Don’t give up!

Good day all,

I hope you’re enjoying your Monday afternoon, I honestly am! I just wanted to say a few words of encouragement! Many of you know this blog started exactly three weeks ago today! This will make it the 44th post; I’m thanking God for His mercies! This is the first blog I’ve managed where I genuinely feel the presence and spirit of God! I honestly feel connected to the readers, commenters and those who send me personal emails! I have this urge to reply every single comment and to post every single day. I’ve had so much positive feedback, people email me just to say thank you, some just say I’ve encouraged them to keep blogging.

I just want to tell you that not every comment has been great! I’ve probably had about five negative comments and they were hurtful. I remember the first day, someone made a negative comment and I thought, this is a mistake, I’m going to take this down but God just gave me the strength to hold on. I know I’ve made this comment twice before but I must drill it in “Only the counsel of God will stand” – Proverbs 19:21. If God lays something on your heart, please do it, no matter the discouraging or insulting comments you get, please ignore them! If what you’re doing is positive, impacting lives and in line with God’s will, I dare you to ignore every demeaning comment. Yes, you will get some negative criticism in the form of telling you how to improve, please take those on board! For example, Aramide made some comments on the blog and said I needed to watch a particular sermons. I was a bit taken aback but I’m very pro self improvement, I looked for the sermon, watched it and about six other ones and today, they have blessed me, along with several others on this blog! Be open to criticism that will help you improve but anything that is totally negative or derogatory, please trash it! Don’t let anybody kill your dream!

With that being said, thank You Lord for this dream you put in my heart, thank You for the grace to connect with the readers! Thank you for the zeal, passion and drive you placed in me! Thank You for the grace to start, continue and finish! Thank You for all those you’ve sent to encourage me. For those who just read, I thank You! Thank You for those who have given me advice which has today blessed us all. Thank You for even the negative comments, it is well. Thank You for every reader on here, give them the grace and faith to start whatever it is you lay on their hearts and give them that finishing anointing; never to give up! Thank You for those who have been blessed and for those who have sent their testimonies; continue to favour them Lord! Thank You Lord for this blog and the opportunity to be used by You!

By the way, we’ve passed the 5000 mark!  Week by week, the views have increased dramatically! We’ve also seen an increase in the coverage, we have readers from 53 different countries. I am ever so grateful to God and to all who read and share! You are blessed in Jesus Name. Have a great week and remember, NEVER GIVE UP! God bless you all!



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2 responses to “Don’t give up!

  1. idara imoh

    Wao princess!gr8 work,I didn’t knw dis is new u knw?nd I bless God. Found dis page,bcos I’m encouraged nd daily loaded with benefits 4rm wat I read nd lear,God bless u richly nd give u d strenght 2 carry on.yes! I won’t give upi

    • Dear Idara,

      Many thanks for your prayers and best wishes; a huge AMEN to them! God bless you. I am glad that God has encouraged you, may His inspiration and encouragement in your life never stop. Amen! God bless you sister.

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