Happy times!!! Thank God…My ministry and my upcoming marriage

Dear everyone,

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night to you all! Yes, I am aware that we have readers from all over the world! So hello everyone!

I would like to update you on some news. I was born in London and studied, work and live here! I quit my job to work in my Church office but I am currently on a Post Graduate course at the moment. Although I am British, I am originally African; Nigerian to be precise and I recently decided to pack up all I know here and move to Nigeria! It’s such a huge change, here I am comfortable, I have my routine, Church, work everything.

Moving over there is going to be new! I don’t have a Church or job or any real routine! In my first year there, I will be working as a guidance counsellor at a School. But, one of my visions is bringing Princess of Zion to life. I want to join a good Church, get involved in the marriage/relationship ministry. Where we teach people Godly principles for courtship and marriages! But under that umbrella is the “Princess of Zion” ministry where we specifically focus on women and female empowerment. We teach them to be real women of virtue, dealing with issues such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional torture and deal with things like more women in leadership and management positions and so on.

Anyway, in line with all of that, I contacted “Care for the Family” to see if I could run some of their marriage courses in Nigeria; when I move back! Care for the Family is a great initiative that deals with many issues such as parenting, children and drugs, marriage and so on. I volunteered at one of their events earlier this year and so I contacted them and I got a response this morning; good news and bad news.

“Bad news”- The specific course I wanted to run in Nigeria requires that me to be happily married and to have dealt with couples already. As you know, I am not married yet neither have I counselled or dealt with couples.

The good news- I was offered another course which doesn’t require me to be married. It’s very flexible and I can take with me to Nigeria and had access to all the training I need. So, I was given the go-ahead I need today and once I’m ready, will have access to all the resources I require. This is a great starting point, I am so elated and happy. At least, it will give me the necessary experience with couples that I need to get trained to deliver the other course.

The reason why I termed the bad news in quote is because it really isn’t bad news. The same way I say that what we term as failure isn’t failure. Why do I say this? God sees my heart and knows that I want to run those courses in Nigeria to bless people’s marriages. I will even train other people to go ahead delivering those courses but because I am not married, I can’t run the course neither can I get the training. I also don’t have experience of dealing with couples but He has settled that issue by providing an alternative course for me to run. Now, He will settle the second issue. Isn’t that a blessing? It is great news, because I can go boldly to Him and say this is what I want to do but I need to be happily married in order to do it, please provide me with a husband Lord. After my wedding, I will go back to Care for the Family with my husband for us both to be trained. AMEN! Actually, I prefer it that way.

One of my reservations before I started this blog was the fact that I wasn’t married yet but something just told me to go ahead! God saw me take the leap of faith and for this second course, He knows I need to be married, He will do it. So excited! So, my prayer is that God the perfect matchmaker, the Jehovah Jireh would direct a Godly spouse to me. I know He will do it! If being married will help me to do more for You, Father please do it! I am ready,willing and believing in You for it! Please pray with me.

So, when I move back, I will have to establish myself within a Church, get involved in their marriage ministry and ask to run the courses. I don’t know exactly when and how it will take place but it will. Thank God with me! Please pray for me, that God will continue to use me to do His will, my relocation will be smooth and I will not forsake His work. Pray that God will follow me as I move and that His favour will help to establish my ministry, job, career, business and marriage. AMEN. Thank you all so much.



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6 responses to “Happy times!!! Thank God…My ministry and my upcoming marriage


    Fellow e-DCC/LDM lover, why don’t you try their Church first especially because they deal with the issues you want to start counseling on.

    God go with you, He will never leave or forsake you.

    • Hi Sisi Blu,

      Thank you, AMEN!!! You’re welcome in Jesus’ Name. That is exactly what I’m thinking about because DCC is lovely! It’s so perfect but the only thing is the distance! I like to be very active in Church, I don’t want to waltz through once a week. But when I get there, I’ll see how it goes and just pray! Thank you so much, I appreciate it. God bless you too.

  2. Abi

    Congratulations!! I wish you all the best in your new project. Good thing is that God will be with you and your partner all the way. I know he is going to find you soon and will obtain favour from the Lord.

    • Dear Abi,

      Thank you ever so much! You are so kind!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!! That prayer was heart felt; I appreciate and love you!! God bless you Abi and I wish you the same a thousand fold!! AMEN!! May your expectations never be cut short!! AMEN!!

  3. BN

    You’re helping to bring our God-ordained spouses to us, God’ll give you yours and make crooked paths straight before you in Jesus Name,Amen.

    • AMEN, AMEN and AMEN! Thank you ever so much for that wonderful prayer BN, God bless and prosper you. Amen! As always, you put a smile on my face. May God continually make you smile and give you a new song to sing. AMEN!

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