Find Him before you find him!

Dear all,

Good Morning, I hope the start to your week has been fulfilling; wishing you an even more fruitful week ahead! I must apologise for not posting last night and not getting round to posting or replying the comments. It was a busy day but I will get round to it this evening; please bear with me! For those, who’ve sent emails, I will respond this evening.

This topic has been on my mind for quite a while but I’ve decided to finally put “pen to paper”! Many a time, I listen to Pastors who say they are so happy they found God before they married because they were able to make their choice of a spouse very wisely!

At one of our meetings in Church, we were asked to state what we were thankful for and my boss said she was thankful that she broke up a past relationship and married her husband; today they are happily married with two kids. She said, had she married the other man, today they would probably be divorced. I’ve also spoken to people who have been in long term relationships but now want to end them because they have “outgrown” their partners.

What I am trying to say is, when you meet someone as an unbeliever or baby Christian, that person may be perfect for you. You may both like smoking, you both enjoy sleep overs, going clubbing or whatever it may be! The minute you become born again, the person’s persona no longer appeals to you. It doesn’t fit in with you. For example, many couples meet while at University; they may be studying the same course and believe they are perfect for each other then but when they graduate and get into the real world, they may start to notice some challenges.

I pray to God that you will all find and know God before you get married. If you are in the world and marry a man you like and he’s a successful drug dealer, the minute you become born again, you will no longer want to be tied to him. The minute you discover your purpose and vision for life, while he is still engrossed in drugs and all kinds of sinful acts, you will feel sick! I pray you will never regret the choices you make.

This is why I say to many single Christians not to be upset that they are not yet married. God loves you and kept you! He wanted you to know Him first, so you would know the right things to look for and pick the right partner! AMEN! Sometimes two unsaved people marry and they both get saved; that is divine favour! Many a time, it doesn’t happen like that! Now that you are still single, thank God! Genuinely thank Him that you didn’t get involved in any useless or catastrophic marriage before you found Him. Thank Him that every destructive relationship you were in is over.

I however, need to address a group of people! You are in a relationship right now but when you met your partner, you didn’t know God. However, you’ve recently found Him and want a relationship with Him. Your partner is holding you back. They haven’t given their life to Christ and aren’t ready to submit to His authority or stop the sinful things you do. If you have tried introducing that person to God without any success, God wants you to break up that relationship. I tell you it is better to have a broken relationship or engagement than a broken marriage! Please, ask God to grant you the grace to walk away! He will grant you strength! Amen! You can pray for the person to find God even whilst broken up but you need to cut all ties! Believe me; God has better things in store for you! Don’t let a wrong or sinful relationship interfere with your greatness! You will be healed, restored and God will send you better! Amen!

I would now like to address the married! Some of you got married as unbelievers but now you know God but your spouse is still unsaved! You feel weary, sad, regretful, unhappy! Your spouse may be very unreceptive to Christ, he may be involved in adultery. Go to your God on your knees and thank Him for your salvation, thank Him for your life, thank Him for your spouse and your home! Do not be worried, do not be depressed! Tell God what you need! You need His convincing, converting and convicting spirit to change your spouse! Whatever you do, keep serving God! Never miss Sunday or midweek service, serve in Church! Give God your all! Don’t stop loving your spouse; if you are a woman, submit to him. Show him the love of Christ, speak over his life! Even when he sleeps, pray over him, anoint him. Walk around your house anointing the whole house and praying for him. Pray fervent and consistent prayers! Speak about God! No matter how reckless he may be, keep loving and forgiving! He will wonder why and how you became so compassionate! If you practise your Christianity faithfully, it becomes contagious! Believe me! The same God that saved you will also save him. AMEN!!

I hope this has blessed someone, I hope this message will bring restoration to homes and end every wrong appointment and relationship. To the singles, you will never regret your choice of a spouse. AMEN! May the Lord give us the wisdom to choose rightly, the thirst to pursue Him and the power to love. AMEN. Have a wonderful and blessed day. God bless you all.



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12 responses to “Find Him before you find him!

  1. Glow

    Ur message came at the very right time, God is really awesome. I entered a rship wit an unbeliever, his lifestyle irritates me now dat i have re-comitted my life to God. I broke up with him but his pleas for me to come back is trying to make me change my mind. Thank God for dis msg, God bless u

    • Dear Glow,

      When I send a post off, that prayer I type and mutter is for people like you! I am extremely glad, grateful, overjoyed and humbled that you received your word. Sometimes, we stumble on something or go to Church and the Word was created for us! I’m believing today was your day. Thank you Jesus for your love and kindness. For the mercy You have shown towards glow; that out of all the things she read today, she read this! Father You are truly awesome as she said! Lord we bless You! Give her the grace, strength and faith to follow your voice and make all the right decisions. AMEN! Thank You Jesus, we are ever so grateful!

      God bless you Glow, it is well with you.

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    • Thank you Sisiekomi!
      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name. Just to commend you on your blog! The pieces are gorgeous! Wishing you all the best in this business venture; declaring fruitfulness. May the good Lord who started this good work in you surely see it through to its completion. AMEN!

  3. ibitayo

    do u know why i like you ma? you have not sidelined any blog as unchristianly despite the fact you are very proud about it. i find you on most blogs. God bless you ma…i love your writeups. they minister to my soul.The only thing is i want God to answer my prayers and bring my own man my way cos i guess ( i’m sure, really) im tired of waiting. id be 25 next month.

    • Dear Ibitayo,

      You are welcome in Jesus Name! You know what? We learn every day! About a month or two ago, I read something which Pastor E.A Adeboye said! He said that people can actually go out and minister to those in nightclubs! In other words, why keep your ministry within the four walls of your Church or home, reach out! Go where it is needed! Even Pastor Nike Adeyemi said she befriended prostitutes to get to know them and witness to them. Today, her ministry has gone to another level, especially with regards to evangelism as a result of that decision. Don’t limit yourself, you can learn things from believers and unbelievers alike! That is how I see things anyway!

      I am humbled but very glad that you like the write ups, I am so happy that God ministers to your soul1 This is a great revelation! My dear, I will pray and agree with you but be rest assured that there is no rush!! I understand that at 24; almost 25, many of your friends and family are married, do not be anxious or worried. Never compete with anyone.

      Sometimes, you may think “God what is happening, where are you” Sometimes, even as Christians, we still look at what others are doing. When people are getting married, promoted, good jobs, their businesses are prospering, we think “Father, when is my turn”

      But, Reverend Funke Adejumo taught me a very important lesson! When, Noah prepared the Arc, the lions, cheetahs, pandas sprinted into the arc, they entered at record speed! However, the snail, tortoise were slow, it must have taken them days to enter! But guess what, THE ARC COULD NOT BE SHUT WITHOUT THE SNAIL OR THE TORTOISE!! Your lift is coming, your marital breakthrough is coming!

      Another example, imagine a woman who is pregnant with a child sitting down while another who has given birth is sitting opposite her. The one who has put to bed is nursing her child, while the pregnant woman is relaxing! The pregnant woman has no need to envy the nursing mother! Why? She too is pregnant and it is only a matter of time before she puts to bed and begins nursing, AMEN!!

      In other words, see yourself as the pregnant woman, your Godly courtship and marriage is hibernating! Don’t think that it is not there because even in a single state, God is preparing that person for marriage! Amen!

      She says another thing- She says “I thank God for Pastor EA Adeboye, Kenneth Copeland, Rev Sam Adeyemi and Bishop Oyedepo, but I AM COMING” Thank God for your friends but you too are coming! It will surprise you that you will be happily married soon! Believe me! Life is not a race but this time last year, my sister was single but I kept praying for her and prophesying into her life! Most of her friends were married but her closest friends were still single! Today, she has picked her wedding date and has started her wedding preparation; even before all her close friends! It is only a matter of TIME! Amen!

      You need me to agree with you? I certainly will!!

      I hereby join my faith with your’s and stand on the word of the most High God and proclaim that in this seventh month of 2012, this seventh month, seven which stands for perfection, Oh God will do a great thing, He will do a new thing and He will direct Godly men to you, you will have your pick and you will pick the right spouse. AMEN! The man you have been praying for, God shall bring but he shall exceed all your expectations. AMEN. God is going to direct your footsteps, oh you shall be at the right place at the divinely appointed time where your Godly spouse will see you. Oh the Lord’s will be done. I stand in agreement with you, in accordance with Matthew 18:19-20. It is well. AMEN.
      In the mean time, read these posts and put the principles into practise.

      Also, use this remedy whilst waiting
      God the creator of the Heavens and the earth is even more concerned about your marriage, so do not worry. Be still and know that He is God.
      At the same time, release forgiveness to all who have hurt you. Not because of them but because of you, when you hold unforgiveness, bitterness or strife, your prayers can’t be answered. Forgive them all.

      Now, you must use your mind for good. Forget and rubbish anything you may have been taught about spirit husband/children and other diabolical things. They are not in the Bible. Once you give your life to christ, no spirit, curse or covenant can harm you. It is not a prayer but a STATEMENT OF FACT! Believe it now!

      Also, beware of teachings about “spouse of covenant”. Nobody has one particular spouse destined to them. So, don’t listen to anyone who may tell you this or tell you that you have missed your spouse. It isn’t true. God also doesn’t choose spouses for people. He directs people to someone and it is the person’s responsibility to choose.
      1- Your spouse be a Godly person i.e born again Christian.

      2- Both of you are equally yoked. Not every christian can marry. Marry one whose faith an mesh with yours For example, in some Churches, the men braid their hair, while in some Churches, the ladies must cover their hair, these two people can not marry for instance. Their faiths differ largely. So, marry someone on an equal footing to you.

      3- Make sure you like the person and can see yourself marrying them.

      4- Ensure you have peace within your spirit. Though, you choose your spouse, be 100% sure that you followed God’s direction. That is all. Don’t be fooled, waiting for “the one”, there is no such thing.

      Another thing I will ask you to do is to make a sacrificial seed or monthly partnership to a marriage ministry. There are many ministries/Churches that focus on marriage. Find a great one, one where the Grace of God is upon. WHY? Whenever you give to a ministry, you automatically partake in the SAME GRACE that is upon that ministry. E.g if you give your time or money to healing ministry, you will share in that same grace upon the ministry, therefore you will experience divine healing. I hope you understand that. There are many marriage ministries around, find one and give a sacrificial seed to them, or you can make monthly donations. It has worked for many, it will work for you. This is not a bribe, it is you saying Father, I know my time of harvest/marriage has come, thank You Lord. I recognise the good work you are doing through this particular ministry and so I give this amount, so others can be blessed. Father,as is your will, as I make this sacrifice, please help me to partake in that same Grace upon this ministry. AMEN. You can even volunteer at your Church’s marriage ministry and donate to them.
These are some marriage ministries I love, for example.

      Once you have done all that, keep praying to God and start picturing your husband, your wedding day, your children, everything. Please, people may shut you down or discourage you, don’t pay them any mind, they too will soon come and celebrate with you. Keep praying and imagining your big day and your Godly marriage. Make a vow to God that when your spouse comes you will honour God’s word and keep your marriage honourable and vow to Him that you will give the testimony everywhere. AMEN. Start praising God, start thanking him and start dancing. Before the year ends, we will hear of both your testimonies. AMEN!!

      Say this Prayer everyday

      Holy Father, You said that woman was made from the rib which was taken from man. Therefore
      I come to You now, asking for the man whom I was created for – a true steward of God. He shall leave his father and his mother and cleave unto me, and I will be his help meet.
      I thank You for a husband who will love me even as Christ also loved the church, and we shall be heirs together of the grace of life according to Your Word.
      O Lord my God, You said that the man is the image and glory of God. Therefore I come to You now, praising You for a husband who will nourish and cherish me and not be bitter against me.
      He will be blameless, vigilant, sober and apt to teach. He will be patient, respectful, of good behavior, and will hold the mystery of faith in a pure conscience. He will be a just, holy,
temperate man – holding fast the faithful Word as he has been taught.
      I thank You for a husband who is not covetous, self-willed, easily angered or lifted up with pride. And because he rules well his own house, our children and I will be in subjection to him according to Your Word.
      Abba, Father, You said that the head of every man is Christ and he who walks in uprightness fears the Lord. Therefore I come to You now, thanking You for a husband who will give honor unto me, as unto the weaker vessel, so that his prayers will not be hindered.
      My husband is blessed, therefore he does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. His delight is in the law of the Lord; and in that law, he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth his fruit in his season. His leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper.
      I thank You for a trustworthy husband who will please me and render due benevolence unto me according to Your Word.
      God Most High, You said that a wife should not depart from her husband and a husband should not put away his wife. Therefore I come to You now, vowing that when my husband is bound unto me, he will not seek to be loosed. I will hold my beloved, whom my soul loves, and I will not let him go. According to Your Word, I decree and declare that whom God has joined together, no man shall put asunder.
      I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  4. Gina

    you are so inspiring!!!!

  5. LOA

    Preach it Sister! Thank you for this article. May God help us singles to find HIM before he finds us! amen!

  6. ibitayo

    Thank you very much…..i’m grateful and i pray God ‘ll stregthen me.

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