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Courtship…What is it? How do I do it right?

Good day all,

I must address the issue of courtship because I understand that many of us though unmarried are presently in courtship and may be looking to apply the proper procedure for it! Before, you go into courtship, please read this first

For men-


You need to be ready for marriage already i.e emotionally, spiritually, financially and so on. You and your partner must both be saved and you should have spent sometime getting to know them as friends! When you get to know someone as a friend, you know their true colours and their true personality, you then can make an informed decision on whether or not you would like to court them. Courtship is not dating and should not involve any physical intimacy.

What is courtship?

It is the period in a couple’s relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind. In courtship, a couple get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement.


I emphasized “committed” because you would expect to see their commitment to Christ worked out in their daily life. [2 Cor 6:14; They should be eager to know more of God, enjoy going to church, enjoy serving others and generally be a faithful and diligent member of their church and community. Most importantly of all, your partner must be willing to address their faults and work them out with God and their leaders. [Pr. 3:11-12; Pr. 1:5-7; Rom. 13:1-5; Lk. 7:6-10] .


Spend the time praying together and praying for one another! ALWAYS pray for God to lead the two of you during the courtship and once you’re sure you are headed for marriage, decide and agree when you are getting married and prepare towards it. PRAY PRAY PRAY!! Attend marriage seminars and classes together, read Christian books, medicate on the Bible’s promises and guidelines for marriage and vow to do as it says! Attend pre-marital counselling! Many couples get carried away with the wedding planning and do not prepare for the marriage. The wedding lasts only a few hours but the marriage lasts a lifetime. If you spend six months planning a wedding of only a few hours, you definitely need to put in a lot of time and effort to prepare for the marriage!


You should cultivate a great friendship with your partner. You should have been friends before the courtship, spent time getting to know one another before deciding to court. But even whilst courting, a lot of time should be spent nurturing and building a solid, genuine and loving friendship. Long after you’re married, it’s that friendship and communion that will continue to breed closeness between the two of you. So, developing an intimate and genuine friendship during courtship and ever building on it, is a great way to forge ahead. Some people stay best friends for seventy years no matter the trials that they went through, it is that same unique friendship that lasts forever that you should build. So, even after the looks are gone and the fun and excitement dies down, you have an amazing bond and friendship. Amen.


Courtships should ideally not linger for too long. Most things in life depend on quality and NOT quantity! The point of courtship is to reach the end point which is marriage! Courtship in itself is not an end! When a married couple decides to have a baby, they come together, the woman gets pregnant and then she delivers a baby! The pregnancy is not the end objective but the means to it! She knows she will be there for 9 months and is given a due date, some ladies deliver prematurely, while some go slightly over their due date! Note my use of the word-slightly! You need to define the courtship; how long is it for? You must both decide on a time frame; many men and women get detained in courtship for two, three, twelve years and by this time, they feel “bound”. Don’t put yourself in such a situation. Get to know each other very well! It doesn’t have to take several years, it could take months; it’s the quality not the quantity; how well and not how long! Many Churches  encourage the singles not to linger in courtship for too long, it can delay marriage, lead to sin and cause confusion! Be very prayerful and concerted in your period of knowing each other and make wise decisions! The Reedemed Christian Church of God advises that couples should court for a minimum of six months before marriage and a maximum of two years. They say even the two years is an absolute maximum, for example for excruciating reasons (This is why I say you shouldn’t enter into courtship until you are absolutely ready for marriage). As such, you do not need to waste time in courtship, except for getting to know each other. So, the RCCG advises between 6months and 2years; preferably 6months to a year! As long as you are both genuinely born again, spirit filled, God led Christians and you followed God’s direction, you wouldn’t need five years to make the decision.


In Jewish culture, both parties had a dowry. Today, this would mean that a husband could probably buy a house whilst his wife could probably furnish it (full amount of three years wages each). [Romans 13:7-8] The responsibility for the wife’s dowry lay with her father, ie. it was his blessing on their marriage.

The concept of dowry has been (fairly, IMHO) extended to include character. This means that, just as getting married with a huge financial debt over your head is unwise, so is getting married with a huge emotional debt over your head. Issues such as unforgiveness, bitterness, abuse and lust need to be addressed before marriage. Otherwise marriage might merely be the result of people trying to fulfill these needs in a partner instead of God.


The aim of courtship is to go into marriage; God is the author of marriage! Honour Him and Him alone in your courtship! That means, the two of you should keep yourselves Holy- No fornication, petting or kissing! Many people in courtship practise sleepovers, holidaying together and what not! Those are adventures reserved for marriage; they can lead to intimacy and sin! When you get married, you will have a permanent sleepover and lot of holidays; God willing. But if the courtship doesn’t work out, you may regret selling yourself short.

A lot of Christians today still practise fornication and ask- How can we be in a relationship without being intimate? That is the way God wants it- before marriage, you are meant to get to know each other, spend time preparing for marriage and getting accustomed to one another! You don’t get intimate with your best friend, do you? It is meant to be the same until you get married! When you fornicate, you push God out of your relationship and open the doors of lust, infatuation, selfish desires and distrust! A lot of couples today don’t trust one another because during courtship, they broke God’s trust! If you honour God’s word and do not fall into sin, you are sure that your partner fears and obeys God and you can trust them to be faithful to you after marriage.


Courtship is the period to watch out, observe and relate with one another! If there are any issues, deal with them before marriage! This is the time to decide what the vision of your marriage is, where you want to live, what your plans are, if you will be a  house wife or a career woman and so on.


Don’t get carried away in courtship; don’t neglect your home, job, career business, service or family during courtship! There should be a balance! Becoming too clingy may distort your judgement and put off your partner! There are also things that should be reserved for marriage; although it is nice for your partner to eat a meal if he comes to visit your home, women shouldn’t specifically dedicate their time to cleaning and cooking for their partner! This is the duty of a wife; though you should demonstrate your domestic and wifely qualities, you need to limit them to marriage! Men, courtship also is not the time to be jealous or controlling; neither is marriage!


The parents would have close relationships with their respective children. Based on God’s leading, the parents, together with the children, initiate the courtship process. Once both children commit to this process, they are “betrothed.” In their cross-family relationships, they should have already addressed all “compatability issues” before this phase of the couple’s relationship ever began. This is a particularly critical foundation to a sound marriage — having won the family’s trust and support, there is a clear avenue of future advice and encouragement in times of trouble. All too often, parents are forced to side in a problem against the spouse, rather than in support for the marriage. A strong, mutual commitment to each other’s success as Godly men provides an established positive advocacy.


A three fold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Involve God in your relationship but also involve his representatives here on earth i.e your Pastors. You need to have a Pastor presiding over your relationship, one who can counsel the two of you, encourage you, show you where you’ve gone wrong, advise you and reveal things to you which you don’t know. So, cultivate a great relationship with your Pastor even before this and introduce your partner to your Pastor at once and ask them to pray along with you. If your partner refuses to meet your Pastor, you should be careful, anybody who runs away from counsel, usually is dangerous. But if the person has good and genuine intentions; they will be more than willing to meet with your Pastor.

I hope this will bring peace, joy, prosperity and breakthrough to many courtships in the house and they will successfully end up in marriage and for those of you still single, don’t worry! God loves you so much, He has kept you so you acquire all the Biblical knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your courtship and marriage! This is your season of divine announcement, celebration and decoration! AMEN! Your marital status is changing, get ready!

God bless you all.


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Events in the UK

Good day everyone,

As I said earlier, I noticed that my highest readership tends to come from the UK and because I am based here, I am quite well versed on the relevant events happening around the country; especially in London. So, I will therefore be posting necessary information about upcoming events. I will try do to this as often as I can, and also for other countries in which I have a high following. If you know of any events, please do let me know and if there’s anything else you would like to know about the event, just send post a comment or email me at

Thank you and God bless

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Keeping my marriage alive

Good day all,

I expect that you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your Saturday; I certainly am! My day has been glorious; filled with good news, praise and worship to the King of Kings, Bible study and now it is time to blog! Okay, well I do know that we have many married people in the house! God bless you all! I am aware that I may not have done much to address you but today, may God help me to do that!

I would first of all like to say a prayer for all the married people and those about to get married.

Prayer for you

In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Father I thank you for these princes and princesses of Zion who are married and about to get married! I thank you for the privilege to be found and to have a life partner! I glorify Your holy Name on their behalf and bless You Heavenly Father! Lord, be with them! Cover their marriages, homes, families and loved ones with your precious blood! Anoint their marriages with your grace, power, mercy, favour and love! Honour Your word which says- Two are better than one for they have a good reward for their labour (Ecclesiastes 4:9)! Father, return great rewards to them for their labour! Lord, we thank You for your word says that he that find a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). Oh Lord, let your divine favour fall on and rest upon them right now and forever more! Let their joy be full, to every reader of this blog and every believer, Lord, let their marriages NEVER end in divorce, separation or unhappiness! Let none of these readers be widowed at an untimely age, but Lord, let these couples continue to grow in love and strength for one another, give them the grace and resources to raise Godly seed and you bless them with the fruit of the womb and let them see their children be successful, let them witness their children marry and see their grand children and great grand children! May their marriages be protected and preserved from adultery, poverty, sickness, division, jezebels and so on! But Lord, make their marriages a testimony of your Holiness and your mercy! AMEN!

I prophecy that your marriage will be infectious! People will see you and see God’s love! To the singles, the widowed or the separated, may God also change your marital statuses this season! AMEN! Father you said- it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18), Lord please divinely direct their Godly spouses to them and let them formalise their union the Godly way this season in Jesus’ Name. AMEN. For those seeking reconciliation Lord, do it for them.

How to keep your marriage alive! This is a collation from Christian seminars, sermons and so on, the principles will be based on Scripture. 

1- Genesis 2:18- “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

Marriage was God’s idea not man! God is the author of marriage, not man! If you buy a Ford car, you certainly can’t service or operate it based on the manual of a Toyota car. In other words, build and care for your marriage based on the manual of God and God alone- the Bible. Yourself and your spouse should read the Bible and see what God says about marriage. He has simples commandments. Follow and obey them. You can’t go wrong!

Honour God in all! Don’t get lost in your marriage, still go to Church weekly, still attend midweek services, don’t stop serving in Church. Why not continue to give your time to God? Always pay your tithes together and don’t cut corners, sow seeds into the Kingdom TOGETHER!

2- Mark 10:11-12- He told them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery against her. 12 And if a woman divorces her husband and marries someone else, she commits adultery.”

Before you get married, you both need to decide that divorce is not an option for you no matter how things get. Make this vow to each other and even in the middle of crises, reaffirm this to yourself. If you both know you are in it till death do you part, you will be forced to work it out. AMEN.

3-Amos 3:3- Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Have a family vision for your marriage. Why are you married? What is the objective? As a married couple, what do you hope to achieve? You may want to eradicate poverty, or empower the youths in your country or be motivated to see more Godly marriages rise up, or you may want to stand against divorce, or go into politics to save your country. It doesn’t matter how big or small, have a vision and agree on it and work towards it together! This will empower you to see the bigger picture, so even when you face conficts, your selfish desires wont get the better of you but you will be dedicated to making it work for your vision.

4- Matthew 18:19-19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Even Deutoronomy 32:30 says 1 will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand! One of the greatest assets you have is your spouse! Stand in agreement in all things, pray together! Always pray with your spouse, at least twice a day and even when you’re not together, pray for him/her. Whatever battles they face, is now your battle too! Praying together brings you closer and continuously solidifies your union! Even when you face conflicts, pray together, you’ll find that, you’ll forget the issue before you’ve even finished the prayer. 

5- Matthew 6:12-Forgive us our sins,
as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

You may hurt each other, you may argue, there may be conflict! Whatever it is learn to forgive and give it a clean slate! You are married for life! You cant live with strife and malice forever, it may consume you! Realise that your spouse is a human being and forgive each other! Also make an effort not to hurt one another! Always pray to God for the grace to continue to love one another, forgive each other and do as He commands.

 6- 1st Corinthains 7:3-5: The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs. The wife gives authority over her body to her husband, and the husband gives authority over his body to his wife.

Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from sexual intimacy for a limited time so you can give yourselves more completely to prayer. Afterward, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control

When you are married, be open with your spouse, even the Bible has commanded that you satisfy each other! My Pastor once said that if a man eats at home and is full, he wont eat outside because he knows when he returns home, he will have more to eat! That says it all. Many women today use sex as a weapon or reward for their husbands. Please don’t do this, it is fraud (1 Corinthians 7:5)! Give yourselves freely and happily to each other and remember you will be married for a very long time! Keep things interesting! Keep your bodies fit and it good shape, always look/feel clean and fresh! Buy and wear nice lingerie for your husbands! When you become a wife or mother, it doesn’t mean you should become frompy! God created sex to unite married couples, for them to enjoy and celebrate their love! It is such a powerful tool for keeping a couple together! Use it to the best of your ability! Pastor Paul of House on the Rock suggested that married couples have specific “sex days”. E.g thw wife’s sex day comprises of what exactly she wants: how/when/where, while the husband has his for what/how/where he wants. Keep things exciting and fresh! Sex is to be enjoyed and not endured! It should be kept between husband and wife; so don’t commit adultery either.

I also suggest that married couples have at least one “date night” a week where they go out on their own, no kids no friends. Just the two of them spending time with each other! Also spend time with other Godly married couples at least once a month, where it further cements the importance and beauty of the marriage institution. Please, just as you remember and celebrate your birthday annually, do the same with your wedding anniversary! Always rededicate your marriages to God yearly, thank Him for yet another year and spend some intimate time with each other! If you can afford it, take a yearly trip to celebrate your anniversary

7- Genesis 2:24- Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

You are married now, this is your new family! Your new family now takes priority over the old! Yes, you’ve known them from birth but when you get married, you must realize this! Do not negect your old family but priortize this one! Women, don’t make it a habit to run back to your mother to report any cnflict or wrong doing that may have taken place. Make your decisions together, handle conflict together! Do not get family involved unless absolutely critical, in which case you can get your spiritual parents involved i.e Pastors.

Also, you become ONE flesh! You are no longer two separate entities! Plan and live your lives that way. Make all your decisions together, plan your holidays, your future together, never make separate decisions and be open with one another! Grant each other access to your phones, emails and everything! There should be no secrets. Your spouse should be your best friend, treat them that way! Don’t let anything come between you.

8- Malachi 2:14- You cry out, “Why doesn’t the Lord accept my worship?” I’ll tell you why! Because the Lord witnessed the vows you and your wife made when you were young. But you have been unfaithful to her, though she remained your faithful partner, the wife of your marriage vows.

Many men suffer afflictions and failure in their jobs, careers and businesses because they do not treat their wives with reverence. No matter what you are going through, never treat your husband or wife badly! It is not right! God himself has said he may not accept your worship. Be faithful to your spouse, do not get involved intimately either emotionally or physically with anyone else!

To conclude, I will leave you with my favourite Scripture on marriage! This is what God wants marriage to be ideally- The husband as the head; loving his wife and the wife as his help meet submitting to, respecting and obeying her husband! Loving each other and caring for one another. AMEN. Be romantic, men cook for your wives once in a while, surprise her! Women, why not take him out for a change and buy him a special gift? Keep the marriage full of God, love,  surprises, romantic getaways, prayers, gifts and more God! God bless you all.

9- Ephesians 5:21-33- And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of his body, the church. 24 As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything.

For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word. He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault. In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself. No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church. And we are members of his body.

As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.”This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one. So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.



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Raising Godly seed….Getting your kids through Church without them ending up hating God!

Hello again,

I’m coming up to a very busy weekend and would like to bless you with as many posts as possible, to occupy you when I’m busy. I am aware that a lot of our readers are parents and many are looking for the fruit of the womb! Even those of you that are still single, will end up parents one day. AMEN!

With the modernisation of almost everything, these days things are changing! Christianity is becoming difficult. We see it everywhere! Declining numbers in Church attendance, an increase in the divorce rate and an alarming number of children turning to crime and becoming miscreants! I know that one of the most painful things is raising a child only to watch that child become useless. God forbid!

There are many important issues to take into consideration but above all things, raise your child with love, care, diligence and in accordance with the word.

The responsibility of raising a Godly child lies within the parent and just like many other things in life, to see a good outcome, you as the parents must set an example for the Child; you have to be a great role model. As a psychologist, I will tell you that most children mirror the behaviour of one/both parents;whether good or bad.

Malachi 2:15-  Didn’t the Lord make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth.

Pray with/for your children everyday! Never underestimate the power of prayer! Children like routine, just with their sleep, food and school, make sure there is a routine for prayer. As soon as they can speak, also get them involved in prayer. Let them know it’s something to be done always. When they are ill, pray for them and tell them why! When about to eat, pray together. When you are ill, even get them to pray for you. They’ll love it!

Proverbs 18:21: The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Teach them to be careful with their words! You also be careful! The tongue is powerful! Declare great things on them, regardless of the situation or performance! Even if your child comes last in class, tell him/her that you are surprised he didn’t come first because he/she is very intelligent. But, they need to work harder to come first next time. These are things you start from day 1; not when they are 10 or 19. Never insult your child; the words always stick; especially coming from a parent! I still remember the first time I was called an idiot, because it stung! I was only about 7 at the time but I remember very clearly!

When I was growing up,it seemed as if the Bible was an ornament of decoration. I didn’t know a single child who read theirs. Get them involved in Bible reading as soon as they can read, but start reading to them before that. Read the nice Bible stories and parables to them but even teach them memory verses and important principles in the Bible!

Find a good Church that has a good Sunday School! There are many lovely ones whilst others don’t do much teaching. Sit in and observe until you are happy, comfortable and find the right one! When taking your child, get them excited. Talk about God in such a glorious manner! Tell them they are going to God’s house and how He is the biggest King in the world, they should be excited! Let them be excited about Sunday School and always ask what they learned and get them to narrate the stories back to you and ask for the moral of the story.

A lot of our behaviour and thinking is as a result of the media we were exposed to whilst young. While your child should have a normal life, ensure they have a lot of Christian books, movies, tv shows and games! Many girls grow up as dependent women with low self-esteem because of the fairytales they watched as children, whilst a lot of men grow up to be violent and negligent because of what they watched on TV.

Teach your children to praise God! Be clear that everything they have is from God, from their pocket money to food to your house. Teach them to thank God for everything! Help them not to focus on material things but on more important things! Provide for them, work hard for them and teach them to be satisfied with what they have because that is what God gave them, they should never delve into self-comparison, envy or peer pressure! You need to teach them about this and pray with them on it.

Teach them the 10 commandments and basic morals and get more detailed with them as they grow older! Teach them about forgiveness and the importance of never keeping malice.

No matter your profession or commitment in ministry, charity begins at home! Many Church leaders and career men/women get so involved in their ministry or work that they neglect raising their children! Don’t compromise the time you spend with them, nurture them, advise them, teach them, do their homework with them and play with them. Let them feel comfortable speaking to you. As they grow older, educate them on issues such as abstinence from sex, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Teach them about the Lord’s temple; their body! Let them know how precious and valuable it is; so never to get into any illicit forms of sex or substance abuse and teach them about physical and sexual abuse. You would be surprised to know how many children are abused even under the roof of their parents. You need to teach them this and explain that they must always be honest with you if such a thing happens.

Teach them the importance of parents, Pastors and Police. The importance of a family unit and why they must serve God and decide to do it even after they have left your care!

You may be Catholic, Pentecostal or Orthodox but never bash other Christian denominations to them because many parents lose their children from Church and the day your child returns, you will pray for them to go to Church, any Church! So, let them have an open mind.

Teach your children about respect and obedience to their parents, elders and community at large! Raise them to be respectful, God fearing children. When you give them money or when they get money as gifts, from as little as toddlers, teach them about offerings and tithes! Don’t teach them as a sacrifice but as an act of worship and they should be happy and excited to do this. As they grow older, teach them the percentage calculation for calculating/paying their tithes and they will continue. AMEN.

As soon as you have children, please write a will if you haven’t already! No matter how young you are. Unfortunately, sad things happen all the time and you need to make sure that your children are taken care of.

Many of us hire nannies, house helps and so on. Many a time, these people treat our children with neglect, many of them have been known to abuse children. Be careful of who you hire, ensure you screen them and even get an overview of their background. Ask God for direction when entrusting your child with such people, if possible only hire genuinely born again staff members and always pray for them. As much as possible, spend a lot of time with your children, even if you have staff assisting, try to be present for the most part.

While your child grows up, difficult things may occur; such as sickness, loss of a pet, death of a family member. Deal with these things and be open and confident about it! Teach them about God and life after death in Heaven. So, they grow up knowing that these things occur but God is always looking after us! If you teach a chid about God right from birth and always ensure God is the genuine centre and head of your family, you can’t go wrong! Your child won’t be able to live without God! Also make them aware of the less privileged people, the poor, orphans, widows and disabled people. Show them they are blessed because they aren’t in that position and teach them to share their belongings with the needy right from a young age and it won’t depart from them.

Children are human beings after all and they may make some mistakes and get up to mischief! Always correct your child firmly! They will learn that way. The Bible says in Proverbs 13:24- “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes”. In other words, give your child a good discipline when they have done wrong. You don’t need to go overboard but be firm and consistent always. They must learn to pay the price for their mischief.

Many parents however get it wrong by teaching their child about God but acting very contrary! Don’t swear, curse or insult in front of your child or ever! Many parents even get their children to lie for them “tell the neighbours i’m not home”, whilst many women take money without their husband’s permission and laugh it off with their child. NEVER EVER commit sin in front of your child; you will be teaching them to do that! Be a great example to your child and watch God bless you. Your Christianity will surely be contagious!

Remember, love, care, pray and embrace your child always.

Proverbs 22:6- Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

 God bless


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This is for the singles

Hi everyone,

As promised, I will be posting events on here, events you can attend. I’ve posted some for the UK and Nigeria. But I notice that I have a very high readership in Canada and the States. Please, pardon me if I don’t have many events, as I know those are two very huge countries.

If you know of any wonderful Christian events or any positive (business, career or educational) events that will bless the readers, please share with us. I will make a post about the event and put all the necessary information.


Anyway, The RCCG North America will be holding it’s fourth annual Singles Conference and the theme is “An excellent generation”.

About RCCG North America (RCCGNA)

This ministry was created to help single adults in The Redeemed Christian Church of God North America (RCCG NA) grow in their spiritual, social, and personal lives. This group was also created to serve as a support group for single adults from ages 20 and above.

The model for the RCCG NA Singles Ministry is designed to empower the singles ministry of the local parishes, so that they can develop vibrant Singles for Kingdom Exploits and also foster relationships between singles towards God and one another.

Their objectives

  • To provide social activities for singles to fellowship as a group.
  • To establish a communication network between singles in different parishes.
  • To establish information resource/sharing system for career development, financial planning, etc.
  • To develop and promote spiritual growth.
  • To provide a forum to address the struggles that single Christians experience inside and outside the church.
  • To provide counseling on Christian relationships

The event: July 19th – 21st, 2012, Atlanta Georgia.

Location: Westin Atlanta

Perimeter North 7 Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328

This three day conference promises to be very interesting, empowering and exciting! Don’t miss it!

God bless

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“360 Leader”…Expect a paradigm shift!!

You all know that last week, my Church held a three day conference which involved guest speakers from America, Nigeria and hundreds of attendees from all over the world!

Dr Samuel Chand was described as the “icing on the cake” for the conference. He took the last day of the conference and also led the sermons for two of our Sunday services! I must say he was absolutely phenomenal! He was very wise, very funny but very real! He spoke about losing his grandchild earlier this year and how in 1974, he was a poor immigrant in America and had no job, he survived by dumpster diving and cleaning people’s homes for a sandwich! But he always had the vision of being great, he didn’t know how he would get there but he stayed faithful! He is a huge inspiration.

Also at the conference was Pastor Tola Odutola of Jesus House Baltimore; I unfortunately missed his keynote session but I heard he was great! He naturally is a great Pastor and leader and he touched on very sensitive and controversial issues whilst with us and it really set a lot of people free. We are ever so grateful for men of God; devoting their time to serve people.

Now, Dr Samuel Chand and Pastor Tola Odutola will be heading to Nigeria for the Abuja Leadership Conference: “360 Leader”. They will be joined by other renown speakers; Pastor Matthew Ashimokowo and Dr Mensa Otabil.

ImageThe leadership conference which has been tagged ‘’360 leader’’ will take place from Thursday July 12 to Friday July 13 2012 at the Abuja International Conference Centre and admission to this historic event is free.

The Abuja Leadership Conference is a very viable and interactive platform where participants can become better equipped with sound business ideas and initiatives from these widely traveled, respected and experienced men of repute and how leadership abilities can be discovered, nurtured and developed from a scriptural perspective.

The PR Agency to the conference, Bigsam Media said ‘’in a country where businesses have very short life span, there is need for people going into business to understand the basic principles that guide businesses. People shouldn’t just go into business because they just feel like it; it should be based on informed decisions and not on mere impulse. At the conference, participants will learn the principles of succeeding in business and how to make a decent living without recourse to illegalities’’.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Senior Pastor of KICC. He combines his calling as a pastor and teacher with the roles of mentor, business man and spiritual father. Dr Sam Chand (USA) is a leadership architect and change strategist. Dr Mensa Otabil is a Pastor, Lecturer, Author, consultant and a motivational speaker. Pastor Tola Odutola FCA, he is the Senior Pastor of Jesus House Baltimore. He was a Chartered Accountant before being called by God into full time ministry. He serves as the Eastern North America Province 1, USA.

The event is free but requires registration. You can register by texting 360leader to 33810.

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The uncommon woman conference 2012

The female ministry of RCCG Jesus House, will be hosting it’s first ever ladies’ conference; themed “The uncommon woman”. The event will be held at Jesus House, on Friday the 20th of July 2012; 6:30-9pm and Saturday the 21st of July 2012 from 9:30am till 4pm.

ImageThe event is organised by the in-house women’s ministry- Esthers!! The Esthers Ministry is dedicated to raising women of virtue, influencing and transforming lives through the honourable God-given authority and wisdom.

The conference is going to be empowering, exciting, fun, mind transforming and ON FIRE! Do not miss out on this, ladies!! My highest readership is from the UK! So, please ladies, make the time to come down for this. It will surely bless you. Tickets cost £15 ONLY!! There will be four speakers at the conference:

  • Rev. Celia Apeagyei-Collins
  • Pastor Abby Olufeyimi
  • Pastor Sola Irukwu
  • Pastor Funke Adeaga

See you there!!

Jesus House for all Nations,

112 Brent Terrace,

Brent Cross,



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My testimonies…..Waiting on God…She found her husband

Good Morning all,

I must apologise for not posting yesterday, I was ill for most of the day. But I’m so much better now! We thank God for healing. When God does great things in your life, I urge you to testify. It is definitely a principle I practise. Today, I decided to send my recent testimonies to my Church and after writing them, I realised an important lesson, which I thought I had to share here. These are my personal testimonies; I hope you can learn from them. AMEN.

My testimony

Firstly, I want to thank God for Him! His role in my life and my salvation. I have grown so much spiritually, I never knew I could get to where I am. I am a daily Bible reader, I read three devotionals and apply them to my life, I pray fervently and I spend time praising Him and praying in the Spirit. I had always wanted to start a Christian blog and I finally did it. I was always aware that I needed to do more for the Kingdom, witness for Christ and teach people about his goodness and what they can do to serve Him and I finally have been able to do that. It’s an honour to be used by God.

Secondly, my father was diagnosed with parkinson’s last year, it was a huge downer for the family but I thank God I even have a dad and a family to pray with. A few months ago, his leg was struck with pain, it kept him from walking and doing a lot, it lasted about four months. I was so depressed but the Lord has healed him. My father says the leg is all good now and he’s no more in pain. Thank You Jesus; our healer! The greatest physician! I am believing that God will heal him completely, NO MORE parkinson’s. AMEN.

Last week at work, I felt very used and taken advantage of and as such, I was slightly moody and unhappy! I was working overtime while I have family commitments and much more. My boss, this week said he needed to have a chat with me. I thought I was going to be fired or given disciplinary action but I told God I was sorry and so treasured my job and didn’t want to lose it. I was genuinely sorry. When I went in, my boss did mention my behaviour last week, but in more of a concerning manner and we were able to hatch out everything. I still have my job and I’m much more happier in it. Praise the Lord!!!

Lastly, a few months ago, I decided to take of leap of faith to start my own business. I looked all around for samples of what I wanted and finally found them in India, contacted the company and the minimum order was huge but after speaking with them, the Lord caused them to favour me and they gave me the small amount I required. The Lord also caused me to have the finances to get the samples. Thank God. A month later, I received a customs letter from DHL, asking me to pay them for the duty charge. I had no idea; I had already forked out a load on the goods and shipping. This was too much! However, after reading the guidelines, I realised I was exempt from this. Since it was a sample. The battle however did not end there, after several calls, letters, emails, files, pictures and four months, they finally cleared the account yesterday and I didn’t need to pay. It was all God!! It was all God!! AMEN!!


The lesson

What I have learned from this is, no matter what it is you are praying for, if you have faith and pray effectual fervent prayers, God will do it! God can do everything! But we need to apply faith and consistency! My testimonies took time, while some prayers are answered overnight! Some take time, to test our faith. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING (1 Thessalonians 5:17)!! The Lord will surely answer. I prayed for my dad for months, before his healing came. Bear in mind that God is not limited by time, if He wants to heal you right now, he can do it in a split second. But sometimes, He takes His time to help us build our character, patience and faith. There are many things I prayed for and God did in a second but others took months and I am so glad that I never stopped praying or believing. Imagine, if I decided to pray for just 3 months and stopped? What would have happened? I don’t know what you’re believing in Him for. Is it your healing? A job? A house? Change of career, business breakthrough, the deeds to a store, a spouse, the fruit of the womb, a promotion, salary increase, car? Whatever it is, the God I serve is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all, you could ever ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), it is not a prayer point; it is a statement of FACT! I will conclude with one last testimony.

ImageShe found her husband

Last year, my sister was single, she was a Christian but not very involved with the Word. I always prayed for her, that God would make her closer to Him, she would embrace him and would find a Godly spouse. My mum and I would hold agreement prayers on her “issue”. In December 2011, she met a great guy who was Godly, had a great job, lovely house, he was every woman’s “dream”. She was happy! My mum and I were praying for them, but in February, my sister revealed that he was not interested in marriage. We were down in the dumps, my mum was sort of like “no need to pray again then”. Everyone was dejected. However, at the beginning of the year, I made a declaration to my sister; that THIS IS HER YEAR! I told her she would get engaged and married this year! So, after that happened, I was totally dejected. I looked at myself and said- Oh ye of little faith (Matthew 8:26). It was only February, we still had 10 months to go and the God we serve is UNLIMITED! AMEN! I told my mum that my sister was still getting married this year! To who? I didn’t know but God said none shall lack a mate (Isaiah 34:16) and I declared; she will not lack one. AMEN.

To cut a long story short, my sister met a great Godly man that same month…..He took my sister to see his parents last week, they gave their blessing for the marriage…Their dates have been picked; first week in January 2013! Not bad eh? (I was only a week off)! We thank God!


You see, we could have given up in February but we didn’t! Her fiancé is a Godly man, a great person, he has a great job, a great family, everything! They are compatible, he is wise, responsible and a loving person. I couldn’t have imagined someone better for her! It was all God. Thank God we didn’t give up when we did. NEVER give up praying or waiting on God! You can’t out wait Him.

ImageMy prayer for you

I know that many of us are waiting on things. From the prayer requests, I know that you all have something you are waiting on God for! Some of you may receive your miracles instantly, while for some, it could take weeks, months or even years. I just pray that from the moment you make your requests to God, He will give you strength, faith and patience to hold on to His promises! Get a word in the Bible that promises what it is you are waiting for and meditate on it. Just hold on to the promise. I pray for the grace for you, to stay faithful to Him while waiting. Usually, when God makes us wait, He has a bigger plan for you and moulds you into something. AMEN! I pray that His plan and purpose for you will not be defeated, but He will build your character. But at the end of the day, I pray and agree with you that whatever it is you await, God will do for you; according to His will. AMEN. That is my prayer for you! Stay faithful! God bless you all.


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What is my gift? The conflict between personal and corporate vision?

This is going to be very short and sweet. 

An elder in Church blessed me with a great book about the Father’s gifts, once I finish reading that, I will be posting some more updates for you. However, today I want to briefly touch on certain things. 

Does everyone have a gift, you may ask? 

Yes you do! 1 Corinthians 7:7  says that each man has his own gift from God. One has this, another has that. There is no shortage. Forget what they may have told you when you were young or what they are saying now. You have a gift! It is not even a prayer point; it is a statement of fact! 

Must my gift be used in the Kingdom?

I would say some should be used in the Kingdom. For example, the gift of singing. Why not sing Godly music and not worldly music? Glorify the one who gave you the voice and bring honour to His name and Kingdom. You may not do it in the Church but you could do it out in the world; all the same…glorify Him.

However, some people have gifts such as organisation, your’s specifically may be events. You may decide to work as the events officer of your Church full time or volunteer at a few events. Another person may start up their own business and make a tonne of money and donate the proceeds to Church. They are all great examples of giving to the Kingdom by using your God given gift. One does this by working in the Church, one works in the world and gathers large sums, and makes his business a financial pillar in the Lord’s house. 

A great example is John Grisham; a New York Times bestselling author many times over. He is also an attorney. He is best known for his popular legal thrillers such as “A Time to Kill”. He began writing in 1984, and had his first novel “A Time To Kill” published in June 1989. As of 2008, his books have sold over 250 million copies worldwide, and he is one of only three authors to sell two million copies on a first printing. 

ImageDid you know John Grisham is a Christian? As rich and accomplished as he is, he and his wife together teach Sunday School every Sunday. He is a prolific writer and an intelligent man, very gifted! But he didn’t limit his talent to Church, he didn’t just stay in Church but he went out into the world and wrote a series of creative novels and today he is one of the richest men in the world. However, a huge portion of his income is donated to the Church and to missionary trips and he still uses his gift by teaching young children and imparting the knowledge he has on missionary trips. That is a great example of someone who maximised his gift by going out into the world, though he didn’t neglect his faith. 

ImageMany times, God doesn’t want us to keep our gifts within the four corners of our Church; talk less of your home. He wants you to go out and use it, make a career and business out of it. Your gift is the very thing that could lead to your breakthrough and make you a renown person and enable you to use your status to lead people to Christ. Many people still believe they must limit it to their Church. Let’s take a leaf out of John Grisham’s book and be determined to discover your gift, use it in the Kingdom, develop it, practise and perfect it and take it out to the world. And as a result, you could make a huge success out of it and have a huge platform to witness for Christ and lead thousands and millions to him. 

Enlargen your mind! We are not bound by our homes, streets or towns. The world is your oyster. Make good use of your gift! I challenge you to take a huge leap of faith and share your gift with the world. You could start with family then friends, then Church, then your community, city, country and then the world. 

A wise man once said….”Go to the grave with not one bit of talent left in you. Use all of your gifts and talents to their maximum whilst alive. I pray this blesses and inspires someone to use and share their gift. AMEN. God bless you. 



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Let yourself be used! Yes, I said it- be USED!

Hello everyone,

Sometime ago, I decided that I was going to live my live for God and not be an ordinary member of the congregation but also serve in His vineyard. I first took up ushering in Church. This entail getting to Church at 8am every Sunday Morning to get the Church ready for the 9am service and to pray together, stand through the first and second service and leave home anytime between 2 and 4pm. It was very tiring but I told God that was my service to Him and I pressed on.

One faithful Sunday, Rob Parsons; a British writer/man of God was the guest speaker in the house and he preached about children and how even as adults we need love. It was a very emotional service and all of a sudden, he made an alter call. He said “For all those who have been hurt by somebody in their lives, please come out, God wants to heal you now. Tens and tens of people begun to fall out. There were about 50-100 people standing at the alter, hurt, some crying their eyes out. He summoned all the Pastors and Deacons in the house to stand in front of these congregants and offer them a hug, an apology on behalf of those who hurt them and an “I love you”. As an usher on duty, I had to officiate and regulate the congregants. As such, these alter calls aren’t for us. However, that was one alter call made for me but I couldn’t go because I was an usher. How unfair you say?

At that moment, I spoke to God. I literally said this…”Lord I am here serving You, I do this work for You and as a result, I can’t make this alter call. But you know I am meant to be there. I have been hurt Lord, I am meant to be there but I am on duty for you. Father, before I leave this building today, send me my hug”. I said the prayer and forgot about it. The first service ended, I officiated in the second service, it ended, ushers had our meeting and we were dismissed. As  I was walking out of the auditorium, a worker in the Church who I barely spoke to, hugged me and said “I love you”. I smiled and walked away and then I paused, looked back and realised that was my prayer answered. I got my hug and even the “I love you” which I didn’t even pray for, but the Pastors/Deacons were saying previously. I was shocked, taken aback. God indeed sent the hug and words to me but through someone I hardly even spoke to. It occurred to me that God can use anybody! The Holy Spirit must have told her to do it and even though we weren’t very familiar, she went ahead and obeyed, right to the T! I was in utter shock that God would do that for me but even more shocked that she would obey.

It wasn’t a situation whereby we were friends. We barely spoke, yet she hugged me from nowhere and said I love you. The spirit led her and she didn’t fight it. She allowed herself to be used. I was in utter admiration of her obedience and commitment to serve God and then I remembered how many times, I was led to share a word, make a call, pray for someone, share a blog, a testimony or reach out to someone but I disobeyed because I didn’t want it to be awkward or weird or it was too much of an effort. Sometimes, God tells you to do something because it will make a huge difference to someone’s life. That step she took, healed me of my hurt but also taught me to be used by God and now I’m teaching you. If you don’t answer to his voice, His work won’t suffer. After all, there are several other Christians. He will get somebody else to do it, but why not allow yourself to be used by God? The sole purpose of a pipe is to deliver water, not to get wet but it still gets wet never the less. Sometimes, God leads you to say, share or do something with the sole purpose of blessing somebody. Go ahead and do it, bless that person but you WILL still get blessed in the process; just like the pipe. AMEN.

I hope this will inspire somebody to hear His voice, heed to it and do that thing He’s been asking you to do. God bless you as you obey. AMEN.

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