Ladies, men..Have you ever wondered why we are so different? It’s not a myth it is true! Ever wonder why women can have a little argument and keep malice for seventy years? Whilst men, can have a psychical fight one minute and the next they’re hugging when their football teams scores a goal? Or why some men court you for ten years and don’t propose while some decide within a month that girl A is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with?

Honey if you intend to get it right with men. There are a few things that you may need to know. And I have good news for

you. Come SUNDAY 15th JULY 2012. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwowill be teaching on MANners.

@ David’s Christian Centre,

Victory Dome,

Fatgbems Bus stop

Amuwo Lagos, Nigeria.

Time 4.00pm.

Don’t miss it. It’ll just be Pastor K and the ladies (sorry guys you’re not invited. How could they invite you? They’re going to be gossiping about you :-) )

So ladies. Don’t miss it and please bring a friend.

And oh! singing sensationYinka Davies will be there and Palmira and (ya gurl again…) Chigurl. So see you there. Watch the promo video below and click on the other links to find out more about Pastor Kingsley’s ministry.


MANners video skit.




I posted this because I noticed that I have a high following from Nigeria and because Pastor Kingsley and his wife are two of the most anointed Pastors I know. Most of what I know, God taught me through them. When it comes to relationships and marriage, their teaching is second to none. They are FABULOUS!! Please, make it if you can.

Men, please don’t feel left out, I’ll be addressing you soon. Also, to those in the UK, my highest readership, I can’t ignore you, will have some information of programmes you can also attend. Please bear with me.


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