Heart & Soul Conference

Good Evening all, 

To those of you who don’t know, I am a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Specifically, I attend the Jesus House for all Nations Parish. Fondly called “Jesus House”. It is led by Pastor Agu Irukwu (He recently was voted as Britain’s most influential black Person in a vote led by the Mayor of London/Metro Newspaper). The Church is very well known, we’ve had visits from the Prince of Wales and his wife, from the Mayor of London and so many more dignitaries. 

Jesus House is one of the biggest RCCG Churches in the UK with a 3000 strong congregation and 8 services a week, including our French and Portuguese Church. In the 16 years of existence, it has grown to be the leading RCCG Church in the UK. As such, many other parishes look to Jesus House to mentor them.

Many requests have been made for the other Parishes to spend time with us and understudy our best practises. So, the Lord laid it upon Pastor Agu’s heart to “open our books” to all other Churches through a 3 day conference. It’s being held from Tomorrow, Thursday 5th of July till Saturday 7th July 2012. We have a series of seminars where we have speakers teach all the other parish representatives about what we do in different areas such as multimedia, CSR, Events, PR and so on. So, they too can also equip their Churches, we also tell them the mistakes we’ve made; so they don’t repeat them. There is no point hugging our “secrets”. It is all for the Kingdom and we must grow. 

ImageccSo, the morning sessions are from 10am till 5:30pm and these are for Church workers/leaders only. 

Whilst the evening sessions start at 7pm and are open to all. 

The guest speakers who are all flying in are: Pastor Tony Rapu, Pastor Tola Odutola and Dr Samuel Chand. 

Please if you are in the UK, endeavour to attend this event, tickets cost £15 only or £10 each for a group of five or more, and it covers all three days. If you are passionate about equipping the Church, leadership and the heart of the Church, this is for you.

Even if you are not a worker or leader in your Church but you sense a call on your life, please attend this event. It will bless you and your forthcoming ministry. AMEN.

Please invite some people you know it will bless. Some of you know Church leaders or workers you have been praying  for an event and opportunity like this, please invite them. God will bless you all. AMEN.  

The venue is Jesus House

112 Brent Terrace, 

Brent Cross

Thursday: 10am-5:30pm. Eve session by Pastor Tony Rapu of This Present House, Lagos, Nigeria 7-9pm.

Friday: 10am-5:30pm. Eve session by Pastor Tola Odutola of Jesus House, Baltimore. 

Saturday: 10am-4pm allday with Dr Samuel Chand; author of “Cracking your Church’s Culture”.


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