What are you doing?

ImageGood Evening everyone, 

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you all! I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last few days. Please forgive me, I promise I haven’t neglected you. Infact, even if I did, our Father in Heaven can never neglect you. I have a few things to say today. 

1- My week has been very busy. As you know, I work in a Church office during the week, and it’s a really busy environment and on Sundays I spend most of my day in Church because I am also a ministry worker. I’ve never felt so great in my life. I walk into God’s house everyday. I never knew a time like this would come when God and I would be so close. Neither did I know that I could have a blog and reach out to people. God is great, you may be in the miry clay now but the same God that took Joseph from the pit and prison to the palace is the same God today! He will do it for you also as long as you serve Him with al you have and you stay faithful. 

2- The first day this blog hit the web, the response was awesome, I got so many views I couldn’t believe it, however views declined and declined. I was sad, hurt and prayed about it. After a few days, God reminded me that before I didn’t have a blog and had access to nobody. What matters is not the quantity but the quality. If 3000 people read my blog everyday and nobody gets saved, nobody turns their life/marriage over to God, then I am not doing a good job. But if, two people read the blog everyday and each day, somebody turns to God, then I am doing a great work. My prayer to God is that I will never take the Glory for what He does on this platform and that I will strive for His anointing to flow into the lives of my readers. I would rather He touch the few that visit than for thousands to visit with no change. But I pray that as I make this realisation, His favour, grace and anointing will fall and rest upon this platform and reach out to people, more and more each day. Not just for stats, but for the Kingdom. AMEN. 

3- What are you doing for the Kingdom? How many people do you witness to each day? How many souls do you win every month? Pastor EA Adeboye asks this question a lot and I used to feel ashamed because I knew I wasn’t doing enough but I pray that this platform will not only be a means to impart the knowledge I’ve learned but to lead people to Christ. It doesn’t matter what you do, you may put this blog as your BB status or tweet about Jesus, or spend half your salary on revival ministries. Ask God what He wants you to do and obey His voice. No matter how scary or difficult it sounds, do it and He will follow you. I was not convinced about starting a blog but reading the comments of people God has touched, I am more than glad I did it. Sometimes, stepping out in obedience is the key to our inner prayer. Listen to God today; step out in faith like the cat above. 


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