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The Vision for Princess of Zion

Hello everyone,

I realise that we have so many new readers onboard and may not be aware of what Princess of Zion (POZ) is all about and who I am. For every organisation, Church, ministry, department or blog, you need to have a vision and direction and remind your audience and helpers what the vision is.

Proverbs 29:18- Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. 

From Nehemiah 1-3, when the wall of Jerusalem was being rebuilt, it was made obvious that in whatever you do, you must remind yourself and others of what the vision is. Taking this example, it is important to do it at least once a month, at the very least. I hope that understanding what the vision is will encourage you in your personal relationship and journey with God, will inspire you and help you to contribute to the vision by sharing with others. God bless.

About me

I am a British born Nigerian woman who lives in London. I am a born again Christian working part time in my Church office (RCCG Jesus House), I serve within two other ministries in Church whilst studying for my Post graduate degree.

I have a degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) and a certification in Peer listening. I will be moving to Lagos, Nigeria at the end of the year, to take up a role as a guidance counsellor. In Nigeria, I hope to bring the POZ movement to life.

For now, I like to agree with people, pray with them and encourage them with the word of God. All of my “counsel” is based on a Scriptural perspective, many of which are actually practised in Psychology but under the umbrella of “Science”.

For more information, questions, suggestions or if you would like me to pray with/for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Send all enquiries to

The POZ Vision

I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (Senior Pastor of David’s Christian Centre/Love, Dating & Marriage) and he said something that resonated with me- He said…”Don’t take nonsense my friend, how dare you? You are a DAUGHTER OF ZION!!!”

Ever since that day, I see myself as exactly that. A daughter of Zion! A princess of Zion!  It feels so empowering. Even though the blog is called “Princess of Zion”, men are welcome and I do reach out to you too.

I am a Christian woman living my life for God and praying He will use me to do His work. I am very passionate about empowering women to do the best they can and be the best version of them. I have witnessed so much in my lifetime, women being victims of spousal abuse, infidelity and so much more. On the other side, I’ve also seen women give us a bad name, women involved in prostitution, infidelity and many unspeakable things.

My goal in ministry is to one day set up a recognised ministry for women, where we deal with issues we currently cover on the blog, female empowerment, reaching your goals, being a woman of virtue in the 21st century, how to meet a Godly spouse and so on. I intend to use my education and experience in Psychology and listening to help the people I encounter.

1- My passion and vision is to create and raise a generation of Princesses of Zion, virtuous women, 21st century Rebeccas and Esthers. Women who have true Godly character.

2- Women who are strong and meet their goals in every sphere of life, in terms of their academics, careers, jobs, businesses and ministry. Women who will be at the top in their line of work and ministry. Women who will use their talents and gifts for the Kingdom and to further their careers.

3- Women who know their value and won’t settle for less. Women who know their place in society and as a result will apply Biblical principles in meeting their husbands and in marriage, as such, they will never be victims of abuse, infidelity or those other societal “norms” that many of us have settled for. Women who won’t indulge in fornication or adultery but will uphold their morals and virtues.

4- We need a generation of Princesses of Zion who will cause a generation of Princes of Zion to arise and they will give birth to Godly fruit; princes and princesses of Zion. AMEN

5- I am believing in Him for my own Prince of Zion, to be my head and lead me in his vision so I can submit under his ministry. I am very passionate about the institution of marriage and the family and I believe that God wants everyone to get married and have a family vision and go about achieving it. I want to see families, were the man is the head, not only financially and physically but spiritually and the wife is indeed his help meet. I want that for myself and I want that for everyone.

6- This is a powerful platform for us as children of the most High to stand together and make a demand on Heaven. Whatever it is you are going through, share with us and we will all join you in prayer. When two or more agree on earth concerning ANYTHING, it will be done by our Father in Heaven. AMEN. Matthew 18:19. It may be something never discussed before but please don’t hesitate to speak. You may want me to address a particular issue, which i will. You are all welcome in Jesus Name. AMEN.

I hope this has enlightened you on what the POZ movement is about and has inspired you to chase your dreams, realise your vision and be the best you can be. I also pray that when this movement becomes a fully functional ministry, you will support us with prayers and in every way you can. God bless and prosper you all. AMEN.



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Sex, Marriage & Fairytales

Good Afternoon all,

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Tuesday wherever you are. Last week, one of our wonderful readers send a link. It’s a wonderful video by Jefferson Bethke; a young Christian man who has such a strong passion for Jesus and the Bible. He’s a normal person just like you and I but his love for Jesus has made him an insertion to many Christian youths.

His heart is to reach this generation with the timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, he is passionate about people understanding the magnitude of God’s grace and the freedom it provides from the past, the power it provides for the present, and the hope it provides for the future.

He studied political science at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. After graduating in 2011, I moved back to Tacoma, Washington, where he currently attends Mars Hill Church in Federal Way and most recently worked for Jubilee REACH, a non-profit organization whose mission is to love their neighbor.

Please watch the video below; I pray it will inspire you and give you a clearer understanding and picture of what God wants relationships and marriages to be. God bless and prosper you all.


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Excelling as a woman

Good Morning everyone,

How are we all doing? Praying you all had a wonderful and great start to the week. May this week be full of testimonies! Amen! It’s the last day of July; I can’t believe how quickly the months have flown by; I just pray that the remaining five months of this year will surpass the others. Amen.

Today’s post is the last instalment of the series by Rev Funke Adejumo. She had three sermons, titled; excelling as a woman, wife and mother. If you haven’t read the other two, please read them here-

Men, I encourage you to read those posts too; she refers to both men and women. Anyway, we’re finally here! I pray you enjoy the message and it encourages you to be a better person. Amen.


Marriage doesn’t complete a woman; if you think that each time women gather, it is about husband, you need to look deeper into yourself! Women, we need to be more destiny conscious. If you are incomplete as a single woman, you will meet an incomplete single man and have an incomplete marriage. So, as single women, we need to invest in ourselves. Every marriage goes through storms; even the house that was built on the rock went through the storm, likewise that built on the sand. What happens after the storm is what counts. So, don’t kill yourself if you’re 47 and not yet married. God comes late when He wants to come big. Don’t kill yourself because six men have jilted you. To be the right person is more important than meeting the right person because water will always find it’s level. If you are a mother, please decide the number of children you can adequately bear and rear. It’s not just enough to bear children but you must be able to rear them too.

What does it mean to excel?

The quality of being extremely good at something

It is the ability to attain the zenith of performance.

The ability to exceed the ordinary.

1 Samuel 25:2-3- And there was a man in Maon, whose possessions were in Carmel; and the man was very great, and he had three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats: and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel. Now the name of the man was Nabal; and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance: but the man was churlish and evil in his doings; and he was of the house of Caleb.

A woman of good understanding and beautiful countenance- That is the epitome of a woman who is excelling. But we have to wonder why she was married to such a man; beloved be careful of who you marry. Marriage is not a weekend affair but a lifetime event.

If you are going to excel as a woman, these factors are very important.


The “God” factor

Your relationship with God is the starting point to your excellence. There is a vacuum in every human being that can only be filled by Jesus. So, the starting point is being born again. It’s not enough to be a member of Day Star or RCCG, you must give your life to Christ. If you’re not saved, you are not safe. Your personal relationship with God must be dynamic if you want to excel.

If you are born again, love God; love God with passion and serve Him. Let Him know that there is a woman on earth who loves Him. Each time God looks on earth, let Him see you and be gladdened. If you love God, you won’t sleep with any man before you marry neither will you sleep with your boss for a promotion. Any man that says he can’t marry you unless you sleep with him doesn’t deserve you. He’s a broken down volkswagen; wait for your Rolls Royce. Love God enough, tell Him that others may do it, but you won’t. Make up your mind to live for God and serve Him. Even if you lost your virginity before, it doesn’t mean you should keep on losing it. If you love God, nobody needs to beg or drag you to the midweek service. You’ve been born again for six months, yet no department in Church. Why not join one and serve the living God? You must excel when it comes to the God factor. Serve God with your life and with your money. When last did you close your account because of God. A good Christian marriage is a salary paid by God. You want a great Christian man but are you a great Christian woman? God is careful about who He entrusts with His servants. These days all we hear is prosperity, breakthrough, what about holiness?


The “you” factor

You are very important and were created to excel. Have you ever looked at the anatomy of the human body? How come your feet don’t face the sides or the back? How come your eyes are not at the back of your head. The anatomy of man suggests that God expects us to be forward looking; Your life is not permitted us to use the reverse gear. Incase that is happening in your life, God is cooking something and in the Name of Jesus, You will go forward. Amen.

Aeroplanes don’t have a reverse gear; a machine is brought to push it backwards until it gets to the point of take off. If anyone laughs at the plane when it is going backwards, the person is laughing too early because soon after the plane is airborne, it will be cruising at 37000 ft above sea level. So, in case it seems you are still moving backwards and all your mates have left you behind and mock you, they are laughing too early because very soon, you will be air borne. This is you season; Amen.

When God told Noah to bring the animals into the arc, the elephant was there, the cheetah, the lion and all the huge animals. They ran into the arc at record speed. However, the snail, tortoise were slow, it must have taken them days to enter! But guess what, THE ARC COULD NOT BE SHUT WITHOUT THE SNAIL OR THE TORTOISE!!

It doesn’t matter who has gone ahead or who has entered, tell yourself, I am also coming!! “I thank God for Pastor EA Adeboye, Kenneth Copeland, Rev Sam Adeyemi and Bishop Oyedepo, but I AM ALSO COMING”

 Imagine a pregnant woman sitting down while another who has given birth is sitting opposite her. The one who has put to bed is nursing her child, while the pregnant woman is relaxing! The pregnant woman has no need to envy the nursing mother! Why? She is pregnant and it is only a matter of time before she puts to bed and begins nursing, AMEN!!
It is a matter of time! I say it again, a pregnant woman does not need to envy a nursing mother; it is a matter of time. There is a book God is writing about your life and there is a chapter in that book called time. Don’t envy anybody whose time has come. Don’t envy anybody whose already excelling because it is a matter of time. Thank God for them but tell yourself, tell everybody that you are also coming.
You may have made mistakes, yes! But your mistakes can not stop your miracles. Be encouraged! Your husband may have died, your children may not be doing as well as they should, don’t worry! God is still alive! You go to bed every night and wet your pillow with tears, don’t worry your midnight is almost over, your sun will shine again! Somebody believe and receive it. A man jilted you and said he no longer wants you, pick yourself up, the man God will bring you can not even be compared to the former. The doctors may have told you that it is over, God is here to do something. When God speaks, medical science shuts up. Who says it when the Lord has not said it. You may have been writing exams for years and no success yet, your testimony is here! Amen!
How to excel
It starts with your thinking
The quality of your mind determines everything. You are not better than what you think- Proverbs 23:7. Think good of yourself- wake up in the morning and thank God for who you are. Stop complaining that somebody isn’t greeting you, greet yourself. Don’t wait for people to applaud or compliment you. Don’t look for people’s approval; like yourself. When people do compliment you, learn to accept the compliments. Think! How can you improve your life, how can you become the best caterer or fashion designer in your country? Think about your life. If you want to excel as a woman, you must think.
You must have knowledge
You must have the ability to gain knowledge. Where there is a will, there is a way. Some of us are 2st century women and we don’t even know how to use computers or email. When your husband is speaking politics, you are speaking about tomatoes. Yet, you complain that the secretary is winning your husband. It’s because you haven’t upgraded and updated yourself. If you read the Bible alone, you will have revelations but to gain knowledge, you need to read other books. We are 21st century women, we shouldn’t just watch Africa Magic or Desperate Housewives. Otherwise, our brains will become redundant. Watch other beneficial programmes; read books. Knowledge announces and promotes you- Seek knowledge about how a successful business, marriage or ministry is run. Seek knowledge.
The power of consistency
Some people give up too soon. You open a business and you drop it after a few months. Three years ago, you started an event, it didn’t go well but you dropped it. Show me a star and they will show you their scars. Don’t envy anyone’s story or glory, if you’re not ready to have their pains. Don’t live your life to please people; it isn’t the dress that makes the man but the man makes the dress.
Genesis 26- Isaac didn’t give up digging the well, he dug until he found the water. Life is like a tea bag, it creates the best response when in contact with hot water. Try new ways of doing what you do.
If you want to excel as a woman, you need to work hard. Hardwork will not kill you.
Proverbs 13:4- The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.
You receive the extra ordinary anointing by doing the extra ordinary. You are a woman of assignment; when you get to Heaven, you will only do two things, worship and visit. Remember that you don’t have time; think about your parents. Many of them can’t eat until you send them money. Is that how you want to be? God forbid! Let’s make use of the time we have and do something great. The number of children you have, is the number of houses you must leave behind MINIMUM! So when you’re gone they won’t fight! Amen!
Proverbs 13:22-A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
Some of us, the money we should have spent on building homes, we are wearing in the form of lace material, designer bags and shoes just because we must wear what the celebrities are wearing. Make sure that your life is impactful. When you travel and you call home, your husband should beg to have you back and not celebrate your absence.
Knowledge exposes you but purposes inspires you. Any man that walks outside his purpose, will be frustrated
When David wanted to marry Micah, he asked for the price of her dowry, he was told 100 foreskins but David said she was worth much more and offered to pay double.
Ask yourself this question, if your husband was asked to repay your dowry, what will he pay? More, less or the same? What will he pay based on your contribution to the home.
Take good care of yourself as a woman, when your husband introduces you, nobody should think you’re his mother. Please let’s take care of ourselves, drink water! Some of us only drink fizzy drinks. If your toilet is dirty, throw a bottle of coke down the toilet, shut it for two hours, when you return, it will be sparkling clean. Thats how acidic and destructive coke is. Let’s be conscious of our diet and exercise. Let’s be conscious of our lifestyle. That husband you think is not good, God forbid you die, 50 women will queue to marry him! Don’t die! Don’t kill yourself.
I hope this message has encouraged and blessed someone. I pray that as women, we will realise that we are destined for greatness, we are much more than wives and mothers. That is not all we are called to be! Take the time to pursue God, discover your purpose, maximise your potential and impact lives. Amen. God bless and prosper you all.




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10 commandments of waiting

Good Afternoon all,

I am extremely sorry for posting this late! Please bear with me! As you know, I work in a Church office, I serve in two other ministries in Church, I’m on a Post Graduate degree, I also freelance for another business and I work with the UK CIPR. My hands are so full at the moment but I pray to send at least one post each day. I honestly love and appreciate every single one of you and I’m so glad I started this blog, I thank God for His mercies. It’s been a great journey so far, writing the posts, getting replies and questions but a large part of what I do is with the emails. Several people email me daily and it takes a huge chunk of my time. Please pray that God will give me grace and strength to keep on going and that no other area of my life will suffer. AMEN! Thank you all so much!

Today’s post is based on a sermon by Pastor Mildred Okonkwo (David’s Christian Centre, Love Dating & Marriage, Just Us Girls). The message is basically about managing the “waiting period”. Waiting for your husband or wife. As much as we try to be strong, I do understand and acknowledge that it isn’t always easy. So, I pray that this message will bless you.


1- Thou shall not be desperate.

Too many people when waiting for something become desperate and when you are desperate, you make poor decisions and most likely will settle for less than you should. The truth is that men can smell desperation a mile away. For example, when you like a guy even when he’s saying something that is not funny, you laugh hysterically and offer him your seat or the last cupcake. Isn’t that what the man is meant to do? All of that won’t make him marry you, it will do the opposite, make him run far away. Why? Men are natural born chasers and hunters. Pastor K (Pastor M’s husband) uses this example a lot, I love it. Imagine you are hunting and you set a trap for the animal and as you turn away, the animal jumps right into your bag. Not even the trap; won’t you run away. Or imagine staying at a hunting lodge and you set the traps in the forest and enter the lodge and you hear a knock at the door and it’s an antelope and it walks right past you, straight to the kitchen, jumps into the pot and even puts on the gas. Come one! How many of you will wait, of course you will run away. That is the exact case with men. Remember the story of Esau and Jacob, because Esau was desperately hungry, he traded his birthright just for a meal! He made an exceptionally silly decision because he was desperate. If you are still waiting on your future spouse, don’t be desperate! Just relax and wait on God, you don’t need to be desperate. If you take your time, it will also help you ensure you are making the right decisions. Amen.


2- Thou shall love yourself.

I’m not implying that you should be selfish but love yourself. Don’t put your life on hold just because you want to get married. Of course, many of us are from societies and backgrounds where so much emphasis is placed on being married by a certain age especially as a woman! You hear things like “she’s not married at this age? There is something wrong with her”. But that is a lie from the pit of hell. I don’t care what you have been told but there is nothing wrong with you. Mark 12:31- Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself; not more than yourself. Part of this is knowing your self worth. Like I always say, you were bought with a price. Jesus died for your sins. God had only one child and to show how important you are to Him, he scarified that child to save you. That’s how important you are, you are special to God! You are a prince or Princess of Zion! Please recognise your worth; many people don’t; that is why we find many Christians marrying unbelievers, please remember what 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 says, it’s like marrying a dead body; you will have to carry it around for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself, if nobody takes you out, take yourself out! Learn to take care of yourself, value yourself because if you don’t, whoever comes into your life will not value you and you will settle for less.


3- Thou shall get a life.

1 Corinthians 7: 32-34 basically explains that the single man/woman cares about how they may please God but when you get married, you will be concerned about how you can please your spouse; your interests are divided. So, when you are single, do something with your life, follow your dreams, your passions. Because when you are married, you will not have time. When you are single; that is the time to serve God and be passionate about the things of God because that is when you will have the time to do it. When you are married, you are no longer the owner of your time. So, when you are single, take advantage of that time. Develop yourself, pursue a career! Get a life, get a degree, get your PhD, start your business. Now that you are waiting to enter a relationship, focus on your life! Marriage will not turn you from a lizard to a crocodile. Marriage is beautiful and honourable but it won’t change you unless you change yourself first. Get a life; it is time to celebrate yourself; follow your dreams.


4- Thou shall not help or limit God. 

Remember the story of Abraham and Sarah- God promised them a male child; it didn’t happen immediately and Sarah got desperate and asked Abraham to sleep with her maid and he did that. However, after sometime, the Angel of the Lord appeared to them and told them that wasn’t the plan. Hello!! If God wants to do something, He will do it! Don’t insult Him by trying to help Him, don’t get pregnant so someone will marry you. Don’t go and move into his house and take over all the domestic chores! If it’s not God, it can’t be like God’s. Don’t try to help or limit Him, He doesn’t need your help. Don’t limit Him by having a list- For example Pastor M shared her own personal account- When she was single, she had a list- She wanted someone who wasn’t a Pastor, not igbo and not hairy. However, the man that proposed to her was an Igbo Pastor to her surprise and at first she resisted but prayed about it and today they are happily married with a beautiful daughter. Don’t limit yourself to- “He must be from my village, he must be fat, he must be an accountant”. Because God will make you wait and believe me, you can not out wait God. You need to get to a point where you’ll be so absorbed with the things of God that you won’t try to help or limit Him.


5- Thou shall have faith in God. 

I hear this statement a lot and I am also guilty of saying it in the past. “There are no men in this Church” “There are no good men in London”. God forbid! Please don’t use your tongue prophetically and destroy your future. Besides, isn’t it one man you need to marry? Not men! Why are you looking for men? It’s just one man! Let’s put our faith in God, not Church or any system! Many of us are blinded by natural things, for some of us we are sitting next to our future spouses but because they are in seed form, we don’t recognise them; we by pass them! Don’t put your faith in natural things; some of us have a long list- Tall, dark, handsome, rich, educated, born again, has a BMW, etc! But what is the motive? If your faith is in God and not natural things, He will orchestrate it! Just have faith in Him. When it comes to things of faith, just rest! Stop all the hustling, all the manual manipulation. God is God, He will do what He has to do.


6- Thou shall pray for the right things.

There are two categories of people- Those who don’t pray at all concerning marriage and those who pray but for the wrong things. Please read James 4: 1-4.

A lot of the time, people are waiting because they aren’t praying for the right things. Instead of praying for his character, you are praying about his bank account or his height.

Matthew 7:7- Ask and you shall receive. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive! God is not wicked! Pray about it but pray about the right things. Be careful about what you say- “I can never marry a short man”. Don’t say things like that because when it is time to eat your words, pride won’t let you and maybe that’s where God’s blessing for you is.


7- Thou shall love others.

Let me give you the example of Pastor M! When she was getting married, her best friend was coming out of a bad break up. But she was so selfless and helped her with all the wedding preparations. When it was time for Pastor M’s traditional wedding on a saturday, everyone travelled to the village on Friday but she couldn’t get the day off. So, she had to leave at 4am on saturday morning to make the event. She was there helping out, took over, she served everybody. During the ceremony, Pastor K’s brother said he wanted to eat, so Pastor M told them to summon her friend to serve him. Her friend went ahead and and served him, with no intentions whatsoever! Guess what? Today they are happily married with two kids. She had just come out of a bad relationship and was in no hurry to find someone else! She was working throughout the wedding, she really had no ulterior motives but was helping out purely out of the goodness of her heart! Out of all Pastor M’s friends at that time, she was the one that got married. What you make happen for others, God will surely make happen for you! It’s a principle that you can’t miss out! Be nice to others not just those you can marry. Remember the story of Isaac and Rebekah, the servant was an old man, not an eligible bachelor, yet she was so respectful and nice to him. That was what led to her marriage to Isaac.

Love also means putting an end to wrong relationships. For example, some men know who they want to marry but keep another woman on reserve. That is very wicked because you are letting her invest things she can never regain- her time, energy and emotional involvement. Please, let her go so she can find her own Prince of Zion. She may cry but better now than later. In shortening her wait, you will also shorten yours.

It is important that you love other people; don’t do it just because you want to get married but your motive must be right.


8- Thou shall have a good attitude. 

This is the essence of Christianity. I don’t care how many people you heal, how many souls you have saved, if you don’t have a good attitude/character then what does your Christianity really say? I work in a Church office and serve within ministries and you find people that are in Church every single Sunday, many even serve in Church but if you watch how they treat others, you will weep. Women, please let’s not be rude! Someone passes by you and hits you by mistake and you insult them. God is more interested in your character and behaviour than bringing you a spouse. He will invest more time in that because He knows that if He brings the spouse too early, your bad attitude may chase them away or may make you have a bad marriage. Before you get married, be nice to people, be respectful! Please, thank you and so on. This waiting period is the time to build your character. In marriage you will be tempted by your marriage/husband, learn to deal with it now so you won’t disrespect or insult him then. One major character trait that needs to be addressed is pride! Yes! God wants to humble some of us and that’s why he keeps us waiting. For some people, it will take being a bridesmaid 20 times for them to become humble! God will rather you stay single than get married and then divorced because of bad character! May that not be our portion in Jesus’ Name! If you have pride, I ask you to pray to God and take up a role as an usher in Church! Believe me, I used to have pride but when I started serving God and His people, every ounce of pride in me was released. I bless God for the day I became an usher. God resists the proud- 1 Peter 5:5. Somebody needs to repent of pride today.


9- Thou shall learn about relationships. 

Get informed before you get involved! You must know what you need to do before you start! That is why too many people have bad marriages and relationships. The waiting period is the time to read Christian books, buy CDS, attend seminars, read Christian blogs and seek counsel.

Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

There is no shame in attending a relationship seminar or buying books and CDs. My dear, it is better to be equipped than to get there and begin to pray for deliverance.


10- Thou shall not make marriage your god. 

Exodus 20: 3- Thou shalt have no other God before me

Too many people make marriage a god in their lives. The type of man we want then becomes a god in our lives. There is no must in your life! The only must is God! Too many people are looking for a saviour! Marriage is for giving; not for taking! This waiting period is the time to focus on God. For many people, their lives stop even before they meet their husband! God is looking for two whole people to become one! He doesn’t want to join  two incomplete halves! Don’t make marriage the centre of your universe! Marriage is not a reward, it is an assignment! Just place your trust in God and God will do what He needs to do.

Amen! Thanks to Pastor M for such a wonderful sermon; I have probably listened to it eight times! She is such a huge inspiration to me and I pray that the message has sincerely blessed and inspired you to make good use of your waiting time, to have faith in God and to do the right thing always. God bless you all.


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Planning for the wedding

Dear everyone,

Good afternoon! I hope you are well and enjoying your Sunday! I hope you made it to Church and had a glorious sermon which touched you. This message I want to share with you today has been on my mind for so long but this week, I knew I had to put “pen to paper” or should I say finger to keyboard? You may remember I gave the testimony of my sister sometime ago. This time last year, she was single; in fact at the very beginning of the year she was single but I kept prophesying into her life and telling her this was her year. Thank God for His goodness and mercies, she’s currently engaged to a great Godly amazing man (permit me to say they are a match made in Heaven). To God be the Glory, they will getting married in January! Thank You Father; please keep them in your prayers.

Initially, the parents wanted the wedding to take place in November but there just wasn’t enough time! So, they thought six months should be sufficient to plan the wedding. I mean, it’s such hard work, the wedding dress, the venue, the flowers, the cake, bridesmaid dresses, everything! I mean if you are married, I’m sure you can testify that it took so much time and effort to plan your perfect day. According to surveys, it takes between 3 and 18 months on average to plan the “big day”.

My question today is- If it takes so much time to plan for the wedding which is only one day, how much more the marriage? Please, am I speaking to somebody? You spend so much time planning for one day, what about the marriage that is going to last 70 years? Or however how long? If you are about to get married and you’re planning for your wedding, answer this honestly- Have you and your partner spent anytime planning for the marriage? Let’s even use human understanding! When you get engaged, the aim is to get married; the aim is not a wedding. The wedding is just a means! So, if you spend 6 months planning for a one day event and your marriage will last 50 years and beyond, I mean you should multiply 6months by 365 and by 50. That is 9125 years, of course we’re not going to live for that many years before the marriage but it means that you need to spend much more time on the marriage; before the wedding and even after. I mean, after spending 6 months planning for your wedding day, on the day, you don’t just leave it to occur, you have coordinators who still look after the event. The same with the marriage; even after the wedding, even while you are married, you still spend time and effort making it work but you must also prepare prior to.

The wedding is a beautiful thing by all means; I pray you all have beautiful weddings. But the most important aspect is the marriage. For every hour you spend planning your wedding, you really should be spending at least an equal if not more time planning the marriage! Have you decided what your family vision is? Have you prayed about it? Have you decided how many children you want and when you will start chid bearing? Have you decided what the next five-ten years will be like? Have you thought of your goals- short term, medium and long term? What about your finances? Have you decided who is going to pay the bills? How is money going to be distributed in the home? What about your in-laws? Are you going to house them? How often will you visit them? What about your service in Church? Have you decided on what you’re both going to do in Church? What Church to attend? What about your genotype, blood group and medical history? Have you even enrolled on a marriage counselling course at a good Bible Believing Church? There are so many things to discuss- How often will you go out independently and have a girls night out? How often will you take vacations together? What languages do you want to teach your children? Are you going to hire domestic staff or will the wife do all the domestic chores? Or will the two of you split the chores? Will you have a rota? What is the work routine going to be like? Are you getting a joint account? Have you decided how much you want to save each month? There are so many things you need to discuss and plan apart from the wedding.

Please don’t be lost in all the wedding planning but focus on the most important thing which is the marriage! I pray that the Lord will empower all the engaged couples in the house to focus on what is important and to all the singles to see the bigger picture. The wedding is just for a day, the marriage is for a lifetime; put your priorities straight. God bless you all.

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Don’t miss your cheque

Good Evening everyone,

How are we all doing today? I hope you are enjoying your Saturday in whatever part of the world you’re in! I must apologise for not posting this earlier, today has been an off-day for me! Spent my time relaxing and just catching up on all the sleep I missed during the week; forgive me! I will never neglect you, that is a promise!

Today’s message is very short but I pray, hope and have so much faith that in it’s simplicity, it will change your life and motivate you to seek God through His word. Amen.

Do you read your Bible everyday?

If not, how often do you read it?

Do you have a daily devotional book?

How often do you read it?

What forms the basis for your day? Is it the message in your devotional? The news or your the argument you had with your spouse?

I want you to ask yourself this question, answer honestly and read this post, reflect on it, meditate on it and in a week, in a month, in a year, ask yourself those questions again.

The reason why I asked those questions is because I find that a lot of Christians do not read their Bible everyday! Even born again Christians and I used to be like that. I struggled to read it and the Bible really is our daily bread, it’s what we need to thrive on, not just the Sunday sermon or the midweek fellowship thrown in every now and then. How many of you know that a baby can not just live or grow by eating a special meal every Sunday? You must feed the child every single day! Otherwise, he/she will be malnourished and will die! It is exactly the same with our spiritual life; we need that daily bread to keep us going, to feed us and help us grow. We need it!

This is one of the reasons why daily devotionals were created because it’s a structured reading plan that eases you into the Bible reading. It has a title for the day, a specific  Scripture to read, a memory verse, an action point, specific prayer points for the day as well as a message. I find this very helpful, easy and captivating because it helps you get the message from the Scripture and gives you a specific action point to carry out and meditate on for that day and night. The thing I love most about devotionals is that they carry powerful prophetic declarations. For example my ODM devotional Scripture for today is  Judges 13:1-20; the story surrounding Samson’s birth and the message is basically about conception and delivery. In the sense of: whatever has been conceived in your life, family and ministry will not be aborted, miscarried or killed but will be delivered! Amen. So, I walk around holding on to this prophecy believing it in and feeling more empowered to hold on to my promises and dreams.

But even with a devotional, I still found it hard to read it everyday. I would skip some days and then read them all at once. Sometimes, I wouldn’t read the Scripture but just the message. I still wasn’t consistent, diligent or hungry enough. Until, I got a word. The day I heard this story, it changed my life, I hope it will do the same for you. Amen. I was watching a sermon online by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and he narrated this story.

A man was going through a very bad financial depression at a point in his life, he was extremely broke. One day, someone (I believe it was a friend or mentor) gave him a book as a gift. He received the gift, smiled and said thank you. Of course, he was broke then and must have thought “what do I need to read this book for? I need money”. So, he placed the book on his bookshelf and didn’t read it. A few years later, he was going through the shelf, picked up the book and a cheque dropped out of it. He looked at it and it was a cheque for thousands of dollars for him, signed by the man who gave him the book. He then remembered when he received the book and how broke he was then and how this amount would have solved his problem then. He felt so down; anyway he called the man who wrote out the cheque and told him he only just found it and asked if he could still retrieve the money and the man said unfortunately not anymore. Of course, he was dejected because he could have used the money then and even now but it was too late! Just because he didn’t open the book, he missed his cheque.

It is the same thing with God’s word. Every single day, he has cheques for us in His word. Through your devotional, through the Bible! You may be going through a need for example financial or you may be searching for a wife and you think “Please, I’m broke, the Bible won’t help me now”. But every day, the Lord has cheques for you; wisdom, favour, breakthrough, lifting, marital settlement and so on. Every single day in your devotional, there is a cheque for you that may solve the problem you have; if only you open it, read it, receive and claim it in Jesus’ Name. If only! Please don’t miss your cheques again! You may have missed the past ones but from this day, endeavour to cash your cheques every day and on time. AMEN. May the good Lord give you grace, thirst and strength to encounter Him everyday, receive His daily bread and commune with Him. I pray that every word you read on this blog, in your devotional, in your Bible and beyond will positively change you and never leave you the same way. Amen. Every need you have, every prayer point you pray, Oh may the good Lord answer you through His word. May you receive the answer to every prayer point this season. May every spirit of lack and want be arrested from your life by the power of His word. May He install a new spirit in you, a thirst for His word and from this day forward, you will never miss your cheques again. Amen. God bless you all. Have a fantastic weekend.


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Dear all, good day!
I hope you are having an extremely wonderful Friday! I read this post by Pastor Mildred Okonkwo and I just had to share it with you! I hope this will bless all the parents and prospective ones. God bless you all.

just us girls naija

This morning as I was dressing up my 15 month old baby girl, she grabbed her tub of sudocrem and dipped her hand fully into it. Usually, I would scream “Jesus!” Or something more spiritual 😉 but because I was being overly dramatic and trying to be “funny mummy” I put my hands on my head and screamed “Ewooo!” With all the ibo I could muster. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get her to stop. She’s been walking around all day with her very chubby self *rolling my eyes* scream-inging (no, that’s not an error its a combination of screaming and singing 🙂 ) “Ewoo! Ewoo! Ewoo!”

It finally made sense. You know, when the bible says, Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it (prov 22:6). Are children ever too young to learn? They may…

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