the time to pursue God, discover your purpose, maximise your potential and impact lives. Amen. God bless and prosper you all.





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17 responses to “Excelling as a woman

  1. How powerful! I was just talking to God yesterday about my destiny, my purpose and wanting Him totally involved! This is definitely an on time word of encouragement!

    • Dear Malea,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name. I am very happy that the Lord has sent you a word to encourage and inspire you! That in itself is a great testimony; it is well. If you would like to watch the actual sermon, watch it here- http://www.lifestream.tv/daystar/
      It is called “Excelling as a woman” by Funke Adejumo- April 21, 2012
      Have a blessed day. God bless

  2. Kay

    Any man that says he can’t marry you unless you sleep with him doesn’t deserve you. He’s a broken down volkswagen; wait for your Rolls Royce. -this is it GBAM!! Women open your eyes and learn, God loves u so much and want the best for each of us. Dont sell yourself of less

  3. God bless you Sis. You will never run out of divinely inspired words for your readers in Jesus Name.

  4. Seun

    Inspired once again! Thank you POZ

    • I am glad that God keeps on inspiring you Seun; may His will and purpose for your life come to pass according to His plans. Amen! You are most welcome. God bless, prosper and favour you. Amen.

  5. Dr mrs Ejugbo Chimatara

    This message is power packed,very inspiring. God has created us for His good pleasure! Lets not underestimate ourselves!!

  6. Irabor Ehinor

    i have been blessed and challenged about this.U are a blessin indeed.

  7. ntombi

    Thanks God for a wonderfull messages I’m blessed!

  8. Lemoshe Elizabeth

    I am blessed by this write up…..powerful inspirational word.

  9. I thank God 4 d revelation in dis page.

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