Testimony time..She got a job

Dear all,

Oh I am so overjoyed today! Let’s thank the Lord and praise Him for His goodness! Everyday I thank Him for this blog, for His messages and for the readers! You are all blessed in Jesus Name. Yesterday, I received a prayer request from a lady, today I responded to her and shortly after she sent us her testimony! Oh, let’s thank God for His goodness and mercies! Let’s prophecy into her life that the good work the Lord has started in her, He will faithfully see it through to its completion. Amen! I am so happy for her!

Her request

Submitted on 2012/07/25 at 5:29 PM

My name is Marguerite.
I want you to pray for me as i am very depressed now.
I am still looking for the internship that is mandatory to graduate from my master degree.
Also pray for me and all others single people around the world, that are still waiting on God for a spouse.
I just discovered you blog,and i must say that it helped me a lot.
May God continue to bless you.

Her testimony

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 11:10 AM | In reply to princessofzion.

PrincessofZion and everybody praise the LORD for me.
Just after reading yoyr anwser today,i received a call….so now i have an internship, with a renowed company (you asked if i was in the uk,im in france)…thank you for the prayer….in the meantime i thank God for people like you who take their time to pray and minister…may the Father increase your Faith,may He steady your steps, may He be with you and your family always. You nigerian says “Oshe”, where am from ( gabon) we say Abora…thank you Father…and i decree that i will come back here to share my testimony on marriage in Jesus Name. Amen

Oh where are all those looking for jobs, educational breakthroughs and so on? Thank the Lord for Marguerite’s testimony! Pray for her and ask Lord that as He has done for her, He will surely do for you. Father, I thank You for such a faithful daughter as Marguerite! For the faith she applied when praying to You and for that You have answered. Lord we thank You for this great testimony and even for that which You are yet to do. Lord I prophecy that even her martial break through is here! I also take this opportunity to prophecy into the lives of all those seeking jobs and breakthroughs, Lord do for them what nobody else can do! For all those suffering from depression, Father wipe their tears away and surprise them! Put a new song in their mouth! Thank You Father for in Jesus’ Name we have prayed!! Thank You Lord.

Read her request and testimony here-  www.princessofzion.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/lets-do-the-prayer-chain-testimonies-are-coming-amen

The Lord is ever faithful!



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6 responses to “Testimony time..She got a job

  1. sisiblu

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW! The testimony is permanent in Jesus name. We serve a living God!

  2. lea

    Im happy for you sweetie…God is Good all the time.I pray i will get my own job too in jesus name amen.Im waiting for the call this week,God is in control and his will will be done.I pray you will soon share your marriage proposal too in jesus name amen.Me too.God Bless

    • He is indeed good all the time! Oh Lea, i decree that as Go did for Marguerite, He will surely do for you. Please say Amen! For agreeing with her regarding her testimony and acknowledging His awesome power, He will show you that He isn’t limited!

      Father, favour Lea in every job application and give her the grace and faith to hold on to you in every circumstance!!

      Marguerite, Lea and I have also agreed that you would share your marriage testimony soon and when two or more on earth agree, it is done by the Father in Heaven! Amen!! So, shall it be!!

  3. eva

    wonderful testimonies to lift up my spirit.
    I am seeking balance in my life
    looking for a job
    and i have a special petition too personal to write here
    can i have your email address pls?

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