What do you want to read/talk about?

Dear all,

Good Evening, I apologise again for my absence during the later part of last week. I was so busy. Please forgive me. Later today, I will be adding episode two of the “Tricks”. I hope it will bless you. Please prepare your mind and pray that God speaks to you.

Secondly, I would like to know what you want me to cover on here. Every week, I would like to give you the opportunity to nominate a specific topic you would like to know more on or it could just be a question you have. Please, this is a learning platform for us to grow spiritually. If there’s something you really want to know about, please do say. It could be about marriage, salvation, tithing, divorce, anything. Or it could be about content. For e.g you may want me to keep you abreast of things going on in Lagos or Chicago or London.ImageLastly, if you find this a nice platform where yo learn and are growing spiritually or if this has blessed you, even once? Why not challenge yourself and spread the word. Send the link to your family, friends, colleagues, post the links on your status, your Facebook. I also have links on this page, please check them out. I am not paid to advertise them but they have blessed me and I know they will bless others. Do the same; we’re all witnesses for the Kingdom. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed but be proud to share what blesses you. You may know a friend who can benefit from this or someone in trouble or someone heading towards a path of destruction, send them this way or you know something in particular may help them, tell me what it is they are going through and we together can compose a post to lift their spirits and watch the Almighty work for their good. AMEN.




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2 responses to “What do you want to read/talk about?

  1. Sisi eko

    i would like you to talk about the place of leadership in birthing maturity in christians plus what is your take when someone feels like leaving a church cos’ she seems not to be ‘flowing’ with the events(no fufilment)

    • Dear Sisi Ekp,

      You are welcome in Jesus’ Name! Thank you for your comments; please could you be more explicit with regards to the content you want me to cover?
      Christianity really should be a personal walk with Christ! If you feel you are not growing there, you need to pray about it. God may be taking you through a journey or He may want you to go to another Church. You could also speak with a Pastor there and see what could be done and if you still feel the same way, maybe you need to leave.

      But i would advise you to pray about it seriously. It may just be a distraction.

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