“360 Leader”…Expect a paradigm shift!!

You all know that last week, my Church held a three day conference which involved guest speakers from America, Nigeria and hundreds of attendees from all over the world!

Dr Samuel Chand was described as the “icing on the cake” for the conference. He took the last day of the conference and also led the sermons for two of our Sunday services! I must say he was absolutely phenomenal! He was very wise, very funny but very real! He spoke about losing his grandchild earlier this year and how in 1974, he was a poor immigrant in America and had no job, he survived by dumpster diving and cleaning people’s homes for a sandwich! But he always had the vision of being great, he didn’t know how he would get there but he stayed faithful! He is a huge inspiration.

Also at the conference was Pastor Tola Odutola of Jesus House Baltimore; I unfortunately missed his keynote session but I heard he was great! He naturally is a great Pastor and leader and he touched on very sensitive and controversial issues whilst with us and it really set a lot of people free. We are ever so grateful for men of God; devoting their time to serve people.

Now, Dr Samuel Chand and Pastor Tola Odutola will be heading to Nigeria for the Abuja Leadership Conference: “360 Leader”. They will be joined by other renown speakers; Pastor Matthew Ashimokowo and Dr Mensa Otabil.

ImageThe leadership conference which has been tagged ‘’360 leader’’ will take place from Thursday July 12 to Friday July 13 2012 at the Abuja International Conference Centre and admission to this historic event is free.

The Abuja Leadership Conference is a very viable and interactive platform where participants can become better equipped with sound business ideas and initiatives from these widely traveled, respected and experienced men of repute and how leadership abilities can be discovered, nurtured and developed from a scriptural perspective.

The PR Agency to the conference, Bigsam Media said ‘’in a country where businesses have very short life span, there is need for people going into business to understand the basic principles that guide businesses. People shouldn’t just go into business because they just feel like it; it should be based on informed decisions and not on mere impulse. At the conference, participants will learn the principles of succeeding in business and how to make a decent living without recourse to illegalities’’.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Senior Pastor of KICC. He combines his calling as a pastor and teacher with the roles of mentor, business man and spiritual father. Dr Sam Chand (USA) is a leadership architect and change strategist. Dr Mensa Otabil is a Pastor, Lecturer, Author, consultant and a motivational speaker. Pastor Tola Odutola FCA, he is the Senior Pastor of Jesus House Baltimore. He was a Chartered Accountant before being called by God into full time ministry. He serves as the Eastern North America Province 1, USA.

The event is free but requires registration. You can register by texting 360leader to 33810.


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