Is your schedule too busy for the King of Kings….Have you left Him behind?

Dear all,

Good Evening! Today has been an absolutely hectic day; the Heart & Soul Conference at Church just rounded up and as such, we are dealing with the backlash of it all. The great thing is, everyone enjoyed their self, had a great time and connected with God. I was almost too tired to write a post but something just pushed me to do this. I pray this blesses somebody.

About two months ago, I read a devotional message for the day that asked us not to neglect God or be to busy for Him? The writer said that some of us have become to busy in our lives and have forgotten about our faiths, that we’ve left Jesus behind and haven’t even noticed. I thought, how could I do that? NEVER!

However, a few days later, I went for the midweek service at Church. As usual, I whipped out my iPad, typed up my notes as I listened to the sermon attentively. The sermon ended and I went home and slept. By morning, it was time for my morning devotional and Bible reading, I opened my bag to get out my iPad and ooops it wasn’t there, I rummaged through my room, the house, everywhere and couldn’t find it! Then I realised I must have left it at the evening service. My iPad was barely 6 months old then, it kept me organised and had so many important notes I had recorded, it was like “my life”. I quickly jumped into the car and sped off to Church, hoping I would find it. On my way there, I remised on when I first got it and how careful I was with it. I would always make sure it was with me; never letting it drop. I took care of it so well but after sometime, I took it for granted because I had become so used to it and so comfortable, I had forgotten how valuable it was and how much it helped me.

Then, it reminded me of the word I had read days earlier and then it dawned on me! We all do it; we get something and at first, we treat it like a precious egg and once the novelty wears off, anything goes. Some of us treat our faith the same way. When we first found Jesus, especially during our broken moments, Oh we were always praying, we were speaking in tongues for hours on end, attending every prayer service there is but later we got comfortable. We dropped the midweek services and daily Bible reading; resorted to just Sunday services and reading the Bible every other day. Until we wake up and need Jesus and discover we left him somewhere along our busy schedule. Luckily, like me when I got to the Church my iPad was there; safe, sound and ready to serve me…just where I left it. Jesus will ALWAYS be there. AMEN. No matter how many times you forsake or neglect Him, He still remains Faithful and will never leave nor forsake you. AMEN. But unlike an iPad, Jesus is not an accessory or an object, He is your Father, your Lord, your Saviour, the King of Kings and he shouldn’t be used; he doesn’t desire to be used when you need Him and dumped when you get what you want. He expects a personal relationship with you, he wants to go wherever you go and guide you.

ImageThank God, our Lord is not a God of vengeance or wickedness, otherwise He would treat us the way we treat Him. I like to think like this- Jesus is my friend, I need to be there for Him at all times if I expect Him to be there for me. Don’t use and dump Him but walk with Him and work for Him.

Please apply this to your service and all aspects of your relationship with Him. If you want Him to prioritise you, why not prioritise him? Never compromise on your daily Bible study and devotional. Pray without ceasing, make it a habit to get to Church early. Do every thing at the right time, with the right attitude and a good heart.

I just want to say a little prayer for anyone who may have got caught up in their lifestyle or work or busy schedule. Life has taken it’s toll on you and you’ve neglected your faith and your Lord, I pray you wake up and find Him before it’s too late. That just like me, God will alert you while the time is still ripe and you will go speeding to find Jesus and I pray that just like the prodigal son, He will embrace you with open arms.

If you do not know Jesus or have lost your faith or salvation somewhere or if your relationship with Jesus needs restoration, please go here:

Say the prayer on the page and if you need me to pray with you, just comment! Jesus is waiting for you with open arms. Remember, I got to the Church before it was too late, don’t wait until it’s too late. Tomorrow is not promised, neither do we know the hour of rapture. Hand your life over to Jesus now and reconcile your relationship with him. He is waiting for you. I pray this touches and inspires someone today. AMEN. God bless you all.



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