My favourite love story

Good day everyone,

How are we enjoying our Wednesday? I only had 5 hours sleep and 3 hours  the night before but I find that I have this new strength! I honestly can’t explain it but God has been great! He’s given me so much drive, grace and determination to focus on Him and helping others! Since I started this blog, I can’t remember the last time I prayed for myself! I’ve just had this burden for everyone else and God has blessed me with grace; I am ever so grateful! My week started out great but I prophecy an even greater end to the week for you and I. Amen!

In this post, we’ll be looking at just one scripture. Please open your Bibles to Genesis 24. Apart from God’s love and the works of Jesus, there are three things in the Bible that just captivate and motivate me! The first being the story of Joseph; I just love and admire him. If you ask who my role models are, Joseph is one of them, I identify with him so much and have a great sense of respect and admiration for him. The second being the story of Esther; her rise from a slave girl to the queen and the third being the story of how Isaac married Rebekah! That is what we will talk about briefly today!

Out of all the examples of marriage in the Bible, this must be my favourite because it just epitomises so many things about finding a spouse. Please turn with me to Genesis 24; the whole chapter. The first thing to note here is that, Isaac was of age to marry- this can be deduced from vs 1.

In vs 2-44, Abraham asks his servant to swear never to allow Isaac marry a woman not of his kindred. This has nothing to do with tribe by the way, in those days only the Kindred of Abraham were Christians. This is why i always drive home the fact that the person you marry must not only be a Christian but a true and genuine one. Today, there are Christians from every country and tribe; so the race, colour or nationality of the person does not matter as long as they are from Zion. Amen.

In vs 7, you can see the He was led by God; God mobilised His angels to go ahead of him. In Vs 11, you see that the servant had now travelled to Abraham’s homeland and settled by the well where women of virtue come out to draw water. This tells you that as a man looking for a wife, please be sensible about where to find one. You don’t go looking for a wife in a brothel or beer parlour. As an eligible woman, you too do the right thing at the right time. When you are meant to be in Church, be there! At a seminar, be there! Congregate with other Godly responsible people.

In vs 12-14, he made his criteria for choosing the wife known to God, it was based on the fact that whoever was kind, responsible, patient and loving enough to help him would be chosen. In other words, He made his decision based on character and not looks or finances. He also told God what he would do; he didn’t sit there and ask God to pick someone. He was led by God first of all, He went to the Christian kindred, went to a location where responsible women flock and then told God what he wanted. He didn’t ask God to show him or pick. Hello!! You must pick your own wife; God will lead you but you will pick and tell God your choice. If He says yes, you go ahead. If He says no, you back down!

In vs 16, it was made clear that Rebekah was also old enough to be married; further pointing out that before marriage you must be mature! Amen! Vs 17-20, the servant asks Rebekah for a drink and she offers him some and also offers to draw some for his camels too; exactly as He had prayed! This tells me two things; when praying for a spouse, whatever Godly character you pray for them to have, hold on to it! You don’t have to settle for less! For example, some women now marry serial cheats as opposed to faithful men because they are tired of waiting. Don’t be tired, as long as what you are praying for is within His will and you are led by Him, He can and will answer you. Amen. The second thing i deduced from this which is the main point I want to drive home is that, you need to be friendly, loving and “nice”.

This man was a servant, he wasn’t an eligible bachelor by any means! Yet Rebekah was respectful; she referred to him as “My Lord”, yet he was a servant! Not only did she give him water, but she also patient enough to go out of her way to feed his ten camels until they had enough to drink! Oh what am I saying to you? She had nothing to gain from this man but still she had unconditional love in her heart. She was kind and offered to help him, she was also patient by running up and down the well to feed 10 camels until they could drink no more! She went through all this with no ulterior motives! Many of us are only nice to the young single bachelors because we believe they will take a liking to us. What about the cleaners in Church? How do you relate to them? What about the poor widows? The maids? Learn to genuinely love people and be kind. You never know which eligible bachelor has asked an elder in Church to look out for a humble woman for him. Don’t be loving and kind just because you’re looking for a spouse, do it because that is what Jesus commanded us to do- Mark 12:31. Don’t do it with the hope of gaining anything; just do it out of the goodness of your heart and you will be a better person! The added bonus may be that people will love you too and bless you with opportunities and maybe even a marriage proposal! That is not the aim though! Amen!

When you read the rest of the chapter, you will see he was invited into her home to meet the family and when it was time to take her back to Isaac, her family objected and wanted her to stay home a little longer- vs 55. But in vs 57, the question was posed to Rebekah and she decided to go- Another sign of maturity and initiative. Honour your parents yes, but if they are about to make an “unwise” decision especially regarding your life or marriage, please speak up and so as the Lord has led. Amen.

In vs 65, when she saw Isaac, she covered herself with a veil. In other words, during courtship please be Holy! It is not the time to sleep around with each other! The last verse, 67- says they they got married, he loved her deeply and she was a special comfort to him. Amen. That shall be our portion in Jesus’ Name.

I pray this Bible focused post has inspired us to do the right thing, follow God’s voice and make the right choices! None of you will make the mistake of picking a wrong spouse. AMEN! Men, you will find your Godly wives, women you will be found! Amen! Just like Isaac and Rebekah, you will have a happy marriage; you will love each other and comfort one another! You marriage shall never end in tears, divorce or separation! Amen! God bless you all.



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11 responses to “My favourite love story

  1. lamda

    This is really inspiring

  2. Isk

    Inspiring piece…luv it

  3. lea

    Amen…thanks for this.I always knew God will lead me but i will choose my partner but people around me said it wasnt right so im glad to know that i will choose who i marry not whoever comes to say the lord told them i am the one for them when i have absolutely no feelings for them.I will be in love with the man God leads me to marry and vice versa.Amen.God Bless

    • Dear Lea,

      You are totally right! In fact there are books and sermons that address the very controversial issue of “God told me to marry you”. However, you may actually be talking to someone and thinking of marrying them and God may tell you to go ahead. So, even if you choose, God still needs to say yes because some people end up choosing wrongly. So, you choose but before taking the plunge, you ask Him.

      But if someone tells you that God told them to marry you! Tell them that is wonderful but God has to tell you too.

      Amen!! God bless you too

  4. Kay

    God bless you ma, and so shall it be for you too in Jesus name Amen

  5. Kay

    I thank God i found this blog,Post after post have been so inspiring. And i always look forward to reading more of it every day. This is just what we need at this time.
    May God bless and continue to inspire you in all you do in Jesus name

    • Dear Kay,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name! I am so glad that you have been inspired! Thank you for the prayers; a very huge AMEN to them! May God continue to bless, favour, inspire and prosper you. AMEN!

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