Let yourself be used! Yes, I said it- be USED!

Hello everyone,

Sometime ago, I decided that I was going to live my live for God and not be an ordinary member of the congregation but also serve in His vineyard. I first took up ushering in Church. This entail getting to Church at 8am every Sunday Morning to get the Church ready for the 9am service and to pray together, stand through the first and second service and leave home anytime between 2 and 4pm. It was very tiring but I told God that was my service to Him and I pressed on.

One faithful Sunday, Rob Parsons; a British writer/man of God was the guest speaker in the house and he preached about children and how even as adults we need love. It was a very emotional service and all of a sudden, he made an alter call. He said “For all those who have been hurt by somebody in their lives, please come out, God wants to heal you now. Tens and tens of people begun to fall out. There were about 50-100 people standing at the alter, hurt, some crying their eyes out. He summoned all the Pastors and Deacons in the house to stand in front of these congregants and offer them a hug, an apology on behalf of those who hurt them and an “I love you”. As an usher on duty, I had to officiate and regulate the congregants. As such, these alter calls aren’t for us. However, that was one alter call made for me but I couldn’t go because I was an usher. How unfair you say?

At that moment, I spoke to God. I literally said this…”Lord I am here serving You, I do this work for You and as a result, I can’t make this alter call. But you know I am meant to be there. I have been hurt Lord, I am meant to be there but I am on duty for you. Father, before I leave this building today, send me my hug”. I said the prayer and forgot about it. The first service ended, I officiated in the second service, it ended, ushers had our meeting and we were dismissed. As  I was walking out of the auditorium, a worker in the Church who I barely spoke to, hugged me and said “I love you”. I smiled and walked away and then I paused, looked back and realised that was my prayer answered. I got my hug and even the “I love you” which I didn’t even pray for, but the Pastors/Deacons were saying previously. I was shocked, taken aback. God indeed sent the hug and words to me but through someone I hardly even spoke to. It occurred to me that God can use anybody! The Holy Spirit must have told her to do it and even though we weren’t very familiar, she went ahead and obeyed, right to the T! I was in utter shock that God would do that for me but even more shocked that she would obey.

It wasn’t a situation whereby we were friends. We barely spoke, yet she hugged me from nowhere and said I love you. The spirit led her and she didn’t fight it. She allowed herself to be used. I was in utter admiration of her obedience and commitment to serve God and then I remembered how many times, I was led to share a word, make a call, pray for someone, share a blog, a testimony or reach out to someone but I disobeyed because I didn’t want it to be awkward or weird or it was too much of an effort. Sometimes, God tells you to do something because it will make a huge difference to someone’s life. That step she took, healed me of my hurt but also taught me to be used by God and now I’m teaching you. If you don’t answer to his voice, His work won’t suffer. After all, there are several other Christians. He will get somebody else to do it, but why not allow yourself to be used by God? The sole purpose of a pipe is to deliver water, not to get wet but it still gets wet never the less. Sometimes, God leads you to say, share or do something with the sole purpose of blessing somebody. Go ahead and do it, bless that person but you WILL still get blessed in the process; just like the pipe. AMEN.

I hope this will inspire somebody to hear His voice, heed to it and do that thing He’s been asking you to do. God bless you as you obey. AMEN.


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