Trick 1…”My Soul Mate”

The devil does not have power over a Christian. Rather, he uses tricks on Christians. Any Christian that is deceived by the devil suffers affliction the same way Adam and Eve suffered affliction when they were deceived by the devil in the Garden of Eden.

One of the major tricks the devil uses to cause delayed marriages, separation and divorce is called the trick of soul mate.


What is the Trick of Soul Mate?

This is the trick the devil uses to make people believe they have soul mates. The devil uses this trick to deceive people into believing their marriages can only be successful if they marry their soul mates. This trick is a major cause of delayed marriages, separation and divorce in the world today.

Does Soul Mate Exist?

A soul mate does not exist. It is a trick of the devil. No one on earth has a soul mate. There are no two persons on earth that are compatible. Compatibility is a state where two people feel alike, think alike and act alike. It is a state of no conflict. Such state does not exist on earth. Even identical twins are not compatible. There is no particular person you have to marry in order to have a successful marriage.  What makes a marriage successful is not the person you marry but your willingness to tolerate, forgive and workout your marriage. It will interest you to note that there is no mention of soul mate in the Bible. If soul mate exists, it would have been mentioned in the Bible. If soul mate does not exist, how then did it originate?

What is Soul Mate?

A soul mate can be defined as a person with whom one has a deep affinity or compatibility. It simply means the person one should marry to have a successful marriage. It can also be defined as the other half of one’s soul.

The Origin of Soul Mate –  Aristophanes

Aristophanes, the greatest comedian of all ages, cracked a joke in a symposium in 416 BC.  In his comedy, he joked that man originally had four legs, two heads, and two sexual organs (one female and one male). But God feared their power and split every human being into half. He said that since the splitting, human beings have been searching for the other halves, which are their soul mates.

Attendees of the symposium enjoyed the joke and laughed so much that other comedians picked up the topic. With time, film producers and writers started developing story lines on soul mates.

The doctrine of soul mate is not real. It is a trick of the devil.

How it Causes Delayed Marriage

The trick of soul mate makes singles to unknowingly search for perfect beings they would marry. The truth is that if soul mate exists and one marries his soul mate, the couple will be a perfect match. So, when a man believes he has a soul mate, he subconsciously looks for a perfect lady. And because there is no perfect lady, he cannot find one.

A 32-year-old Christian, for example, has a job and accommodation, and is ready to settle down. He meets a lady he likes, who is also a good Christian. Rather than marrying her, he takes time to study this princess of Zion to be convinced she is “that one”. After one year of intensive study, the lady misses it and puts up an unusual behaviour. This makes the man believe she is not “that one” and he breaks up the relationship.

At this point, he becomes more cautious in choosing ladies. Six months later, he meets another Christian lady he likes, and starts another round of intensive study. After two years, he finds some faults and accepts she is not “that one”. He breaks up the relationship and the search continues.

The cycle may continue for over eight years.  Even when he eventually marries at 40, he does so because he feels time is no longer on his side and not because he has found his soul mate.

Similarly, when an unmarried lady believes there is a “particular one” for her, the mentality automatically puts off would-be spouses. Even when she steps into a relationship, this wouldn’t lead to marriage because the man is not that “particular one”. And because that “particular one” does not exist, the end result would be delayed marriage.

The most annoying part of this trick of soul mate is that in spite of the fact that no one has ever found his or her soul mate, people are still searching for it. There are actually some people who get married believing they have found their soul mates. But few weeks into marriage, they would confess they didn’t marry their soul mates.

How it causes Separation and Divorce

When a couple marry because they believe they are soul mates, they have made one of the biggest mistakes in their lives.

This wrong notion would make them believe they are perfect match. As a result, they would expect so much from each other.

Few weeks into their marriage, one of them would put up an unusual behaviour and they would have a conflict. After the conflict, the man might believe he made a mistake in his choice of spouse. He might feel he missed his soul mate, and would stop making efforts to make the marriage work. His wife on other hand, would become frustrated because of her husband’s change of attitude towards her. This in turn would make her believe she married wrongly, and give up on any efforts to save her marriage.

Their marriage would start crashing and the couple would both become frustrated and unhappy. If care is not taken, the marriage might completely crash. This is one way, the trick of soul mate has immensely contributed to the breakdown of the marriage system on earth.

Solution to the Trick of Soul Mate

First, you have to understand that no one has a soul mate.  There is no particular one God created for anybody. If God created a particular person for us, He would have told His friend Abraham about the lady He created for Isaac. This did not happen as Abraham mandated his servant to search for “a wife” (Gen 24:2-4). The phrase “A wife” in the passage, shows he didn’t ask the servant to get a particular wife. “A” is an indefinite article, which means the same as “any”.

The only condition Abraham gave his servant was to make sure the lady comes from his kindred. That condition also applies to every Christian. We must marry from the kindred of Abraham. How does that concern us in this generation? The Bible says in Galatians 3:7 that Christians are the children of Abraham.

Though, you have to marry from the Christian community, the choice is yours. Even when you pray for direction, God will not force anyone on you. The right of choice cannot be denied man. No wonder the Bible says in Proverbs 18:22 that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. It is your responsibility to find a spouse while it is God’s responsibility to favour you.

It is very important you know that the success of your marriage is not dependent on your spouse. The success of your marriage is determined by your willingness to tolerate, forgive and work out your marriage.

Why Many are deceived by the devil’s Tricks

Very many teachings of marriage in the Christian community are not based on the scriptures but on philosophies of men. The teachings make human sense but don’t produce results.  Unfortunately very many people embrace teachings because they make human sense; not because they are scriptural.  Every trick of the devil makes human sense but is not based on the word of God.

My earnest advice is that you accept a teaching because it is scriptural, even if it does not make human sense. A teaching will produce result as long as it is scriptural.

So, my dear Princes and Princesses of Zion, you do not have a soul mate. There is not one particular person God destined you to marry either. Just find a genuine God fearing born again partner who you like and are equally yoked with. STOP waiting for the one. He/she does not exist. I mean, imagine if it was true, we live in the world, not Heaven. People die, people lose their salvation, people become gay, so what if your soul mate died when they were a teenage or is now gay or an atheist, will God still expect you to marry him/her or are there some soul mates on reserve benches? NO!!!


God bless you



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7 responses to “Trick 1…”My Soul Mate”

  1. Funto

    Hello princess of zion,

    First I have to commend you for this blog. Even though I mistakenly stumbled on it, It has been quite enlightening and personally, has helped to drive home many of the things I already know, but sometimes tend to take for granted!

    But I do not totally agree with this particular thread on tricks (Pt&3) . {I havent yet read Pt.2, maybe when I do, I would have a few comments.}

    Your opinion “There is no particular one God created for anybody”

    Case in point- God created Eve for Adam, The bible clearly records that HE put Adam in a deep sleep, took some ribs out of his side and created Eve.
    So, yes there is someone out there for everybody, it is now your responsibility to prayerfully find that person.

    I think the issue here is people thinking they have to find the “perfect” person. NOBODY is perfect. Love is about finding someone, and loving that imperfect person perfectly. This is only possible through the help of the Holy Spirit.

    Again, before you decide to court/marry somebody, there has to be some level of compatibility!!!!!!! It will never be 100percent!! I can stand and tell you that there are some ‘brothers’ in this same Christian-fold that I won’t dream of touching with a 10ft-pole! Reason: We arent compatible, and such a marriage is destined to be full of strife (even though they may be “born-again” and love God!

    When searching for a life partner, there needs to be some basic things. Him being “born-again” ( I have issues with this phrase because it has been badly abused-but lets go on, lest i digress) is a GIVEN, but my dear there are other add-ons. These differ as per individuals, cos ultimately you know yourself and what you can live with or without.

    Marriage is a VERY BIG DEAL, once u and God are on the same page, he WILL direct you to the one he has destined for you to spend the rest of your life with!!!

    The issue of being “head over heels in love” is a discussion for another time 😉

    • Dear Funto,

      You are welcome in Jesus Name’. I also was of that opinion until i studied the Scriptures over and over again and attended several seminars.

      God was trying to solve the problem of a help-meet for Adam when He created Eve! He first created animals and presented them to Adam, Adam named them but still no perfect help meet was found! Then, God created a human being like Adam and presented her to Adam, Adam then declared that she was the bone of his bones! (Genesis 2:18-25)

      Eve wasn’t forced on Adam. Adam chose her! If you read the passage properly, you would see that it was Adam’s right to pick what each creation was to him! If he said Eve is my friend, she would have been the friend and God would have made someone else until He said it was the bone of his bones.

      Read other Bible stories about marriage; a key one being Isaac and Rebecca! (Genesis 24:1-67). In this case, it was Abraham, father of Isaac who sent a servant to find a wife for Isaac from his tribe. God didn’t tell the servant who to pick, rather the servant prayed, asked for God’s speed and declared that

      “O Lord, God of my master, Abraham,” he prayed. “Please give me success today, and show unfailing love to my master, Abraham. See, I am standing here beside this spring, and the young women of the town are coming out to draw water. This is my request. I will ask one of them, ‘Please give me a drink from your jug.’ If she says, ‘Yes, have a drink, and I will water your camels, too!’—let her be the one you have selected as Isaac’s wife. This is how I will know that you have shown unfailing love to my master.”

      He did the picking but He worked with God but He picked!

      When I was born, God didn’t destine a spouse for me; because we are in the world, not in Heaven! What if he died at infancy, or became gay or today is a herbalist? It is a wrong doctrine! Moreover, the Word says- He that “FINDS A” wife!! (Proverbs 18:22) In other words, you find the person and the use of “a” deduces that there isn’t “the one”.

      Another issue is, even as Adam was the one that declared Eve as his wife, after they ate the apple, he blamed it on God and said “It was the woman You gave me who gave me the fruit and i ate it” (Genesis 3:12). If God chose particular spouses for people with no other option, when their marriages ran into trouble, they would blame it on God!

      On so many other levels, it isn’t correct! I however used to believe in “the one” but after studying and being active in the Word and seminars, I discovered there is no such thing.

      The criteria for courting or marrying someone, I have discussed on so many posts.
      1- They must be of the tribe of israel- Genuinely born again, spirit filled, God led Christians. AMEN.
      2- The two must be equally yoked
      3- You should like the person, want to be with them forever and marry them i.e nobody forced them on you. You are with them out of your own free will.
      4- Compatibility- Which has several other sub topics under- vision, character, maturity, readiness for marriage etc.

      Some people may not understand “tricks” because like I said, these are things the devil has taught for generations and many believe these things and pass on to others!

      Praying that God Himself in His infinite wisdom will speak to each and everyone of us in a way that we understand and make important changes! Amen!

      God bless you.

    • Venus

      Funto you write very well, think of creating your own blog. And I also agree with you regarding the Soul Mate and being ”head over heels in love”….No offence to your Princess of Zion but I do not agree. Because going by your ideology, ANY WOMAN CAN MARRY ANY MAN as long as they are Christians and are Yoked and there is a level of compatibility. I do not agree with this. I dont necessarily believe there is a ”the one” but I do believe that you have to be in love BEFORE you get married….

      my two cents…

      • Hi Venus,

        You are welcome in Jesus Name. That is not my ideology, yes those things need to be in place and then there are other things, I speak about genuinely wanting to be with them (not because you just want to be married or are forced by parents because of your age) your vision and so on. There’s more to it which I addressed in other posts.

        With regard to being “in love”, I addressed this with another comment.

        What I meant to say was- Don’t be in a hurry to “fall in love”, get to know that person FIRST and decide if you will like to marry him before you fall in love. Many a time, we just rush into things, “fall in love” before truly examining the situation and after this, it becomes so difficult to truly evaluate the situation. Do you understand what I mean? Get to know the person first, discern if they are truly born again, if you are equally yoked first. After that, when you are sure this is someone you would like to marry, go ahead! It sounds near impossible because you can’t control your feelings right? We are children of the most High! The Holy Spirit is in us to give us control over our flesh and emotions!

        Love is good because when you love someone, no matter how they look, smell, act you will overlook and keep loving. This is good in marriage because it helps them to stay together but when two people have not decided whether they want to marry and they “fall in love”, suddenly discerning whether he is truly born again becomes difficult. To you, he is. Are you equally yoked, yes you are by force!! Can you live with him forever, the answer will be yes! You become oblivious to many things!! Ideal scenario, meet on normal grounds, get to know each other, prayerfully discern, ask the right questions, find out more about them, be friends and pray!! If you feel you would like to marry this person and God indeed led you, go ahead and court with the intention to MARRY!! Now, you can “fall in love”. But not before you make all the right decisions. May still sound foreign to you but don’t get emotional or too involved until you are sure. That is what we are trying to convey. And if you are married, and you feel you have fallen out of love, you really haven’t!! It’s a phase, reinforce your spouse’s positive attributes, pray and tell yourself you are going nowhere. Okay? You can love before you marry, that is fine as long as you have made the important enquiries and decisions.

        God bless

  2. Sola O

    You are very on point princess of Zion because I was just speaking to a sis in the lord and she mentioned the scenario of Adam blaming God after eating the forbidden fruit with eve. Saying ” its the woman you gave me”. So you HAVE to choose your own partner and TAKE THEM to God. He does not choose for anyone after Adam blamed him. So…. Thinking there is a soul mate is totally a trick. Matter of fact, I believe a person may even have more than one soul mate. That is, there is more than one person you are most likely spiritually and physically compatible with. And whom you could spend the rest of your life with.

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