Lo and behold…2000 views barely 50 hours later

Hello Everyone,

This blog officially started on Monday the 2nd of July 2012! On the first day, the blog received 159 views and I thought that was amazing, the views however kept decreasing day by day. I got hung up but I said to God, “the views don’t matter if people aren’t getting touched. So, Lord please just touch one person a day, and let one person find you everyday”. The views started increasing again, I decided to post the link on other blogs and websites and kept praying. 12 days later, we reached 255 views!! I was amazed and we reached a total of just over 1000 views that day! It was so humbling and I just had to testify! I posted it and people congratulated me on reaching 1000 views in 12days. But you see, this God is such a great God, when you testify, He outdoes Himself and dwarfs the first testimony!

As I write this, day 14 is ending! Yes, it’s already been two weeks since the blog started! And today, we got 479 views and the total views till date have reached 1921. Yess!! By the time I post this, it will be Tuesday the 17th of July 2012, Day 15 and we’ve now reached over 2000 views. Yes, in three days, the blog got another 1000 views. It’s so amazing that I was testifying about what He did in 12 days, He then did it again but this time in 3days!! One quarter the time! Isn’t He great? He’s so awesome! I know bigger things are yet to come!!

Lord I’m so grateful for the vision you gave me and the faith and grace you gave me to go ahead and start this even when I didn’t think it was ideal! Thank you for the readers, the commenters and those who have shared the blog with others! I appreciate them all, bless them and perfect all that concerns them! Thank you for the messages you give me, I pray they will never stop touching lives and Your perfect will shall be done! Let people receive their salvation, healing and breakthroughs from You! Father, take all the Glory!! Let testimonies abound, Lord! Let Your Name be glorified! Give me the finishing anointing; never to stop, give up or relent! Lord, You know what you want this to become, let it come to pass Lord! Let this blog one day turn into a fully functional ministry that will impact millions of lives. AMEN. Thank You father.

Thank you to all who read, follow, comment and share! God bless and prosper you all. AMEN. Just goes to show what they say about sharing a testimony; it seals your blessing and provokes more. I challenge you to share your testimony with others. That thing you thought was too small or you’ve been too embarrassed to share, why not tell us today and watch God do even more?- http://www.princessofzion.wordpress.com/testimonies



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2 responses to “Lo and behold…2000 views barely 50 hours later

  1. Miss Pepeye

    Princess, you are indeed blessed and truly a blessing to so many of us. While i dont leave a comment every time, i make efforts to tell people verbally/via texts to check out your blog. Each time i read your messages, for some reason, i read it in a soft voice in my mind as i imagine that is how you talk and i feel it comes thru in ur articles. Congratulations to the continuation of greater things in your life.

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