Hearing from God

When i was a baby Christian, I marvelled at people who said “God told me”. I too wanted God to tell me something. I was so desperate for it. Finally it came, the first time I heard from Him was so special, I still remember it was a Sunday; 10th of July to be exact. After that, I heard from him sporadically but now, it’s so consistent and I always know when it’s Him. It is absolutely fabulous.

I need to tell you something now. God wants some people to know this..The answer to that your prayer lies in Matthew 18:19-20. For some of you, it may never have been suggested before but for some of you, you’ve been asked/urged to join people in agreement but you haven’t.

ImageI always knew about the prayer of agreement and I try to practise it as often as possible. Even right from the tender age of 12, I remember using this tool. However the God of Abraham has laid it upon my heart to practise this tool much more often and effectively. On Sunday, as I explained in an earlier post, I got a word from Elohim’s basket and it was Matthew 18:19. When I saw it, i felt slightly let down because every other word I had received, I understood at once but this I didn’t. I thought, has Elohim’s basket stopped working for me?

However, that same day…Oh I need to pause and praise this God! This mighty God! Ah my everlasting Father, Wonderful Counsellor, my husband, my lily of the valley, mighty rose of sharon, The Lion of the tribe of judah, oh Jesus You are the Lion and the lamb. The unchangeable changer, the uncreated creator, the way, the truth, the resurrection, the life and the light. Thank You Father.

Yes, so that same day, I received a notification from the prayer Eagles site, on a comment I had posted on there, This is what it said.

“Brothers and sisters our God is able, lets unite in prayer and believe His word that says when 2 or more are gathered in my name…. ! We might not be physically together but we are believing God for one good cause. Lets unite and make a demand on the Heavens, God will surely move. Is there anything too hard for our God?”

I thought wow! It was then I thought the God wanted me to support her and reinforce the fact that we needed to start a prayer chain, so I sent out a decree and the prayer chain started there. Unfortunately/fortunately, I couldn’t fully operate on their site due to certain limitations; which was why I launched this blog. Praise be to God!!

I work in a Church office and we hold praise and worship in the morning. So, this morning during our prayer session, I was reading one of my devotionals (I read three every day) and the topic was AGREEMENT PRAYERS, that was all it was about and the only scripture quoted was Matthew 18:19-20 I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes because I was still shocked and humbled by God’s revelations on Sunday. This was too much.

Too make things even more clear, oh the person leading the session then said we would be holding a prayer chain next week. I thought oh wow!! God is speaking. I felt absolutely humbled that God used three different means to speak to me. This God is a big God and I love him so much!!

So, I need us to do something fantastic!! Please children of Zion, let’s do what God has laid upon our hearts and let’s see His will come to pass in our lives. I want to remind you all that we must be our brother’s keeper. Let’s form a community where we look out for one another, please I implore you. When God is about to do something great, He needs people to work through, please let God use you. He won’t forsake you and as He uses you. Oh, your own prayers will be answered. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. AMEN.

I will give you an example, in 2010, a friend of mine was doing her Master’s in England, she was owing the school about £15,000. So, she had to go about pleading with people for loans and donations. One of her mother’d friends was able to give her £6,000. Whilst she was getting the funds ready, someone in the woman’s office heard she was making such a large donation. The man who never knew the girl in question said this “What? I need to tap into this blessing” because He recognised that God was about to do a great work and he too wanted to partake in the blessing of donating towards this work because he knew the reward would be abundant”.

It is the same principle with time, energy and prayer. As you spend time praying for others, God will surely answer your prayer. Amen.

Apart from the new prayer chain, I implore you to have a prayer partner. I have one. This is someone you pray with regarding anything and everything, someone you trust. You pray for one another and you pray together. It is more effective than praying alone. If you are married, please pray with your spouse EVERYDAY! If not, find a friend, sibling, relative, colleague or Pastor. If you want a prayer pen pal, please tell me, I can set up a page for that, where two people can become partners and they can send their requests to each other daily/weekly.

Deuteronomy 32:30 says agreement can cause two people to have power of control over 10,000 while one person is only able to control 1,000. In other words, your prayer is at least ten times more powerful when you agree with someone else. Oh thank You Jesus.

Please refer to the new Prayer Chain page here –https://princessofzion.wordpress.com/new-prayer-chain/

Please please please, be a part of God’s awesome miracle. AMEN.

God bless you as you give your time to partake in His wonderful work. AMEN.



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